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Chapter 145 – Feng Yuan And Jinyun

“Bad things? Could it be that Third Young Master Min feels that Master Nine will spread the contents of our conversation?”

Min Ting’s lips twitched. “Boss Xi knows what I’m talking about.”

Xi Fengling smiled charmingly. “Third Young Master Min’s worries are unnecessary. I’m a very good judge of character. I hit it off with the little beauty and already treat her as one of us.”

Min Ting wanted to say something when Yin Jiujin glanced over indifferently and immediately shut up.

Looking over again, they saw that Yan Jinyu, the main character of their discussion, was currently lowering her head and eating the food Yin Jiujin had placed in her bowl. It was as if she wasn’t listening to their conversation at all.

However, after he looked over, she suddenly looked up at him.

After flicking a glance at him, she lowered her head and continued eating.

However, it was this look that made Min Ting suddenly feel that she wasn’t their enemy.

He didn’t know why he suddenly felt this way. Clearly, there was no emotion in her eyes at that moment.

“Third Young Master Min, don’t worry about anything else. Just tell me what you mean.”

Before Min Ting could reply, Xi Fengling smiled charmingly and said, “But it’s fine if Third Young Master Min doesn’t agree to the cooperation. Min Rufeng and I will go and talk to Second Master Min. Compared to Third Young Master Min, Second Master Min should be more capable. Second Master Min is Old Master Min’s son. If he knows that his father’s death was caused by someone, I believe he will be very willing to cooperate with us.”

“…” Min Ting.

What was this? If he wouldn’t cooperate with her, would she go look for his father?

With his father’s character, if he found out that his grandfather’s death was caused by someone and he knew who the murderer was, wouldn’t the Min Family be turned upside down?


In the end, the cooperation was naturally achieved.

Although it was not explicit, since they were already in a cooperative relations.h.i.+p, Xi Fengling naturally wouldn’t do anything to Min Ting’s people, even if those hooligans had indeed caused trouble in Elegant Bamboo.

However, she didn’t tell Min Ting about that.

Since Min Ting didn’t mention it, she would pretend to forget to give up on the money. Money was, of course, the more the merrier.

After lunch, Min Ting left alone. Even though they had reached an agreement, there were still some things that he had to investigate.

For example, Min Rufeng’s recent situation, the cause of his grandfather’s death, and Min Rufeng and Xi Fengling’s life before they returned to the capital…

Anyway, he had to investigate everything properly, even if he couldn’t find anything useful in the end.

However, there was one thing that Min Ting had never thought of investigating. That was whether Yan Jinyu and Xi Fengling knew each other in the past. To be more precise, he wouldn’t investigate anything that was related to Yan Jinyu.

Because Yan Jinyu was Yin Jiujin’s fiancée whom he was extremely protective of.

After Min Ting left alone, other than Yan Jinyu, Xi Fengling was also in Yin Jiujin’s car.

They didn’t return to the company or Mount Jing. Instead, they found a relatively quiet cafe to sit in.

Yin Jiujin wanted to send them to the cafe before returning to the company, but Yan Jinyu stopped him.

Yan Jinyu still had a smile on her face. She hooked onto his little finger and actually sounded a little coquettish. “Brother Nine, don’t be in a hurry to go back. I’ll introduce someone to you.”


On the other side, Yan Jinyun was already waiting at the entrance when Feng Yuan arrived at the “Summer Time” cold drink shop again.

Feng Yuan stopped the car and hesitated for about a minute before rolling down the window. He looked at Yan Jinyun with a complicated expression. After pondering for a long time, he said, “…I’m here.”

An inexplicable cowardice.

Normally, when he encountered such a situation where Yan Jinyun asked him to rush over to pick her up, the first thing he would say would definitely not be this. His tone was still so weak! He would definitely diss her in an unfriendly tone to satisfy himself before shouting fiercely, “Yan Jinyun, get in the car quickly! I came all the way here to pick you up. Do you still want me to open the door for you like you are some big shot?!”

Things were different now.

He admitted that he was a coward.

Yan Jinyun walked over, opened the door of the front pa.s.senger seat, sat in, and buckled her seatbelt.

Yan Jinyun had already returned to her usual demeanor. Other than not rebuking Feng Yuan, there was no difference.

If he didn’t know her very well, Feng Yuan would have suspected that the confession was just his imagination.

After she got into the car, she remained silent.

This made Feng Yuan, who was already nervous, even more nervous. His hands gripped the steering wheel tightly, and his palms were sweating. The car drove very slowly. He was afraid that he would accidentally cause an accident if he panicked, even though his driving skills had always been good.

After a long while, Feng Yuan asked, “…Where are we going?”

Yan Jinyun didn’t look at him. She continued to look ahead, “Let’s find a quiet place to sit for a while.”

Because he could not see her expression, Feng Yuan did not know her current emotions.

Clutching the steering wheel tightly, she said, “How about we go to the park outside Boyu High School? I remember that you like to sit on the bench under the tree beside the river in the park and read. Few people go there usually. It’s very quiet.”

Feng Yuan didn’t notice that after hearing his words, the corners of Yan Jinyun’s lips curved slightly.

Not only did very few people go to the bench under the tree by the river in the park, but very few people even went to the park.

Boyu High School had a park with a better environment and was bigger than that park. Usually, the students of Boyu High School would go to that park if they wanted to go to a park or find a shade to read.

Boyu High School was in the suburbs, so there were few residents around.

Unlike her preference of peace, Feng Yuan had a jumpy personality and played all day.

Other than cla.s.s time, Feng Yuan spent most of his time either at the basketball court or leaving school to go to the internet cafe outside to play games. Occasionally, he would go straight to play a few racing games. Otherwise, he would invite a few people to sing and drink.

Such a Feng Yuan actually knew that she liked to go to the park outside the school and even knew where she usually liked to sit.

Feng Yuan didn’t seem to find it strange, nor did he realize that his question was so natural.

“Yes, let’s go there.”

This place was not far from Boyu High School. After half an hour of driving, the two of them arrived.

They sat in silence the rest of the way.

After parking in the park, the two of them walked towards the big tree by the river.

Yan Jinyun walked in front, while Feng Yuan followed a few steps behind her.

Yan Jinyun was wearing a long white dress today. Her straight black hair hung down to her waist.

The wind blew. Her black hair flew and her skirt ruffled.

Her figure was slender and even her back view exuded a different charm.

Based on looks, figure, and temperament, Feng Yuan had always known that Yan Jinyun was very outstanding. It was just that in the past, he had paid more attention to her inner self under these appearances. He only felt that Yan Jinyun was very pretentious and didn’t admire her much.

Now, she looked… very beautiful.

At this thought, Feng Yuan quickly s.h.i.+fted his gaze away nervously. At the same time, he despised himself inwardly.

What was going on? Could it be that because Yan Jinyun confessed to him, he realized that Yan Jinyun wasn’t as annoying as before? Instead, even her back view was very pretty?

After a while, Yan Jinyun arrived at the bench where she usually sat quietly and read.

Yan Jinyun walked over and sat down, but Feng Yuan couldn’t move his feet when he was about 10 steps away from the bench.

He didn’t dare to walk over. For a second, he almost ran away.

He thought Yan Jinyun, who didn’t fall in love easily, would be very sad when she was rejected after confessing to someone.

He couldn’t leave her here alone.

Seeing that he wasn’t coming over, Yan Jinyun looked up at him, “You’re standing so far away. Am I poisonous that you can’t get close to me?”

“No, no…”

Feng Yuan braced himself and walked over, but he didn’t sit down on the bench. Instead, he stood beside the bench near the big tree. “You…”

He wanted to speak but realized that he didn’t know what to say.

Ask her if she really liked him?

Not only would this make him seem narcissistic, but if she replied with a “yes”, how would he respond?

He stood while she sat. Yan Jinyun looked up at him, “Do you want to ask if I really like you?”

“…” Feng Yuan trembled in fear.

He also felt an inexplicable strange feeling.

Seeing his frightened expression, Yan Jinyun smiled and said, “I really like you.”

“Feng Yuan, what’s so good about you? You don’t have any good points and you said horrible things. Your att.i.tude towards me is also bad. What exactly do I like about you?”

“What do you mean by no good points?! There are still people in school now. Go to the school and ask anyone to see if I have any good points!”

“No merits? What a joke! If I don’t have any merits, why would I be one of the three school beaus of Boyu High School? Boyu is an elite school in North City. There are many outstanding young masters from influential families. I’m still so popular in school, so how could I not have any merits?”

“Also, when did I say horrible things? If you didn’t diss me every time, why would I…” At this point, he suddenly paused.

He realized that he could not control his temper and retorted habitually.

He carefully looked at Yan Jinyun’s expression.

He was afraid that she would be hurt by his att.i.tude and his words.


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