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Chapter 218 – Talking About Bai Ye

Min Ting, who was already shocked by Yan Jinyu’s actions, almost spat out when he heard Min Nan’s words.

What d.a.m.n magic!

It was clearly Yan Jinyu sweeping the fruit knife back with something she threw out from her hand!

Was Min Nan joking?

Yan Jinyu held the fruit knife in her hand. Seeing Min Nan’s frightened look, she spun the fruit knife in her hand.

She sneered, “How dare you come looking for trouble with that little courage?”

When Xi Fengling saw this, she sighed softly, “Beauty Yu, it’s enough to just scare him. Don’t let his blood dirty my place.” She had already endured for so long, so she didn’t mind letting Min Nan live for a while longer.

Most importantly, with Min Nan around, she could still keep an eye on Yu-whatever-Chen in the hospital and not let her pester Min Rufeng.


Yan Jinyu didn’t intend to really kill him, although it was fine even if she did.

After all, this was Xi Fengling’s territory. If someone died here, and the other party was the eldest son of the Min Family, there would indeed be a lot of trouble.

Hearing Xi Fengling’s words, she looked down at Min Nan. With a twist of her finger, the fruit knife flew to the floor and steadily sank into the floor in front of Min Nan.

Min Nan shuddered in fear.

“Throw him out,” Min Rufeng said.

As soon as he spoke, two male waiters came in from outside and dragged the frightened Min Nan out of the bar.

Looking at Yan Jinyu, who had returned to sit beside Yin Jiujin, Xi Fengling chuckled. “Beauty Yu, don’t think that Min Rufeng and I are so cowardly that we won’t do anything even if someone comes to bully us. Actually, it’s only this time. In the past, Min Nan was often taught a lesson by me. Otherwise, why would he be so obedient and not find trouble with Min Rufeng?”

“Besides, keeping him alive is indeed useful.”

“Isn’t there a beautiful doctor pursuing Min Rufeng?” Xi Fengling said and looked at Min Rufeng with a faint smile.

Min Rufeng chuckled. “Why do you care about such an unimportant person?”

Xi Fengling snorted lightly and glared at him before continuing to say to Yan Jinyu, “Yu Chen is someone that Min Nan has been pursuing for many years. She didn’t agree to Min Nan’s pursuit, but because of Min Nan’s status, she didn’t dare to reject it too obviously. With Min Nan around, she would be more careful and not pester Min Rufeng so much.”

“Of course, that’s only one of the reasons. Min Nan is Min Guili and Meng An’s precious. He’s still very useful.”

“Besides, after being frightened by you, he will also remember and won’t dare to find trouble with Min Rufeng for the time being. He actually tried to sow discord so unskillfully. I wonder what he’s thinking. Could it be that in his eyes, I’m really that stupid?”

“I just don’t know if he’ll say anything when he gets out after you made this move.” It wasn’t that Xi Fengling hadn’t thought of directly getting rid of him to prevent future trouble. Indeed, Min Nan was still useful.


The three of them spoke at the same time.

Yan Jinyu, Yin Jiujin, and Min Rufeng.

Yan Jinyu was confident that she had frightened Min Nan. Coupled with her relations.h.i.+p with Yin Jiujin and Min Nan’s fear of Yin Jiujin, he wouldn’t dare to say anything.

Yin Jiujin’s thoughts were similar to hers.

As for Min Rufeng, it was entirely based on his understanding of Min Nan.

He knew that Min Nan had been frightened. On top of that, Min Nan knew nothing about Yan Jinyu at all and even thought that she had “magic”. Hence, Min Rufeng was sure that he wouldn’t dare to say anything.

Besides, what happened just now could be said to be Min Nan’s unsavory experience. Min Nan wished that others didn’t know it, so how could he possibly tell others?

Taking a step back, so what if Min Nan said it?

Other than making Little Yu even more untouchable in the capital, what else could it do?

Would others still think of Little Yu as the number one killer, “Chi”?

Little Yu was only 10 years old when “Chi” became famous. Who would have thought that a 10-year-old child was so capable?

Min Nan was not like the only outsider here, Min Ting, who had good eyesight and could tell how Little Yu attacked at that time.

However, even Min Ting didn’t dare to think that she was the number one killer. He only felt that Yan Jinyu was a martial arts pract.i.tioner and had an extraordinary past.

However, Min Ting was a smart person. It was obvious that these people were not afraid that he would know the truth. He would accept that they treated him as one of their own for the time being. If he needed to pretend to be stupid, he would pretend to be stupid. He would not say or ask more.

Xi Fengling shrugged indifferently. “Alright, let’s not care about him then.”

“It’s rare for Beauty Yu to come to my territory. Let’s not let an outsider affect our mood.”

“And you, Min Rufeng. You’d better stay away from Yu Chen. I don’t care if she’s pestering you or you’re seducing her. If you don’t handle it well, that means you’re unable to say harsh words to her.”

“You’re being unreasonable.”

“Do I look like someone who cares about other women?”

“I don’t care if you look like that or not! Will she still pester you if you’ve really rejected her completely?”

Min Rufeng was innocent.

How did he know that woman would still find excuses to ask him out again and again when he had already said coldly that he had a woman and would not go out alone with another woman?

“I’ve seen Yu Chen before,” Yan Jinyu said.

They knew each other very well. Yan Jinyu didn’t think that Min Rufeng was someone who deliberately gave Yu Chen false hope. Of course, Xi Fengling didn’t think that she was simply jealous.

Seeing that they were looking over, Yan Jinyu smiled and said, “She’s indeed… not a likable person.”

They were puzzled, but Yan Jinyu didn’t intend to say anything more.

“So Meimei, you can’t blame Feng. If you really don’t like it, you can just go up to give her two slaps to warn her. It’s similar to those legitimate wives. .h.i.tting the mistresses.”

Min Rufeng chuckled helplessly. “What nonsense are you talking about? What mistress?”

Yin Jiujin rubbed Yan Jinyu’s head helplessly.

“Let’s get down to business,” Min Rufeng said.

Hearing this, Min Ting hesitated for a moment and decided to say, “Um, you guys want to talk about serious business now? Do I need to avoid it?”

After saying that, he smiled awkwardly. “I saw Min Nan coming over angrily so I followed him to see how he would get tortured. I’m just here to join in the fun.”

Xi Fengling raised her eyebrows charmingly, “Third Young Master Min, aren’t we on the same side now?”

“In certain matters, we’re indeed on the same side, but it’s hard to say for the rest. The less I know, the longer I live. I still understand this logic.”

“Third Young Master Min, you don’t have to be so careful. Don’t you already know what you should know and shouldn’t know? You already saw our Beauty Yu make a move.”

“So?” Min Ting was stunned.

He looked at Yan Jinyu. “It’s true that I saw Eldest Miss Yan make a move, but is this a big deal? Boss Xi is the boss of North City’s Elegant Bamboo Clubhouse. Shouldn’t you know that I’ve seen Eldest Miss Yan’s racing video? I’ve long known that Eldest Miss Yan isn’t as simple as she looks on the surface. Other than confirming my previous guess, is there anything else today?”

The few of them understood what Min Ting meant.

He didn’t guess Yan Jinyu’s ident.i.ty at all.

Yin Jiujin flicked a glance at him mysteriously.

He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but Min Ting felt that Second Brother was looking at him like he was an idiot.

“Ignore him,” Yin Jiujin said.

This was to prove to them that Min Ting was one of them.

Xi Fengling suddenly said these words to Min Ting to test how much Min Ting had guessed and whether she should guard against him. However, with Yin Jiujin’s words, she was relieved.

Yin Jiujin wouldn’t harm Beauty Yu.

“Little Yu, tell us everything you know so that we can be mentally prepared,” Min Rufeng said.

Since things had already come to this, there was no need for Yan Jinyu to hide it from them. It would be more beneficial for them to know more about the situation.

Then, she told them about the Bruce Family and the Jones Family in Country Y that she and Huo Siyu knew about, as well as their guesses. She even mentioned Yuan Xi, who they were very suspicious of.

The more they listened, the more serious Min Rufeng and Xi Fengling’s expressions became.

Although Yin Jiujin’s expression didn’t change, his gaze clearly became sharper.

Only Min Ting was shocked the entire time.

If he still could not guess their ident.i.ties after hearing this, he would be really stupid.

He was “trembling”.

They were all big shots here!

He quickly recalled if he had bullied or mocked Min Rufeng in the past. He only heaved a sigh of relief when he realized that he had not.

How could Eldest Uncle’s family be enough for Min Rufeng to torture if he didn’t want to find out the truth?

They would have probably already been tortured beyond recognition.

Actually, Min Ting was exaggerating.

He was quite capable himself. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have such a relations.h.i.+p with Yin Jiujin. It was just that he was too shocked to suddenly find out their ident.i.ties.

Most importantly, it was still understandable that Min Rufeng and Xi Fengling had such ident.i.ties, but Yan Jinyu…

No matter how Min Ting looked at it, this 18-year-old girl—who was sitting obediently beside Yin Jiujin with a faint smile and looked very innocent with eyes that were very clear most of the time—didn’t look like the famous top killer of the killer world!

He had thought that she was not simple, but he didn’t expect her to be so not simple!

Min Nan was really lucky to have survived just now!

He stared at Yan Jinyu as if he had been struck by lightning. Of course, Yan Jinyu could sense it. She looked up and smiled at him.

Min Ting was shocked.

It was fine if he didn’t know her ident.i.ty. He could even lie to himself and hint to himself that she was an innocent girl.

After knowing the other party’s ident.i.ty, he felt that even her harmless smile was cold and it made his scalp tingle.

“Beauty Yu, then you…”

“When Ghost Slaughter Island was at its peak, they wanted to kill me but they couldn’t. What can they do to me now? Don’t worry, they won’t dare to look for me openly.”

She smiled and looked at Yin Jiujin. “Besides, I have Brother Nine by my side now. They will only be more afraid of me. Look, a few days ago, they even tried to use that method to sow discord between Brother Nine and me so that Brother Nine wouldn’t be a huge help to me.”

The three of them understood immediately.

So that was the purpose of the other party’s commotion.

“Just pay attention to your surroundings and don’t let the other party take advantage of you.”

“I know. Beauty Yu, don’t worry so much. But Beauty Yu, now that you mention it, regarding the aftermath of the incident at the Empire Building, that key character, Yu Qingwan…”

Xi Fengling glanced at Yin Jiujin and then at Yan Jinyu. Seeing that there was no change in their expressions, she understood that Yu Qingwan didn’t affect them.

“Could Yu Qingwan be related to Ghost Slaughter Island?”

“She’s very suspicious, but there’s no evidence. Brother Nine got someone to keep an eye on her. Don’t worry about her for the time being.” Even if they were related, Yu Qingwan was just a small fry.

There was nothing to worry about.


“However, weren’t there two groups of people behind that incident? Who was the other person?”

Yan Jinyu smiled at Xi Fengling. “That’s what I’m about to tell you.”

“I met Bai Ye.”


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