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Chapter 149 Mysterious “Colorful Ribbons”

As time went by, the cave was still dark and mysterious. The atmosphere of terror was alleviated, and so was the tense feeling.

In the dark, the stone bead was rolling slowly. The wonderful melody was playing.

Zhang Yunyan looked at the hemispherical bulge that had resumed its original shape and the rolling stone bead in the strokes. The nervous mood became relaxed.

This was the so-called things turning into its opposite if pushed too far. Because she had been in a nervous state for a long time, her nerves could no longer bear it. She felt very tired and wanted relief.

Suddenly, Zhang Yunyan was shocked again and looked numbly. She became nervous again just as her nerves were relieved. She did not know the reason.

She found that the small bulge had disappeared in an instant. Besides, it had disappeared under her gaze silently. At this moment, it was as flat as the table. There was no trace at all.

Em? How could this weird change happen? Was there any horrible change?

Zhang Yunyan understood that this bulge was not originally there. It was indeed accompanied by red light, but it returned to its original state again.

This change was too mysterious and terrifying. The “stone table” was really a spiritual monster. Perhaps this huge thing was an elf with cultivation, showing its skills and preparing to exert its power.

Zhang Yunyan was more nervous and fearful. This weird thing could not be guessed.

She hoped that the bulge would not appear again. Otherwise, there would be another stone bead. It would never end. The consequences would be even more terrible.

During the observation, there was no change and no red light appeared. The “stone table” did not change. Only the stone bead slowly rolled in the handwriting strokes, playing a strange piece of “music” and venting its own pa.s.sion.

Zhang Yunyan sighed. She was already in it, what else should she be afraid of? Let it go. She no longer hoped to think about it more and turned her gaze to the stone bead. She did not know what kind of skills it would show her and what would happen.

The stone bead was slowly rolling and the strange melody continuously rang without interruption.

In the cave, it was dark. There was no stranger thing.

Zhang Yunyan was full of doubts. She was observing, thinking, and suspecting. She had an impulse to have a try. She looked at the mysterious stone bead and did not know what mystery was hidden. She wanted to explore the secrets inside the weird thing.

In the closed cave, no matter what she did, she would meet destruction. It was useless to look fore and aft. It would be better to be bold and explore the danger, perhaps then she could achieve something before her soul disappears.

Zhang Yunyan had made up her mind and no longer had second thoughts. She took deep breaths and eased her nerves. She was about to take action to explore the inner secrets of the demon thing.

Yunyan stabilized her body and stretched her hand to pick up the stone bead just as it rolled to the last word of the four sentences, which was “fate” of the sentence of “out of the circle, the origin brings special fate.” The strange and wonderful sound came to an abrupt end.

Strange, how did the stone bead stop “singing” when it left the handwriting? Could those characters be exciting it? Was it venting its “pa.s.sion” only when in contact with the “stone table”?

In this regard, Yunyan felt more confused, nervous, and somewhat fearful. She foresaw that things would go wrong. She thought there was strong magic between the stone bead and the handwritings, therefore, there was a strange piece of “music.”

She could not help thinking of the millennium covenant and felt shocked. This magic was horrible. Once it explodes, the consequences would be unimaginable. Destruction would come.

Zhang Yunyan kept looking around the mysterious cave and looked at the “stone table.” There was no change and no danger. The stone bead in her hand also had no response. Her tension was slightly relieved.

She simply sat down on the stone pier and observed the two demon things—the stone bead and the “stone table,” hoping to discover their secrets.

Zhang Yunyan looked at the “stone table” and the stone bead carefully. Well, her actions had not offended the two demon things nor the stone pier under her bottom. This mysterious cave did not have terrible danger and her nervous body and mind were slightly relieved.

It seemed that for now, these demon things did not feel angry at the soul entering their territory, or maybe it was numbing the prey with illusions. Perhaps, the moment to destroy the cave and the soul had not yet come. They just allowed this target of the attack to “drink tea and chat” here while waiting for the right opportunity.

The movement of the stone bead was stopped forcibly and the piece of strange and beautiful music was interrupted mercilessly. The cave became silent.

This demon thing was born but was held by the hateful soul. Would they be willing to be controlled by others? Would the “stone table” accept this soul that was offending them? Would the stone pier endure the soul sitting on it? Would the horrible magic restrain the anger of the monster?

No, all of these were impossible. The demon things were demon things and would do whatever they wanted. The horrible magic would instantly explode. The devastating disaster would come. This was an inevitable ending. No one could stop or reverse it. No one could resist it.

Zhang Yunyan was observing the magical and strange stone bead and had an expression of shock. She had not expected that this demon thing would exhibit a new change. She felt tense in both her body and mind.

In the cave, it was mysterious, dark, and silent. The horrible atmosphere was still there and the nervous emotions still existed.

Just as Zhang Yunyan was observing the stone bead, the demon thing suddenly changed, shocking and scaring her.

Just now, she could only see the surface of the stone bead but could not see what was inside. Now, everything had changed. This change was still silent and happened in an instant.

At this time, the stone bead looked very unusual. Its surface was smooth, and she could see the inside clearly. Except for some milky objects inside, it turned crystal clear and there was no cover inside and outside. It was completely shown and was shining slightly with color.

The stone bead was like a transparent crystal with three curved, colored stripes inside. The stripes were red, yellow, and blue respectively. The colors were pure and different. It seemed to be three elegant ribbons that looked good to each other.

Why were there ribbons in the stone bead in bright and different colors? Were they used to decorate it colorfully?

This was a mystery. She was afraid that it was not that simple. Perhaps, there were some amazing secrets. At this moment, it did not show.

Time was quietly pa.s.sing by, and the atmosphere in the cave was still anxious. The tension was not relieved. The demon thing was so terrible, the situation was horrible, and the ending was tragic. Nothing had changed.

This stone bead came into being and vented its pa.s.sion in the handwriting on the “stone table.” Now, it showed the internal composition. It seemed that it was premeditated and taking action all the time. Next, it would have new changes until the demon methods were finally activated.

Inside the stone bead, the three ribbons were intertwined. At first glance, it looked complex. However, it was the contrary. Its color was bright while the ribbons had a clear routine. They did not bother each other and did not touch any place. It seemed to have certain rules.

As for what the rule was, no one would know and she did not know whether she could unravel this mystery.

Zhang Yunyan looked at the strange colored bead and felt it was even more extraordinary. Its origin was very weird and now it had an amazing change. The three ribbons inside were formed in a magical way. It seemed to be intentionally implanted by someone.

Of course, she did not think so. This stone bead was just born from the “stone table.” No one had implanted three ribbons.

Strange, how could the three ribbons be so pure in color? How were they formed? Why were they in these three colors?

It seemed that the three colorful ribbons had extraordinary origins. They did not just show up when the stone bead became crystal clear but had existed before its birth.

There were too many weird things in the cave. No wonder it was mysterious.

The weird things of the stone bead were happening one after another. Born in the sh.e.l.l, recovery of the broken sh.e.l.l, the mysterious melody, the changes of the bead, the three colorful “ribbons”一all of these were mysteries.

Perhaps, it was like a baby. All the changes were the process of its growth. This could be an explanation.

The red, yellow, and blue stripes gave off a sparkling brilliance. They were weak but bright. They were intertwined and entwined, as bright as a rainbow. She felt amazed.

Zhang Yunyan was observing while thinking but still could not understand. The stone bead was so small, so how could it have three ribbons? What was the purpose of their existence?

These three ribbons were not ordinary. They were not just for decoration and must have some underlying secrets.

For these strange things, Zhang Yunyan could only attribute the cause to one thing一magic.

She believed that the “stone table” hid some powerful magic everywhere. When the stone bead was born, it must have controlled the process of birth.

In the process of the growth of the stone bead, it must have been controlled by magic in a predetermined procedure, causing mysteries one after another.

These magical and weird things could be possible with this explanation. Otherwise, it could not be told clearly.

Zhang Yunyan looked at the colorful stone bead and felt it was even more mysterious. Although it was small, it hid some horrible demon methods, which was daunting.

In her suspicion, she thought of something, the appearance of the “stone bead” and the birth of the colorful stone bead seemed to come for her. Its purpose was to destroy her soul.

It seemed that the millennium covenant did exist. His words were true that the entire cave and her soul would soon be destroyed by the two demon methods.

Zhang Yunyan was lonely and helpless. She felt desperate and could only accept the tragedy that would be staged and endure the final outcome.

She was imprisoned in the closed cave and was always under the surveillance and control of the demon methods involuntarily. She could only allow the monsters to kill her to disappear from the underworld.

Yunyan thought of the coming end and felt extremely pained and desperate. She had lost her life and could not even keep her soul. All of her vows would be in vain.

She thought of those uncompleted vows and the failed missions of family Zhang and family Lin. She was deeply heartbroken.

Yunyan was very angry and sad. The human world had not accepted her. Why did the underworld also treat her so ruthlessly?

However, this was useless. She was in a desperate situation and could not escape. Struggling or venting her emotions would not change the horrible tragedy. It would continue. She could only face reality and accept the inevitable ending.

Since it was so, she could not reverse it. It was useless for her to be sad. It would only hurt her more and make her feel more desperate.

Zhang Yunyan sighed more and calmed her emotions. She could no longer be sentimental like this and had to make a difference. She needed to continue to explore the unknown secrets until her soul disappeared.

She was trying to check the colorful stone bead carefully and explore the hidden secrets when suddenly, the bead jumped up on its own and fell to the ground.

Yunyan was very surprised and shocked. The stone bead had been obedient in her hand, but why did it suddenly “escape”?


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