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Chapter 160: Third Prince Clearly Jealous

Translator: Misty Cloud Editor: Misty Cloud

On this side, Nangong Lie was earnestly trying to lose on purpose. He clearly already knew the answer, yet didn’t start writing.

On the other side, the Fine Compound’s fellow student looked immensely pleased with himself and seemed to be saying this kind of level simply wasn’t worth his time.

And the students who already won the Fine Compound, disdainfully watched this scene. “What did I say, they’re merely lucky.”

Yuan Ling Xuan lazily yawned. “We don’t need to continue watching anymore, I’m taking a nap. Call me when it’s over.”

The corners of Helian Jiao Er’s mouth also curved up, and allowed her maid to support her towards the pavilion beneath the tree’s shade. In her heart, she humphed disdainfully.

Heh, the princ.i.p.al even shamelessly boasted, suggesting that the Superior Compound change their lineup.

Based on the current situation.

They simply wouldn’t need to compete in the third round and would’ve already won the champions.h.i.+p.

The Inferior Compound will certainly lose to the Fine Compound, that’s a given. “No need to watch anymore, let’s also take a break.” Helian Jiao Er turned towards the maid by her side and instructed.

The maid quickly opened the oiled umbrella for her, and followed step by step behind Helian Jiao Er, fearful that her master would be exposed to the sun.

After all, today’s sun was actually quite fierce.

And someone as respected as Third Prince also really hadn’t moved around beneath such a bright sun before.

His fingers as fair as ivory were quite displeased at feeling this uncomfortable temperature. His eyebrows jumped, tone of voice lukewarm. “How much longer are you going to waste time?”

Having heard what was said, Nangong Lie smiled and seemed to unleash some crazy power, immediately flourished his writing brush and wrote the solution. His speed was impressively quick. Across from him, fellow students from the Fine Compound were dumbfounded as they watched.

What’s this? Did he get a shot of chicken blood (steroids)! ! !

“All done. I’ve won.” Nangong Lie confidently flung his long hair and changed place with Wei Wei on the stage.

Baili Jia Jue looked at him meaningfully. “You’ve won?”

“Uh-huh.” Nangong Lie didn’t like the heat, lazily sat towards the back and grabbed the collar in front of his robe to loosen it. “Wasn’t my pose especially eye-catching?”

Baili Jia Jue took a glance at him then spoke as chilly as frost. “Due to your victory, I missed the chance to confront Hei Ze, great, just great.”

Nangong Lie’s scalp became numb. “Hold on, Ah Jue, listen to me explain! You can use another method to deal with that one named Hei. Really. I can help you obtain any of his secrets.”

“Oh?” Baili Jia Jue raised his brows neither anxiously nor slowly. “For example?”

Nangong Lie’s entire face became more serious. “I have records of all of the brothels he’s visited.”

Baili Jia Jue smiled a little while extending his leg and gracefully kicked him to one side!

He shouldn’t have trusted this lunatic.

“She’s already won? The Inferior Compound won again?” The students sitting within the Fine Compound’s audience murmured in bewilderment, as if they were having a bad dream. “How’s this possible, this can’t be possible!”

The armament compet.i.tor simply couldn’t believe they’ve surprisingly lost to a good-for-nothing who didn’t possess any qi at all, held the unfinished armament in his left hand, stared blankly at his opponent, then suddenly bellowed. “Cheated! You must’ve cheated!”

“Cheated?” Wei Wei’s eyebrows rose, didn’t look at that student and instead, looked over at Hei Ze, her intent clear, this is your team member, such a sore loser?

Nangong Lie displayed his meddling nature fully as he said overflowing with excitement. “Look, Ah Jue, our captain and her admirable Young Master Hei’s facing each other!”

Baili Jia Jue’s hand holding the teacup became sluggish as ripples form in the tea cup.

“Heh. This is the tempo of coming to blows.” Nangong Lie very happily stepped forward. “Let’s go, I’ll lead the charge!”

Young Master Hei, who’s widely known to be domineering and unyielding, also came over, except not in Nangong Lie’s context. Instead he restrained that fellow student from the Fine Compound and pushed him forward, his charismatic voice was deep and low. “If you’ve lost, then you’ve lost.”

“But…” That person truly couldn’t believe it. They didn’t want to be inferior to the Superior Compound, but it’s acceptable that they’ve lost to them.

Hei Ze didn’t care whether that person could or couldn’t accept it, as he pulled him by his collar and faced Wei Wei to say. “We’ve lost, but…” He paused, smiled devilishly. “Are you sure you’ll beat those people from the Superior Compound? When competing with the Superior Compound again, it won’t be in this sequence, the first match will be the martial qi compet.i.tion. As far as I know, your martial qi team member hasn’t appeared onstage before, is that fine?”

Wei Wei concentrated her eyebrows, this meant he questioned her team’s ability? She curved her thin lips and was about to reply.

When she heard a throaty voice by her ear, graceful and demonically cold, the timbre extremely chilly, m.u.f.fled like an ice cube dissolving in black tea. Under that kind of blistering sun, it’s difficult for a person not to pay attention to it. “Want to fight?”

Hei Ze turned around, took a look, and only saw a person slowly standing up from a wood chair. His pair of slender, perfectly straight legs, lean waist, and wide chest, formed a perfect triangle.

He extended a hand to brush away dust on his clothes that wasn’t there at all, then strolled towards him. As the long hunting robe fluttered, suns.h.i.+ne burst open, its brilliance s.h.i.+ned more and more beautifully on him, yet also more and more sinisterly at the same time, just like a red spider lily blooming abundantly in the world of demons..

An indescribable feeling of callous savageness penetrated all over.

Handsomeness that’s out of this world.

The contour on the side of his face was like a quiet and secluded bay, pure, cold, and n.o.ble, making people unable to take their eyes off it.

Possessing a distinctive grace equal to a demon’s, possessing a charm equal to a G.o.d’s.

Evil, yet also extraordinarily handsome.

Hei Ze knitted his brows, instinctively sensing that the other person’s hard to handle. No wonder those people from the Superior Compound saw him as a thorn in their eyes.

He reckoned that face alone was enough to draw quite the bit of jealousy.

The girl who grew up with him liked exactly this type of man.

Thinking of this, Hei Ze’s eyes also became provocative as his eyebrows rose and looked at the young man before him. “Sure.”

Even though they hadn’t fought, however, the sparks between them even crackled noisily.

Giving Wei Wei a headache as she pressed on her temples. She finally realized what the princ.i.p.al must’ve felt. This situation truly made people feel quite at a loss.

Wei Wei also didn’t say anything and directly pulled Hei Ze’s hand. Her first reaction was to take away this very hot tempered tyrant.

Baili Jia Jue’s fingers paused, his gaze fell on Wei Wei’s body, after which the dark eyes so deep their depths couldn’t be seen submerged deeper. The leaves on all trees in the surrounding area were stirred up by the wind, deep dark blue flower petals soared and fell again. Everything seemed to move in slow motion as if they’d been enchanted.

Within that split second, the chilliness issued from this body made Nangong Lie, who’s standing by the side spectating, immediately tremble!

This, Ah Jue was…angry?


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