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Chapter 85 – Jinyu Is Angry

She had clearly forgotten that she was still frightened a moment ago.

Indeed, she did have a bad memory.

Everyone looked at her like she was an idiot.

Although Yan Qingyu was also shocked, he was more composed than her. When he met Yin Jiujin’s indifferent gaze, Yan Qingyu hurriedly rebuked Fu Ya, “What are you saying! Who cares what shares it is? It has nothing to do with you!”

Fu Ya’s face turned bright red.

Because she was not the daughter-in-law that the Yan Family liked in the first place, the two elders left a message when they pa.s.sed away that she was not allowed to have any shares in the Yan Corporation! So now, after marrying into the Yan Family for so many years, she did not even have a single share in the Yan Corporation.

She hated it the most when people said that the Yan Corporation had nothing to do with her!

Although Yan Qingyu reprimanded Fu Ya, he was actually not calm at all.

He only knew that the Yan Corporation still had some shares in someone’s hands, but he didn’t know that it was with his mother. Furthermore, after his mother pa.s.sed away, she didn’t give these shares to him but to his good-for-nothing elder daughter!

Didn’t her mother take into account that Yan Jinyu might be lost forever?

So who will have the shares then?

Anyway, no matter whose hands it landed in, it would definitely not land in his hands as he did not know about it! However, he was clearly his mother’s only son, but his mother’s inheritance was not given to him…

He clenched his fists.

He was indignant.

But no one cared what he thought.

Yan Jinyu said to Yan Ruyu, “Oh, when Grandpa Xin mentioned the shares to me, I already said that I wouldn’t take them. I know that Grandmother misses me. As for the shares, Aunt will give them to Yun’er.”

The Yan Family was the number one family in North City. The Yan Corporation had tens of billions of dollars worth of a.s.sets. Even if she only received dividends every year from 13% of the shares, it was still a lot of money!

She actually let it go so easily!

That was unbelievable.

This was what many people present thought.

“I don’t want to!” Yan Jinyun said. Her voice was still a little loud and didn’t match her image as the top socialite.

She looked at Yan Jinyu, “I don’t lack your shares! What’s yours is yours. I don’t want your charity!”

Yan Qingyu and Fu Ya were naturally surprised that Yan Jinyu would give up on these shares. Just as they were about to make a decision, they heard Yan Jinyu say that she wanted to give the shares to Yan Jinyun. They were a little unhappy, but they felt that the shares in Yan Jinyun’s hands were at least better than Yan Jinyu and Yan Ruyu’s hands. Since they had watched Yan Jinyun grow up and had a deep relations.h.i.+p with her, in addition to the fact that Yan Jinyun was the successor they thought highly of, her holding the shares would be equaled to them holding the shares.

They never expected Yan Jinyun to reject them so decisively.

Yan Qingyu called her an idiot in his heart, but Fu Ya couldn’t help but say it out loud, “Yun’er, what nonsense are you talking about? Since your sister isn’t willing to accept it, it’s the same even if you take it. Just take care of your sister in the future. Anyway, you’ve given it to your older sister. She doesn’t know how to invest even with so much money. It’s a waste for her to keep the shares…”

“Mom!” Looking at Fu Ya, Yan Jinyun felt disgusted for the first time.

The hurt in her eyes was so obvious.

Feng Yuan had never seen Yan Jinyun look so hurt since he was young. He suddenly felt very uncomfortable.

Feng Yuan had often quarreled with Yan Jinyun whom was the top socialite in North City that everyone liked. Naturally, he was not someone who would be overly cautious. Hence, even though he was facing an elder like Fu Ya now, he, too, reb.u.t.ted her impolitely, “In the past, I’ve only heard that big families disregarded kins.h.i.+p and hurt each other for the sake of money. However, I’ve never seen it with my own eyes. I’ve really seen it with my own eyes now after seeing Mrs. Yan belittling Jinyu for mere shares today.”

“If you want to fight for the shares, so be it. What’s the point of belittling others? Jinyu doesn’t know how to invest? May I ask how Mrs. Yan figured that out? Did you give Jinyu a sum of money to try it out and she failed in the end? Or did you hire a teacher in this area to teach Jinyu and she failed to master it? I don’t think so. Then, what makes Mrs. Yan think that money would be wasted in Jinyu’s hands?”

“Let’s take a step back and say that even if Jinyu really doesn’t understand, doesn’t she have a very powerful fiancé? With Master Nine around, how can money be wasted in Jinyu’s hands? Or does Mrs. Yan think that Master Nine will covet the shares in Jinyu’s hands and deceive her?”

Fu Ya was shocked. She glanced at Yin Jiujin, afraid that he really thought that she was thinking that way. She hurriedly said angrily to Feng Yuan, “What nonsense are you talking about! When did I think that way! Master Nine is someone great. Why would he care about the Yan Corporation’s shares?”

“Of course, Master Nine wouldn’t. According to Mrs. Yan, if you aren’t worried that Master Nine will covet Jinyu’s shares, then it must be you who are coveting them, right? Tsk tsk, you even covet your biological daughter’s things. Mrs. Yan is really a model example of a rich lady!”

“I… When did I say that!” Fu Ya gritted her teeth in anger, especially when many people present looked at her with mocking eyes.

“Of course, Mrs. Yan wouldn’t say it so directly. After all, Mrs. Yan is already so old. You still need your face. You didn’t say it directly but didn’t you say it tactfully earlier?”

He sneered, “Yan Jinyun already said that she doesn’t want Jinyu’s shares, but you’re still persuading her. Clearly, Yan Jinyun isn’t coveting Jinyu’s shares. It’s you!”

“A few years ago, Jinyu and Yan Jinyun were kidnapped. You took advantage of Old Master Yan and Old Madam Yan’s absence to prepare the funds that the Yan Corporation is short of. After you took out 100 million dollars to redeem Yan Jinyun, you called the police. You didn’t care if the two-year-old Jinyu would be killed by kidnappers.”

The world did not know about this. To everyone present at that time, it was like listening to Feng Yuan exposing a huge scandal.

Other than disbelief, there was also deep disdain in their eyes as they looked at Yan Qingyu and Fu Ya.

After today, their reputation in North City would probably be completely ruined.

“After Jinyu went missing, you didn’t intend to look for her either. If it wasn’t for Old Master Yan and Old Madam Yan’s insistence, you probably would have long forgotten that you have such a daughter. After that, Old Master Yan and Old Madam Yan pa.s.sed away one after another, and you completely gave up on looking for Jinyu. Because of that, my parents even had an unhappy relations.h.i.+p with you. Up until now, the Feng Family and the Yan Family rarely interacted with each other because of this.”

“From this, it’s obvious that you, Mrs. Yan, and Mr. Yan have no feelings for Jinyu at all.”

“You two don’t have any feelings for Jinyu, so it’s understandable that you want to s.n.a.t.c.h the money that Old Madam left for her. However, you guys personally watched Yan Jinyun grow up and painstakingly raised her, right? Does Mrs.Yan only care about Jinyu’s shares? Don’t you care about Yan Jinyun’s wishes at all?”

“Yan Jinyun is such a proud person. Mrs. Yan persuaded her to s.n.a.t.c.h her sister’s shares. Do you care about her dignity?”

“Poor Yan Jinyun. I thought that her parents doted on her since she was young. Now, it seems like the so-called pampering of her parents is rather fake.”

The person who understood Yan Jinyun the most wasn’t Yan Jinyu, nor was it Yan Qingyu and Fu Ya. It was Feng Yuan, who often argued with her as soon as they met each other.

Feng Yuan had always said that Yan Jinyun was black-hearted and fake, but he was still willing to argue with Yan Jinyun the moment they met. This meant that he also knew Yan Jinyun’s nature.

He knew better than anyone… and even Yan Jinyun herself that Fu Ya was the reason why she became like this.

However, Feng Yuan thought that even if Fu Ya was more vain, she was still really concerned about Yan Jinyun. Even though Fu Ya mostly taught Yan Jinyun according to her method, making Yan Jinyun have no choice but to hide her true nature.

He didn’t expect that Fu Ya would ignore Yan Jinyun’s wishes for her own selfishness. She even forced Yan Jinyun, who was used to putting on an act, to be so emotional that she didn’t even realize it.

Was Fu Ya really concerned about Yan Jinyun?

The answer was obvious. No!

Then don’t blame him for being rude!

Although Yan Jinyun was an annoying person, she had never done anything bad. It was fine to argue with her, but there was no need to force her to this extent.

At this moment, Feng Yuan didn’t realize that he could scold and argue with Yan Jinyun, but not others. Even if that person was Yan Jinyun’s mother!

“You brat, what nonsense are you talking about? What do you know? Luo Linlin, how did you teach your son? Is this how you teach him to talk to his elders? He doesn’t even know the rules!” Fu Ya was obviously panicking. From time to time, she would glance at Yan Jinyun, who was pursing her lips silently. The more she looked at her, the more fl.u.s.tered she became.

She was afraid that Yun’er would listen to Feng Yuan, that brat, and move away from her!

She was so good to Yun’er and had planned everything for Yun’er. Wasn’t this considered as doting and love?

What did this brat Feng Yuan know!

Fu Ya did not realize that the reason why she was fl.u.s.tered was because something that she had hidden was exposed and she was angered by that.

“I’m sorry. I really don’t know how to teach my son because I’ve never forced him to do anything he doesn’t want to do.” After saying that, Luo Linlin looked at Yan Jinyun, whose eyes were slightly red, and she sighed softly.

She had always known that Jinyun was a good child. It was a pity that she had a mother like Fu Ya.

Fu Ya choked. “You! Luo Linlin, take your son and husband and get lost from the Yan Family. The Yan Family doesn’t welcome you! All these years, your family’s habit of sticking your nose into other people’s business hasn’t changed at all. If you want to interfere with family’s matters, go back to the Feng Family. Don’t interfere in other people’s family matters! Get lost…”

“I said, that’s enough,” Yan Jinyu said calmly.

Her left hand was held by Yin Jiujin, but her right hand was still subconsciously touching the “watch” on her left hand.

Seeing this, Huo Siyu was stunned.

Beauty Yu was angry!

Hearing Yan Jinyu’s words, Yan Jinyun didn’t even have the time to collect her emotions before her heart skipped a beat.


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