WebNovel The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO Chapter 1116 – How Could I Bear to Divorce You (5)

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Chapter 1116: How Could I Bear to Divorce You (5)

The a.s.sistant beside him said, “CEO Liu, the words she said just now seemed to be a warning for you not to cause trouble. That’s too much! She actually spoke to you like that!”

Mr. Liu snorted coldly and didn’t say anything.

He wanted to see how she would gain a foothold in Rui Hui!

Just because she had the most shares, it didn’t mean she could gain control of the company. How many would move to follow her orders? As soon as she made a few wrong decisions, see who’d still dare to let her be the boss!

At that time, the power would return to him.

In the future, he would no longer be foolish enough to help others, nor would he need others to give him anything!

Rui Hui was not his family’s?

Alright! He would sabotage it until it becomes the Liu family’s rightfully!

Rui Hui held a shareholders meeting at the beginning of every month.

This was the first time that Mu Huan would officially attend a Rui Hui shareholders meeting as the successor. At the same time, this meeting was also when Mr. Liu would hand over the authority to Mu Huan. During this meeting, he would step down from his position as the CEO and become the vice-president while Mu Huan would become the CEO.

The shareholders and executives in the company were not optimistic about Mu Huan’s chances. Although everyone knew that the life-extension drugs that she had developed were very profitable, they had seen many formidable pharmaceutical experts in their field.

Also, from what they knew, scientists who researched medicine were obsessed with research. How could they lead the company’s general direction when they only had eyes for research projects? As the saying went, there were specialties in every field. As a researcher, she should just focus on her research and be a major shareholder to get dividends. She shouldn’t be the CEO!

If a scientific researcher like her could become a CEO, then everyone could become a CEO!

Therefore, even without Mr. Liu saying anything, the other shareholders and executives in the company were all unhappy with Mu Huan being the CEO.

They were all waiting for an opportunity to drag Mu Huan off the stage.

She had her connections, and she knew these things. So she’d been preparing for this meeting for days, not giving them a chance to take her down.

After giving Mr. Liu 5%more shares, Mu Huan had 50% more shares in her hands. Originally, she’d wanted to give more benefits to the Liu family, but the shares in her hands could not be lower than 50%. Once it was lower than that, it would be even more difficult for her to take over the company if other people worked together to have more than her.

Now she had 50% of the shares, owning half of the company by herself. In addition, she had asked her senior to take 2% of Rui Hui’s shares for a rainy day. That way, no matter what, she would be the biggest shareholder.

She would not let others take over the company.

Mu Huan could be a major shareholder in her spare time, but she wanted to make use of the company’s dominance. She wanted to use Rui Hui to change some of the bad habits in the pharmaceutical industry. She also wanted to use Rui Hui Pharmaceuticals to bring the Song family’s pharmaceutical industry to glory once again.

When she arrived at the meeting room, she was surprised to find that a certain man was also a shareholder of Rui Hui.

It was the man who had saved her in Country T.

It was no wonder that Mu Huan could not tell that the man in front of her was her ex-husband. It was because Bo Junyan had disguised himself even more meticulously this time. He had even worn contact lenses that slightly changed the color of his eyes. He had also deliberately restrained his aura and changed some of his habits when moving.

If one did not already know that he was Bo Junyan, they would not be able to tell who he was just by looking at him.

Mu Huan was too sharp. She had thought of the truth of the matter just like that and could not help but think about the past. If she were to find out that this man was him, she would definitely not be able to stop herself from thinking about it again.


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