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Chapter 972: Cla.s.s Reunion, His Highness Announced That…

Everyone from the upper management of Jue Wei Group furtively looked around. Their seemed extremely anxious, as though they were intending to lure the offender out and beat them lifeless…

However, they saw the man tilting his head and holding a handphone in his left hand.

A second message was sent to the handphone, as the notification tone could be clearly heard.

The entire upper management was completely stunned. When did Chairman Jue start bringing his handphone to the meeting room?

Most importantly, they always thought that Chairman Jue did not have a Wechat account because every communication was done through his Executive a.s.sistant Long. They had really never seen the man use Wechat before.

Most importantly, the previously oppressing atmosphere seemed to have lightened up with that one message!

A trace of softness seemed to flash across Chairman Jue’s eyes.

We must have seen it wrongly!

How can this demonic man, who is mercilessly cruel against his business rivals, be so gentle?

“Continue.” The man looked down to scroll his handphone as he voiced the command. His tone was icy cold, instantly bringing Manager Du back to reality.

“Chairman Jue, I accidentally went against your wishes simply because I did not make a proper judgment about the situation. Initially, I wanted to take this opportunity to increase our influence. Surprisingly, Executive a.s.sistant Long did not even give me a chance to explain and asked me to resign.” Obviously, Du Sisi’s uncle had the same habit as Du Sisi, always making a fuss over nothing.

Most of the upper management thought that the man would do something to him immediately.

However, he did not!

He merely kept looking at his Wechat.

The upper management of Jue Wei saw him raising his apathetic lips slightly under the light, wondering what interesting thing he saw. Even his eyes were filled with some faint gentleness.

Chairman Jue…is smiling?

Everyone present was quite senior in age, so some even hastily applied some eye drops, wondering if their sight had failed them. After that, they saw the man’s slender fingers tapping on the screen continuously.

“Blind date? I only had a blind date with you. As for others, I’ve never eaten a meal with them! Wei Wei, are you checking on me indirectly?” Obviously, His Highness was very happy to receive this type of Wechat message. From another point of view, this showed that Wei Wei actually cared about him.

Manager Du looked at their chairman puzzlingly. Although he had a trace of laughter in his eyes, he was wearing an apathetic expression. Manager Du simply could not comprehend what Chairman Jue thought about the matter that he previously discussed.

Meanwhile, Helian Wei Wei received his reply and simply raised her eyebrows, but she did not plan to pursue the matter further.

She knew His Highness’ character very well. If he said that he never ate a meal with someone else, he really did not do it.


“You have had a blind date in Tian Dao. At that time, you came to Buddhism every day to eat vegetarian food and pray.” Helian Wei Wei suddenly remembered the past, and swiftly sent the message with a click.

This time, Baili Jia Jue’s reply was sent almost immediately.

“Do you think I really went there to eat vegetarian food and pray? Obviously, I went there to meet you by coincidence. I forced myself to listen to those boring sanskrits just to someone every day. However, this stupid Phoenix merely lied and slept under the tree, day by day, and was oblivious to all my efforts. She even took out a blade and wanted to fight with me when she saw me. She’s so stupid, right? Should I catch her here to teach her a lesson?”

Helian Wei Wei was fazed and did not know how to reply to his remark. Instead, her cheeks were flushed red and her heart raced. With the sweet memories playing in her mind, she did not type anything further and simply allowed the handphone’s screen to dim.

Little Qingchen was looking at her, and placed his palm on his little forehead in exasperation like an adult, saying, “Pretty Wei Wei, you are really such a dense Phoenix? Imperial father has fallen for you for such a long time, yet you didn’t notice it.”

“You don’t know the reason. Your imperial father was especially cold and distant. I really did not realize that he felt differently about me at that time.” Helian Wei Wei earnestly tried to defend herself for being obtuse, “Think about it. Would anyone that fancies you seem disgusted, as though you’re covered in germs, when they enter your room? No one sane would actually think that it’s a display of affection, right?

Little Qing Chen laughed, “Then, tell me. If my imperial father didn’t like you, why did he enter your room? Is imperial father a man who will simply enter people’s rooms?”

Helian Wei Wei was tongue-tied… She actually could not find an answer to that question.

Meanwhile, in the meeting room, Baili Jia Jue did not receive a new reply after waiting for a few seconds. He twitched his thick eyebrows as he opened another Wechat message with his fair slender fingers.

Initially, his posture seemed leisurely. However, a crease appeared on his forehead after he saw the content of the message.

“I heard that you had an affair?”

Had an affair? Baili Jia Jue despised these words with all his heart. It’s fine to be questioned by Wei Wei, but it would be a different matter to be accused of having an affair.

However, Wei Wei would never ask me this kind of question without any reason.

Something must have happened.

Without dawdling any longer, Baili Jia Jue swiftly made a call, “If you want to come back before dinner, you better tell me everything you know. Otherwise, I will make you stay in the underground longer, Little Baili Shangxie.”

“I’ve promised younger brother to have dinner together!” As Baili Shangxie uttered this in fury, he forcefully stepped on a big monster’s leg with an exceedingly ferocious expression.

“Oh?” Baili Jia Jue’s pale lips formed into a haughty smirk as he replied wickedly, “What does that have anything to do with me?”

Shameless, he is really shameless!

Baili Shangxie knew that his imperial father was using his weakness against him. Hence, he simply relayed the news that he heard today to Baili Jia Jue concisely and comprehensively. Before he hung up, he even asked sarcastically, “Imperial father, aren’t you afraid that imperial mother will be angry and disappear, when she found out that you had a nice meal with your employee’s niece? You would have to look for her for another three years.”

This last sentence that he uttered made Baili Jia Jue’s eyes instantly become menacingly cold.

Baili Shangxie could sense the demonic aura of his imperial father through the screen, when the phone suddenly emitted a static noise. Obviously, his handphone had malfunctioned because of his imperial father…

The upper management of Jue Wei Group did not know what had happened because Chairman Jue only uttered a sentence during the entire meeting.

Nevertheless, they could clearly sense that the man’s aura had turned bone-numbingly icy-cold.

The piercing coldness was different from his usual oppressive air, and had become an extremely asphyxiating aura instead!

The upper management saw him putting down his handphone with an inconceivable grin. He was clearly smiling, but it was maliciously frigid and devoid of warmth.

He raised his gaze and glanced at Manager Du who was still standing, as a cold and sinister intent flickered in his irises, “I’ve heard that Manager Du has a pretty niece? She even studied law, right?”


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