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Chapter 905: The Reunion Of Mother And The Child

Baili Shangxie was the first to notice the person behind them. He let go of Little Qingchen’s hand and stared at the corner with his red eyes, vigilance plastered over his beautiful little face.

Seeing that the little demon, which he intended to take as a pet, stopped in his tracks, Little Qingchen paused his action too. He turned and looked at where Baili Shangxie’s gaze was fixed at. His round eyes, that instantly gleamed in excitement, resembled those of the fluffy squirrel.

His joy was obvious. Baili Shangxie could not help but raise his brows.

At this moment, Helian Wei Wei had arrived before the two little boys. She bent down to carry Little Qingchen into her arms before she rubbed his head violently.

The phone rang. Six chavs scrambled over and shouted at the phone as if they were afraid that they would not be not heard. “Boss, have you found Little Boss? I’m coming over right now. I swear to reach within half an hour!”

“Old A, you need to learn how to lie better. The journey from here to the train station will take at least an hour. Little Boss, don’t listen to him. Look at me! I’ve made you some waffles. They are really tasty!”

“Why are you bringing up your broken waffles at a time like this? Little Boss, just buy anything you want at the train station. I have a box of cash here. You can choose anything you want!”

Helian Wei Wei’s ears were hurt by all the noises. She told her son, “Come. Say something to them.”

Little Qingchen was very obedient as he took Helian Wei Wei’s earphone and replied with a solemn tone, “I’ve already eaten a bowl of noodles that my friend bought me.”

A friend?

The few chavs who were fl.u.s.tered and puzzled upon hearing what he said!

They were afraid that this new friend might s.n.a.t.c.h all of the Little Boss’ attention from them.

“Alright. You have said all that you wanted to. Gather at the original spot. Let’s meet in two hours.” Then, Helian Wei Wei hung up the call and put her earphones on silent.

After she was done with the phone call, Helian Wei Wei looked at Baili Shangxie who had yet to utter a single word.

Baili Shangxie, the little boy, was also sizing Helian Wei Wei up. The black crows landed behind him one after another and their eyes were filled with a hint of bloodthirstiness that was only found on the demons.

“I heard that you like chocolates?” Helian Wei Wei smiled as she bent down to pa.s.s a bag of chocolate, which she always carried along, to Baili Shangxie.

The handmade chocolates came in the shape of b.a.l.l.s, appearing rather appetizing.

Baili Shangxie did not receive the gift.

Helian Wei Wei decided to remove the packaging of two chocolate b.a.l.l.s. She fed Baili Shangxie and Little Qingchen with one chocolate ball each.

Growing up, Baili Shangxie had never been fed by anyone. It was shown on his cool little face that he was feeling slightly uncomfortable. Notwithstanding that, he appreciated the tasty chocolate.

Little Qingchen gleefully munched on the chocolate and his tiny mouth was smeared with chocolate. He held the chocolate packaging with his left hand while his right hand extended to hold Baili Shangxie’s hand.

Evidently, Baili Shangxie’s instinct to be an elder brother kicked in. Knowing that he could not even walk steadily, he immediately held Little Qingchen’s hand and strode forward as he chewed on the chocolate.

Helian Wei Wei raised her eyebrows and felt rather comforted. She no longer needed to hold Little Qingchen’s hand anymore. Someone else would be doing the work.

“Pretty Wei Wei, you mentioned that we are to meet the uncles at the original spot. Where is it?” Little Qingchen finished the chocolate in his mouth and he was craving for another.

Helian Wei Wei raised her hand and kept the bag of chocolates as she replied nonchalantly, “On a green train. The head of the gang who abducted you will be there too. They have a business going on there.”

Upon hearing that, both of the little ones exchanged looks before they replied in synchrony, “We want to follow too.”

Helian Wei Wei smiled, “I can bring you both along. However, the incident at the inn must not happen again. If there are too many cases of missing human souls, the police will be alerted. This time, not only do we have to kill them, we have to destroy their organization too, understand?”

Is she referring to the Little Highness?

The black crows, who had now woken up, looked around as they were reminded about the exorcist they surveilled under Little Highness’ order. Eventually, Little Highness removed the exorcist’s power almost instantly.

The blood hunter they met in Great Britain was bed-ridden for a week after he was beaten by Little Highness.

They wondered what Little Highness would do to his opponent this time?

However, the black crows did not expect Little Highness to nod in a charismatic manner as if he was agreeing to Helian Wei Wei!

Oh, my G.o.d!

Little Highness did not even always listen to the King’s instructions.

In fact, Little Highness loved to go against the King.

This was probably the first time Little Highness acting so obedient.

Are the pigs going to fly soon?

Is he doing this for a piece of chocolate?

The black crows exchanged looks silently, wondering if all this was just a dream…

Baili Shangxie knew exactly what was on the black crows’ mind. Therefore, he s.h.i.+fted his gaze toward the crows.

His gaze was extremely cold and menacing!

The black crows trembled with fear. They quickly stood upright and fixed their eyes ahead attentively.

Helian Wei Wei did not waste any more time. She used her windbreaker to cover the two little ones and placed them on the front seat of her BMW Tomahawk, intending to fit three of them on a bike.

Little Baili Shangxie had never sat on a bike before, let alone sitting so close to someone. However, he behaved like an elder brother as he hugged Little Qingchen from the back with his two little hands, as if he was afraid that Little Qingchen would catch a cold. He even stuffed Little Qingchen’s hands into his windbreaker.

Helian Wei Wei sat on the furthest end. Once she buckled her helmet, she said with a clear voice, “Sit tight, we’re setting off.”

A vroom resonated across the atmosphere.

The BMW Tomahawk gashed through the late spring night in a most handsome manner.

The entire journey was filled with the laughter of the little ones as if they were engaged in an interesting game.

Helian Wei Wei seemed to have recalled something. As she accelerated, she spoke to Baili Shangxie, “Do you need to get your black crows to update your family with your whereabouts?”

“That’s not necessary.” Baili Shangxie shook his head. He briefly hesitated before he added, “I’m running away from home.”

Helian Wei Wei and Little Qingchen were both fl.u.s.tered.

Aren’t you kidnapped? How did you become a runaway?

“After all, n.o.body at home cares about me.” Baili Shangxie continued with a m.u.f.fled tone, “I’m never their favorite child.”

The black crows, that were flying around them, were stunned and nearly fell out of the sky after hearing this!

The entire magical realm is at your command. What else do you want, Little Highness!

“I have always obeyed my Imperial Father.” Baili Shangxie lowered his head. ” But, he never appreciates my strengths. He even warned me, saying that if I am to be expelled again, I will not be allowed to attend any kindergarten anymore.”


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