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Chapter 1013: You Are Important (6)

Furthermore, this was a critical moment.

Hence, she did not say anything else.

“Mom, call me if you need anything.”


After hanging up.

Mu Huan thought of something and looked at Bo Junyan. “Hubby, do you think Ling Feng is still alive?”

If Ling Wei was so vicious that she could even take her biological father’s life, even if she was in a crisis right now, even if her mother didn’t believe her, she had to get someone to get her mother out of the Ling family.

“He’s alive.” Although Bo Junyan had been in a difficult situation recently and did not have the ability to split himself to investigate Ling Feng, he was sure that Ling Feng was still alive.

“That’s good.”

Ling Wei was not such a vicious person. She just wanted to take the opportunity to seize the company’s reins, so Mu Huan did not have to worry about her mother’s safety for the time being.

“Don’t worry. I’ll get someone to take care of your mother.” After the incident with Ling Feng, Bo Junyan had gotten someone to secretly take care of Xue Yun.

“Hubby, it’s good to have you.” Mu Huan reached out to hug him.

“It’s good that I have you.” Bo Junyan carried her onto his lap. With her around, even when he was in a terrible state, it was still a good life.

She made him full of fighting spirit every day.

Just as Ling Wei had said, there were many people in this world who wanted to hit someone when they were down. Everyone wanted to be the boss at the first opportunity. Hence, Bo Junyan was now facing an unprecedented crisis. Whether it was his life or his business empire, they were all facing a disaster.

Anyone would be tired.

He was also tired. When he was tired, he was lucky to have her around. If he hugged her every day, he would have endless strength to deal with those who wanted to kill him.

Now that Bo Junyan was in danger, his good friends would naturally go through thick and thin with him.

Hence, Fu Siye had been very busy these days. He was so busy that he didn’t have the time to look for Shangguan Yu, let alone divorce her.

As Shangguan Yu was friends with Mu Huan, Mu Huan was afraid that it would bring her danger. While she couldn’t go out, she heard from Mu Huan that the Bo family was currently in danger. Knowing that Fu Siye was busy, she didn’t get the lawyer to look for him.

Anyway, as long as she didn’t live with him, she didn’t have to see him again.

On this day, the matter at hand came to an end. Fu Siye, who could rest for half a day, thought of Shangguan Yu, whom he had been suppressing and not thinking about. Hence, he drove to Shangguan Yu’s coffee shop.

At this moment, in the coffee shop.

“Your drawing here is a little…” A young man approached Shangguan Yu from behind and told her that her drawing was a little lacking.

But what he said was too abstract. Shangguan Yu didn’t know how to make up for this shortcoming. She couldn’t draw it.

Seeing this, the young man reached out to grab her hand, wanting to teach her how to draw that stroke.

Shangguan Yu sensed his intention and instinctively wanted to retract her hand.

However, before she could retract her hand, the young man was thrown out by a powerful force, smashing the tables and chairs in the coffee shop!

Shangguan Yu stood up in shock.

Before she could say anything…

“He’s the reason why you’re suddenly so determined to divorce me!” Fu Siye looked at her, his eyes as bloodthirsty as that of a demon.

She actually let another man get so close to her!

The other party was only approaching Shangguan Yu, but Fu Siye could not stop such an impulse.

Furthermore, she would belong to someone else in the future. If that day came, he would probably go crazy.

Just like what Gu Lingyin had said, Fu Siye not only loved Shangguan Yu, but he was also very stubborn.


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