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Chapter 198: Who Can That Be?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Wu Xingye suddenly thought of something. “Xiao Huan, don’t you find it strange that the men did not give chase at all?”

The men had the four of them beat in terms of group size. Surely, they would have given chase with this advantage.

“Come to think of it, I find that strange too. These men are different from the loansharks I took down earlier.” She already had the suspicion when she saw them charging toward her. Now, their behavior only confirmed her suspicion.

“If these men were not loansharks, then who can they be?”

“I have to ask you. Who else did you offend beside the loansharks?” These men seemed to have been lying in the dark, waiting for their arrival. In fact, she even believed that the three loansharks she took down earlier did not know about their presence.

If these people did not come for her father, then they must have come for her!

As she was Mu Dongsheng’s daughter, they had used her father as a bait to draw her out.

But she could not figure out which of her enemies had found out her real ident.i.ty.

“I didn’t mess with anybody! Who do you think I’ll dare to offend with my timid nature?!”


That was true, her father would not have the guts.

If that’s the case, then these people were coming for me! But who can they be?

“Maybe the loansharks have their headquarter in that area. When they realized that you were not going to pay and also got their men injured, their boss sent out the rest of the gang to come after us in anger. The reason they didn’t give chase was that they knew who we were. They knew that we could run but we couldn’t hide from them. Sooner or later, they would come looking for us at our place!” The thought that these people might go after him at the Mu residence made him tremble in fear!

This was because Matriarch Mu was scarier than these loansharks. If she found out that not only had he gone out to gamble again but he had even borrowed money from loansharks, he would die in her hands!

Grabbing her elbow, her father pleaded fearfully, “Xiao Huan, what should we do if that happens?! You must think of a way to save your father here! If your grandma finds out about this, she’d skin me alive!”

And he could not help blaming her at the same time. “See, you should have given the money to them straight away! Why must you hit them? Now we are in hot soup!”

The corners of her mouth twitched involuntarily. Did I have to give three million yuan just because they asked for three million? Did he think that the money would just fall on my lap?

The money she had borrowed from her husband would need to be returned. How long more would she need to work in order to return three million yuan?!

“Why did you turn to gambling if you are so afraid? I have told you repeatedly not to gamble but you won’t listen! I think you deserve to have your hands chopped off, because then you won’t be able to gamble again!”

“Mu Huan, I’m your biological father, you know! How could you say such things to me?!”

“If you weren’t my biological father, I would have ignored you long ago!”

“I don’t care. I’m in this trouble because of you! You need to help me to settle this!” When the man realized that kinship talk was not going to move his daughter, he simply threw a tantrum.

She would have sent a flying kick in his direction if this were someone else, but alas, it was her father!

“Alright, I’ll settle this matter. You don’t have to worry over it. You better go back now, and don’t leave the house until you receive news from me!”

After mulling over her father’s words, she actually thought that his a.s.sumption might hold water. Nowadays, with the law coming down on the loansharks, many of them with great power had moved their operations to the secluded city outskirts. Of course, the lowly sc.u.ms would not be in the same league as these folks. And since they knew where to find her father, they would not need to give chase there and then.

“I’ll be good and stay home for sure! Don’t ever let Grandma know about this matter, though!” Mu Dongsheng was not a man who dared to trifle with trouble. He would definitely stay at home before this matter settled, without needing her to remind him.


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