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Chapter 571: His Highness’ True Form

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

Swiftly after the boy finished speaking, a loud boom resonated across the atmosphere.

The black snakes that were entwined around Baili Jia Jue exploded into smithereens by some force that came out of nowhere!

As a b.l.o.o.d.y mist fell into the air, the sound of footsteps slowly approached…

The two wraiths froze mid-action, slowly turning their heads to look back.

A pair of black boots thumped rhythmically against the ground, and the wind seemed to blow in every direction to puff up Baili Jia Jue’s black robe. There, he stood still with a cold, dignified look on his face, an evil aura blanketing him, spreading through the black fog.

The wraith fixed his eyes on him, his brown pupils wide as saucers as if he had just witnessed something incredible and unbelievable with astonishment written all over his face.

His pale lips parted slowly as if he wanted to speak, but he realized his throat was too dry to produce a single sound.

He could only stare as Baili Jia Jue closed the distance between them with wide strides…

In that instant, it was as if time had come to a standstill.

Baili Jia Jue came to a halt before the two wraiths. From below, his long slender legs seemed even more powerful and strong. His prominent cheekbones from his side profile exuded his pale skin which was clearer than ever and laced with a sense of wickedness. In comparison to the cold ident.i.ty of him, this expression added an inexplicable aura to his usual self.

“Y-your Highness…” The wraiths’ facial expressions changed abruptly, their arms extending to grasp at the cloth of their s.h.i.+rts as they fell to the ground in excruciating pain, heaving for air.

Baili Jia Jue reached out to lift a wraith off the ground, the ends of his lips curling up to an evil-like grin. “I’m giving you one last chance. Now, tell me, where did you hide her?”

“In…in the middle of the river…” The boy’s initial pale face began turning purple.

The other wraith trembled in fear, afraid that Baili Jia Jue would harm his older brother, but still managed to glance up and squeak, “Your Highness, this had nothing to do with us. We just so happened to contract with someone, we didn’t know it was your prey.”

“Who are you calling ‘Your Highness’?” As Baili Jia Jue’s gaze dropped, a flash of red s.h.i.+mmered in his irises. Then, with a rapid swing of his left arm, he flung the wraith in his hand back onto the ground. Enveloped by the sobbing of surrounding ghosts, he recovered his indolent yet evil grin. His body was covered in blood, even his face was filled with crimson red patches. He now looked like a controlling master of darkness, with less of his previous indifference but more of a das.h.i.+ng look which was enough to startle others!

The two wraiths stood side by side, too afraid to speak as they watched the man paced off into the darkness of the night.

He was clearly the most satanic devil ever to roam the earth, but he was tired of the G.o.d-like superiority that came with the purity and innocence of his face as well as his effortlessly obtained elegance that was capable of deceiving all of mankind.

Be it demons or devils, every creature would inherently hold the utmost respect for him.

This man had once stood beyond the heavens, bathing in holy light and the constant idolization of the vast population of demons.

The Buddha had once asked him what he wished to do.

He had said, “I wish for this sky to no longer obstruct my eyes, that this earth no longer buries my heart and I wish for all sentient beings to be aware of my intentions, for all Buddhas to vanish like smoke!”

There was no mistake!

He was their king!

However, why did it look like their king did not recognize them anymore?!

Also, hadn’t the king disappeared without a trace?

How had he become a human?

Furthermore, they could sense uncertain magic radiating from him.

What exactly was happening?

The two wraiths exchanged a confused look, an immense amount of curiosity written in their eyes.

After the war, demon hunters and their descendants would make use of their flesh and blood to create seals.

They had only managed to escape and survive because of the fact that they were born from human resentment.

The king’s soul had been divided into countless fragments and thrown across the human world, and his physical body had ceased to exist. Not a single person knew of his whereabouts so humans and demons alike thought that he had pa.s.sed…

Unless his plan had been to return since the beginning.

In a form that no one would ever have imagined… rebirth!


As Baili Jia Jue’s walked over, the thick fog suspended in the air began cracking like broken gla.s.s to open up a path of clarity.

Vaguely, a deep flight of stairs emerged at the center of the river, surrounded by torches emitting roaring blue flames.

The little one who was watching over the Fire of Resentment froze for a split second, his round eyes widening in disbelief as his eyes darted back and forth. “Master, is this scent his?”

Lacking stability compared to the little one, the blood of the Demon-Transforming Beast began boiling under the unknown pressure. Moreover, its claws started trembling out of its control and it was unable to stand upright. It was as though someone was ordering him around, making him kneel down!

The man in white lifted his gaze, a wave of astonishment was flas.h.i.+ng through his eyes. Amongst the ripples, the reflection of his jet black irises stared back elegantly at him in a gentle yet dangerous manner, “He actually lived!” Upon saying that, the man turned toward the little one, “What time is it? How much time is left?”

“Not long now.” The little one tossed yet another wraith into the glowing torch.

The flames grew bigger, spreading slowly around the coffin to surround Helian Wei Wei entirely!

The man let out a chuckle and bit hard onto his finger before guiding a drop of his blood into Helian Wei Wei’s mouth, his loving gaze set on her pale face.

“At this moment, even if that person appears, he cannot change anything. You cannot replace the Phoenix Girl, so return to where you belong, Helian Wei Wei.”


The blue flames flared up!

Having returned from h.e.l.l, Helian Wei Wei finally regained her sense of touch, but the sensation felt like her skin was set on fire and she could not fuse with the body at all. The burning sensation made her feel as if she was being tormented in h.e.l.lfire

She could only stare helplessly as another Helian Wei Wei emerged from the surface of the lake and took graceful steps toward the body…

Meanwhile, she did not even have the strength to move, her vision restricted to the sight of that figure and the ma.s.sive, glowing sea of flames.

It was as if her soul had lost consciousness and had drifted off somewhere.

People always said that the instant before death would be filled with clips of memories from past lives.

What she saw, though, was a young boy standing in Jiuchong Hall.

He was abused by the palace servants to the point where he could only eat sc.r.a.ps. Even his own mother, who maintained her dignity before others would use him as a punching bag when she was not favored anymore, calling him to her side and then poking him with silver needles, one at a time.

Chilled blood seeped from between his fingers as he leaned back on the wooden door. His long hair dyed a deep shade of black that hung loosely on his shoulders, giving him the look of a despondent elf.

His gaze was downcast as he spoke self-deprecatingly, chuckling to himself, “How st*pid! I clearly knew how it would turn out, but I was still so hopeful and naive.”

As he spoke, the wind blew across his hair to cover his charming scarlet pupils.

Standing before him, she could not help the heart-wrenching pain building up in her anymore and wanted to reach out with arms ready to pull him into an embrace.

Weirdly, however, she found herself stumbling right through his body…


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