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Chapter 23

Clyde let the clues bubble in his mind . She had minions at her control . She was able to return to the palace at any time, according to her bad-mouthers and housed amazing, broken powers .

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And of course, this being anime and all—the trope slipped under his nose . But for the demon lord’s daughter to give him a favor without a price—Clyde was either super lucky or in danger . It’s got to be the danger . Still, she didn’t seem so bad .

When the duo entered the taco establishment, a waitress sat them down at a table . She served them tea and took their orders . Clyde gave Alice a brief wry look at the amount of sweets she ordered . The demoness shrugged .

“You’re the demon lord’s daughter, aren’t you?” Clyde said .

Alice stayed silent for nearly a minute, expressionless . It made him nervous, but Clyde held her gaze .

“I am heir to a certain throne, one which is rooted to my home world,” Alice said, her voice calm, reminiscing . “My dad’s a jerk and hates humans . I…don’t mind them so much—I lived here my entire life . You see, my mother was a good demon, not well-liked by others, but a peaceful woman . She helped others a lot, especially homeless humans . You may even saw her as a well-respected human world politician . Then one day she simply vanished without a trace . I try to be like her . It’s not so hard to deny my hidden nature—it’s just a matter of being myself . ”

Clyde nodded, respect for the demoness slinking through his veins .

“I like the way you are,” Clyde said . “There’s no need to be like the others . Oh, and thanks for saving my a.s.s back there . They would’ve monkey-stomped me into oblivion . ”

Alice looked surprised, as if being thanked was the oddest thing to her .

“Why do…you thank me? I tried to hurt your friends . Do you not hold that against me?”

“First of all, they attacked first like idiots,” Clyde said . “That was a cl.u.s.terf.u.c.k of misunderstanding and self-defense . Second, it’s courteous to give thanks for a helpful deed . In your case, you saved me from dying . ”

[Your relations.h.i.+p with Alice has changed from friend-teasing and s.e.xually intense craving, to friend- closer level 1, s.e.xually intense craving . Her demoness nature will continue to radiate a s.e.xual craving around you due to compatibility . ]

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[You have earned 1 additional summon . Number of summons left: 2 . ]

“I think I like this human way of thinking, “Alice said, nodding to herself .

The waitress appeared with their food and the two wasted no time devouring the meal . Clyde paid the bill, though to his surprise, Alice said, “next time, food is on me . I’ll sneak the money from my dad’s stash . ”

“No need to do that,” Clyde said then chuckled, “but I do have a question . ”

She looked at him with glistening red eyes of pure innocence . “Do you think you’ll be able to convince your dad not to sp.a.w.n his army in this city . ”

“Nope,” Alice said simply . “In our world, if you have a disagreement with someone, you challenge them . You and your party will have to rip the pride out of him . That or kill him . ”

“You’re just okay with us fighting him?” Clyde said, skeptical .

“Yep . Don’t mistake my heart as human . We don’t have attachments to fathers . That being said, demons find it honorable to die to a worthy foe . If you somehow best my father, I will see true strength . I may even fall for you . ” She giggled . “Good luck getting as strong as him . I can’t help you there . ”

“I see,” Clyde said . “I’d like to know more about demons later . Where I’m from, they are nothing more than an ancient myth . ”

“How rude,” Alice said then smiled .

“Well, I’d better get going,” Clyde said . “Cla.s.s and all . ”

Alice nodded then cheerfully started off in the opposite direction . Clyde turned around for the bus stop and b.u.mped into Chika . He noticed a glow around her . An aura . The anger aura, purple, and could put even some Dragon Ball characters to shame .

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“Who’s she?” Chika said, her voice eerily calm . Somehow, that made Clyde feel awkward .

“A friend of mine, Alice,” he answered, somehow managing to tune out the aura . Chika gave him a skeptical look then shrugged . The aura vanished .

“Want to come over to my place tomorrow?” she said . “I could use some company . And I have chocolate fudge sundaes . ”

“You’ve won me over already,” he said . His a.n.a.lyze suddenly triggered without his conscious command .


Level: 18 .

Type: *%&d##%%%

Relations.h.i.+p: Friend- closer level 1,??? .

HP: 100%

MP: 100%

Stats: Chika’s erected barrier prevents you from seeing her stats .

Special abilities: Overwhelming intimidation level 10 . Sway .

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Skills: Deep Slash level 15 . Triple thrust . Speed burst .

Magic abilities: none .

Secrets: your relations.h.i.+p isn’t high enough for you to pierce her veil; however, she can reveal secrets to you on her own .

Clyde tried to will his mind to show Chika’s type, but it continued to glitch . What was going on? Her skillset seemed normal, but that level . Did she know about the gifts? If so, why didn’t Harumi say anything? Something felt off, but he believed in Chika . . . Kind of . This glitch stood beyond her control . He hoped so . He’d have to bring her up to the others just in case . To be honest, he just wanted to be optimistic .

[Quest: Go to Chika’s place tomorrow . You have already accepted this quest . Reward: 400 EXP . 30 dollars . ]

When the two made it back to campus, Clyde spotted Niaomi and waved . The green-haired anime girl smiled then returned the gesture . She also added a wink . He felt Chika’s anger aura…or…jealousy aura, briefly flare . That almost made him laugh, but feel a bit hollow inside . He wasn’t native to this world . Relations.h.i.+ps could never happen . Well, maybe so . He’d take some time to consider it before taking the risk . The Viper could show up abruptly and home, he’d go, if he lived .

He re-checked her relations.h.i.+p level . It was still closer level one, yet strings of jealousy around other women showed . Maybe the heart just couldn’t be tracked by some looming system .

“See you later,” Clyde said after walking the silver-haired girl to cla.s.s . Chika looked as if she wanted to kiss him .

“See you,” she said, face flushed then entered her cla.s.sroom .

As Clyde walked into Sciences cla.s.s, a ranting from a young man named Seth caught his attention . He took his seat, listening .

“I’m telling you, I saw something unnatural in my d.a.m.n backyard dude! I’m not making it up . ” His voice had a hint of surfer in it, which solicited an internal chuckle from Clyde . “The shadow was too big to vanish that fast . ”

“You sure aren’t drinking too much,” a girl seated behind him said .

“I don’t drink,” Seth said then he looked at Clyde . “You believe me, right, dude? No one else will . You’re my only hope, dude . ”

This is what I get for half-listening, Clyde thought .

[Quest: Investigate the strange sighting in Seth’s backyard . Accept? Reward: 1400 EXP, $250 . ]

Clyde selected yes, a little surprised by the larger reward . The other students laughed and made jokes, but Clyde held Seth’s gaze .

“Just show me tonight,” he said . “I’d like to see if this thing exists or not . ”

Seth nodded .

“Come on by,” he said . “I’m sure nothing will stop it from coming again, dude . Like a whole week in a row . It’s freaking nerve-wracking . Cops can’t seem to find anything . ”

Clyde nodded, a chill tickling the edges of his spine . Something about this possible monster sp.a.w.ning felt wrong . Very wrong .

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