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Chapter 409: Liu Guang And Chengcheng

Liu Guang stopped in his tracks and his gaze landed on her face. He seemed to be searching in his mind. After about half a minute, he said, “You’re Chengcheng?”

Hu Chengcheng’s eyes lit up. “Mr. Liu, you still remember me?”

Before Liu Guang could say anything, Lind Jones, who was sitting in the wheelchair, and the masked man pus.h.i.+ng him were surprised.

Lind Jones had been the form teacher of Boyu High School for three years and was already very familiar with the English teacher, Hu Chengcheng.

Only now did he know that Hu Chengcheng and Liu Guang actually knew each other. Looking at Liu Guang, he obviously had a deep impression of Hu Chengcheng. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have recognized her so quickly after seeing her.

And they were calling each other so intimately.

Lind Jones’s eyes were filled with interest again.

Liu Guang didn’t answer her question. Instead, he asked, “Why are you here?”

“I…” Hu Chengcheng smiled embarra.s.sedly. “I found out that Mr. Liu had appeared here before and was waiting to try my luck here. I didn’t expect to really meet you.”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Liu. Don’t be angry. I didn’t mean to find out about your whereabouts. It’s just that I haven’t found your whereabouts for three years. I was worried that something had happened to you, so I asked my friends in Cloud City to help pay attention. Not long ago, someone saw you in Cloud City. Later on, he saw you coming here. I wanted to come here to try my luck, so…”

“I-I heard that you’re sitting in a wheelchair…” When her gaze landed on Liu Guang’s legs, Hu Chengcheng hurriedly smiled and said, “Nothing. This is very good.”

However, Liu Guang’s eyes turned sharp, “You got someone to investigate my whereabouts? You have my photo?”

Hu Chengcheng hurriedly shook her head. “No, no. Sir, you once said that you don’t like to take photos. How could I have your photo? It’s just that you’ve been missing for three years. I was really worried, so I drew one of your portraits and asked someone to help find it. You also know that my hobby is to draw. I draw quite well. Back then, you even praised me for drawing well.”

A hint of sadness flashed past Hu Chengcheng’s eyes as she thought of something.

“I’ve long said that I’m not from Cloud City. Cloud City is just a temporary foothold. What’s strange about not appearing in Cloud City for three years?” Compared to Hu Chengcheng’s enthusiasm and excitement, Liu Guang was very cold and even a little impatient.

Hu Chengcheng naturally sensed it too and was a little surprised.

Looking at the person in front of her, his appearance had not changed, even if it had been three years… Oh, no, it had been almost five years since they last met. It was just that three years ago, she still had his contact number and could contact him. She had not been able to contact him for three years, so she said that he had been missing for three years.

She had not seen him for nearly five years, but his appearance had not changed. He had not even aged much.

However, he had become cold.

In the past, he was a gentle and gentlemanly person.

“No, that’s not what I mean. I mean, three years ago, I couldn’t get through to you, Mr. Liu. No one saw you appear in Cloud City again, so…”

“Anyway, I’m relieved to see that you’re fine.”

Looking at the group of people behind Liu Guang, all of them had extraordinary temperament and didn’t look like ordinary people, Hu Chengcheng said, “Mr. Liu, are you busy with something? Then, I won’t disturb you anymore. I wonder if you can give me your current contact information?”

“Don’t think too much. I don’t mean anything else. I usually won’t disturb you. I just want to confirm that I can contact you and not be so worried.”

“After all, you’ve done me a huge favor. I only hope that you’ll live a peaceful life.”

At this moment, a few more people walked out of the Feng Family’s mansion. The two people in front were Yan Jinyu and Yin Jiujin.

Hu Chengcheng was standing at the Feng Family’s door, so she saw the person who walked out immediately and said in surprise, “Student Yan Jinyu?”

Yan Jinyu saw the situation here as soon as she arrived at the Feng Family’s mansion. Of course, she also saw Hu Chengcheng.

She narrowed her eyes.

Hu Chengcheng knew Liu Guang?

Although she had found out earlier that Hu Chengcheng had studied at Cloud City University and felt that it was a little strange that she wasn’t married at 34 years old and didn’t have a partner. Coupled with the news that Liu Guang was in Cloud City at that time, she also investigated what happened to Hu Chengcheng when she was in Cloud City’s university. She realized that a mysterious man had once appeared by her side, so she had some doubts.

Of course, it was just suspicion.

She didn’t expect that person to really be Liu Guang.

At that time, she thought that Hu Chengcheng was also Liu Guang’s people.

Now, it didn’t seem to be.

She didn’t hear their conversation, but the atmosphere between them and Hu Chengcheng’s att.i.tude towards her was enough to prove that Hu Chengcheng wasn’t Liu Guang’s woman.

With Hu Chengcheng’s shout, Liu Guang and the others turned back to look.

Yan Jinyu didn’t respond to Hu Chengcheng immediately. Instead, she glanced at her indifferently and moved her gaze to Liu Guang.

Hu Chengcheng was a little puzzled.

Why was even Yan Jinyu’s att.i.tude towards her so cold? It was clearly not like this previously.

Also, Yan Jinyu seemed a little different from before?

There was still a smile on her face, but it was not the clear and harmless smile that she was familiar with. Instead…

She could not pinpoint exactly what it was, but she felt shocked when he saw her smile.

“Yo, you’re still here. Do you not want to leave?” Yan Jinyu smiled and said to Liu Guang. Her smiling eyes hid a hint of killing intent.

“No. 99, you don’t have to say these threatening words to me. After leaving this mansion, it’s no longer up to you to decide whether I go or stay.”

“Oh? Then do you want to try?” Yan Jinyu raised her hand, and a silver revolver appeared in her hand. It was very exquisite.

She pointed it at Liu Guang.

Yin Jiujin glanced at the revolver in her hand and raised his eyebrows.

That was his. She had just taken it from him.

Of course, he sensed it, but he didn’t stop her.

He knew very well that since she had agreed to let the other party go when she had the advantage, she naturally wouldn’t let the other party stay now.

She probably had another purpose.

Hence, he did not disturb her.

He simply stood beside her and paid attention to the other party’s movements so that she would not be at a disadvantage.

“Yan Jinyu, Mr. Liu, you guys are…” Hu Chengcheng was frightened.

That was a gun, right?

From the looks of it, it couldn’t be a toy gun either.

Why… No, Yan Jinyu was different from what she knew. Mr. Liu was also different from the Mr. Liu in her memory?

Even if Yan Jinyu was holding a gun, Liu Guang’s expression remained unchanged. His gaze wandered between Yan Jinyu and Hu Chengcheng.

He suddenly said, “Chengcheng, do you know her?”

“Huh?” When Liu Guang asked this, Hu Chengcheng suddenly hesitated.

She owed Mr. Liu a huge favor. In the past, she would definitely answer whatever Mr. Liu asked her.

But now, she was actually hesitating.

She couldn’t pinpoint the reason.

However, even though she was hesitant, it was not a solution to keep quiet. He could find things out with a little investigation.

“Oh, we know each other. Of course, we know each other. Yan Jinyu is a student in our cla.s.s. I’m her form teacher.”

“Yan Jinyu is very special. Her results are very good. She has the potential to become the top student of the college entrance examination in North City today. As teachers, we all like her very much.”

After saying that, she subconsciously added, “However, Yan Jinyu doesn’t seem to like to interact with others. She seems easy to get along with, but I’ve called her to the office many times. Every time, she would answer every question I ask her.”

She lowered her voice as if she didn’t want Yan Jinyu to hear her, “This student is very strange. She seems to be smiling, but she gives people a very cold and unapproachable feeling.”

Her intuition told her that she couldn’t let Mr. Liu know that she actually had a good relations.h.i.+p with Yan Jinyu.

G.o.d knew where her intuition came from.

Liu Guang’s appraising gaze landed on her face. His gaze was sharp, and Hu Chengcheng couldn’t take it anymore.

Fortunately, Liu Guang’s sharp gaze was retracted after a while.

He said mysteriously, “Is that so?”

Hu Chengcheng heaved a sigh of relief for some reason.

“Chengcheng, aren’t you afraid to see her holding a gun?”

Hu Chengcheng was stunned for a moment before she forced a smile. “I-I’m naturally afraid. It’s just that I’ve seen quite a bit in recent years and am not as timid as before. Just now, I was waiting outside the Feng Family’s mansion. I also heard some of the commotion in the Feng Family and saw the law enforcement’s people surrounding the Feng Family’s mansion. I thought that something must have happened inside.”

“Since there are law enforcement’s people present and Yan Jinyu’s fiancé is Master Nine, it’s not strange that Yan Jinyu has a gun.”

“Actually, just now, I wanted to ask why Sir came out of the Feng Family and if what happened inside affected you. However, I thought that it was a little presumptuous, so I didn’t ask.”

“Mr. Liu, what’s going on now? You and Yan Jinyu…”

“That’s not something you should ask.”

Hu Chengcheng’s face turned pale.

This was not an act.

She knew that this was not something she should ask, but for him to say it so coldly was like a basin of cold water being poured over her head.

Her heart turned cold.

“I-I’m sorry.”

At this moment, a car drove over and stopped in front of Liu Guang and the others.

The car window rolled down and the person inside said respectfully, “Sir.”

Liu Guang looked up at Yan Jinyu with a ruthless and murderous gaze, “Then No. 99, see you next time!”

Seeing that he was about to get into the car and leave, Hu Chengcheng remembered her purpose here, “Mr. Liu, your contact information…”

Liu Guang glanced at Liu Yu, and Liu Yu took out something that looked like a business card and handed it to Hu Chengcheng with an extremely bad att.i.tude.

If this wasn’t Liu Guang’s name card, Liu Yu would probably throw it to her directly.

Another woman who wanted to seduce his father!

Hu Chengcheng took it and Liu Guang was already in the car.

Then, it was Hei Yao, Liu Yu, and then Feng Yun.

Feng Yun glanced at Hu Chengcheng and didn’t say anything. He got into the car.

However, Lind Jones and the masked man stopped when they were about to get into the car.

The masked man patted Lind Jones’s shoulder.

Lind Jones then looked at Hu Chengcheng and said to her, “Teacher Hu, I advise you not to make this call ever. You saw it too. The Mr. Liu you’re talking about isn’t from the same world as you at all. There’s no need to drag yourself into unknown danger.”

After saying that, Lind Jones turned back to look at the masked man behind him with the intention that meant, “That should be enough, right?”

The masked man then carried the wheelchair to the car.

Yes, carried.

It was obvious that he was a very strong person.

“D-do you know me?” Hu Chengcheng reacted and hurriedly asked.

From the beginning to the end, she didn’t say her surname was Hu, but this person actually called her Teacher Hu.

Moreover, why did this person give her a familiar feeling? Had she seen him somewhere before?

Moreover, why did this person give her a familiar feeling? Had she seen him somewhere before?

The car door closed. Hu Chengcheng was still standing rooted to the ground until the car drove away.

That temperament earlier was… Teacher Xiao Qun?

But… wasn’t his difference too great?

Teacher Xiao Qun was sitting in a wheelchair…

Teacher Xiao Qun actually knew Mr. Liu?

Teacher Xiao Qun was actually not simple either…

There were too many questions.

It was only when Yan Jinyu walked over that she retracted her thoughts.

“Teacher Hu, can we talk in private?”


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