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Dominance Over all Profession (6)

Magic Refraction

Law II

3 Water EP


Pay X EP (Mage) to change the target of a spell, making it select X new targets.

This card is to be shuffled into the card pool after used.

‘Your magic, run by me – Spire Guard, Odu’

Ether Dragons


25 Water EP

[Creature – Elemental Beings/ Pseudodragon ( Level 35)]

Pay X EP (Mage, X must be an integer of 10) to place X Ether Dragons into play.

Pay 3 Water EP to move the Ether Dragons out of the match. Place 3 counters on each Ether Dragon removed, and remove one counter every ten minutes to restore one EP for all allied units. When all counters are removed, place the Ether Dragon back into play.

Duration: Ether Dragons are maintained until the reset moment.

‘At every moment, the energy is always switching forms.’

Mirror Image Spell

Law IV

20 Water EP


Pay 10X EP (mage) and choose X blue (Water) or cyan (Wind) creatures. If you do so, the Mirror Image Spell copies the same number of that creature.

Duration: the Mirror Image Spell lasts for one hour.

‘You are me, I am you-‘

Brendel looked up at the cards in the sky. Energy Loss, Wind Spirit Spiders, and Rune Summoner turned into Magic Refraction, Ether Dragons, and the Mirror Image Spell respectively. The new cards fell into his hand, and all the cards were automatically upgraded by one level to Silver.

Putting away these cards, Brendel only had three empty slots left in his card pool – barely enough to build another deck of cards. He looked at the floating cards in mid-air, a plan already in his mind. In addition to knights and mages, a sound team would naturally need a Healer.

He pulled out a card from mid-air.

The most suitable Planeswalker card for the Priest Deck was undoubtedly the Pristine Archangels, but to have the representative card – a permanent fixture on the field – as a winged bird flapping around was a little too flamboyant. After some consideration, Brendel chose the Glorious Trumpeter from Pure Heaven instead.

He was not quite familiar with this deck of cards. He hesitated for a moment before asking, “What’s your name?”

“My name is Hipamila, Lord.” A somewhat soft girl’s voice replied.

“Well then, Hipamila. Are you willing to give up your immortal body to become a brigand mage?” Brendel asked.

The voice in the card paused slightly before asking, somewhat happily, “May I?”

“If you are willing to.”

“Of course I do, my Lord.” Hipamila replied almost without hesitation.

“Well then, accept my law-” Brendel gently removed the card and pointed to a Land Card, “I take the name of the Holy Mountain Paragon. Establish the Holy Kingdom, it will be the place where faith is born, the source of a sacred fire-”

The mountains of Anjou then fell to the ground, and a grayish-white wilderness and plateau rose between Belinca and Fahreinen. Though remote and uninhabited, the view above the pure white plateau was filled with a divine, majestic atmosphere.

Immediately, the Glorious Trumpeter’s card slipped out from the silver coc.o.o.n of the Lines of Laws and fell into his hand. When Brendel looked down, the surface of the Glorious Trumpeter had indeed turned an ancient, dark gold color. The name had also changed to ‘Priest Himilude’.

The Priest Himilude was a famous priest-like profession in Eleranta. It was the opposite of the highly offensive scepter rituals of the Holy Cathedral of Fire; instead, the priests who believed in the eldest daughter of the Earth G.o.ddess Gaia and the Tundra G.o.ddess Himilude were fixated on defense. They lived an almost ascetic-like life under the holy mountain, so much so that they were called the Shepherdesses of Himilude.

And the deck was described thus:

Priest Himilude

Faith I

Earth EP 30

[Creature – Priest Himilude/ Human (Rank 1)]

Priest Himilude enters the game with 100 EP, Enchantments, Planeswalker.

Tapped, restores 20 EP.

Maintain, Priest Himilude is on the field as a permanent object.

‘Perseverance of faith. Never waver as a rock. You will be able to obtain the blessing of the Spirit of the Mountains – Bratt Silver Fire’

Then Brendel read, “Spirit of the Mountains, bless your people.”

A card was seen falling from the air. Anrolda’s Divine Ring was painted on the card. But silver fire blazed from the card, and in the blink of an eye it became the ‘Song of Blessing’.

The Song of Blessing was a signature skill learned Priest Himilude reached the conditions for her first transfer at rank 40, and simply put, it was invincibility in groups. This skill inherently changed the weak position of Priest Himilude, and it was from this skill that Priest Himilude became a legendary surviving existence of the Priest system.

And now, the card in front of Brendel was described thus:

‘Song of Blessing’

Faith II

10 Light EP, 10 Earth EP


Pay 25X EP and select X targets to nullify the next attack against them.

Maintain, the effect of Song of Blessing lasts for ten minutes.

‘The ethereal hymn breaks the longsword-‘

The three cards, Anjou Mountains, the Priest Himilude, and the Song of Blessing fell into Brendel’s hand in turn, automatically stacking into a deck. Then the white flames ignited, and they all transformed into countless mysterious characters that were integrated into Brendel’s body.

Brendel closed his eyes slightly, and the third deck of cards was also formed. At this moment, there were a total of nineteen Cards of Fates from the two decks that he had already finished selecting. But there were still a large number of cards suspended in mid-air, from which Brendel had to choose thirty to keep, while the rest could only be left to dissipate into the void.

It was certainly impossible not to be distressed by such things, but he had little choice. He turned back, Tuman and Sanorso both staring at him, and while the Wind Empress did not seem to understand what all this represented, she could tell that Brendel was about to make a difficult choice.

They nodded at him in unison.

Brendel let out a sigh of relief, in fact, he already had a plan in mind. First of all, he would not give up those cards that he had been deeply attached to, although it might sound unbelievable, just like Kelsie, the Deer Demon and Pendulum Demon, that great Planeswalker would also not give up those two lieutenants that had been with him for many years.

Even if they were nothing more than cards.

Brendel lifted his head. First, he selected the Fireclaw Chieftain, the Fireclaw Lizardmen, the Fireclaw Trumpeter, the Vampire Morpheus, Andrea Thermis the Lord of Night, the ever-unlucky Fire Djinn, and the Pristine Archangel. All of these cards had been with him for some time, and he would rather waste a slot for them than for the more powerful ones.

Although Brendel was after power, it did not mean that he was going to be a cold-blooded person.

Then it was the Cards of Resources, the Water of the Forsaken City, Forest of Death, Gold Mine, Sea Wave Gem, Silver Swallowtail Banner, Grey Harbor Tax Collector, Dela’s Wild, and Rougen’s Swamp. Originally he did not have many Resource Cards, and now even more so to support the huge consumption of several Planeswalkers, these cards could not be given up lightly.

Lastly, were the powerful cards, such as the Grimoire of Life. The Desperate Trojan Horse, two Accelerated Thoughts, two Anxieties, and The Tempest. Secondly, Breaking Dawn, Echelonious’s Furnace of Adversity, Echelonious Spellweaver, two Glories, Martyr of Radiance, and Graveyard Revival.

Finally, he also used the card wealth he had acc.u.mulated over the days to unlock the Platinum Angel on top of the card book that had followed him for who knew how long.

Thus, all thirty cards were selected.

After returning all of these cards to his spare card pool, Brendel looked up. He watched the emptiness around him fade away, as if a vortex had drawn the unselected cards into it. Honestly, he was a little sorry, but it did not help.

Brendel stared at the vortex silently for a moment, and with a player’s characteristic open-mindedness, he threw the card book in his hand forward, and the card book was suddenly torn into countless pieces in the storm of energy, and then was completely drawn into the center of the vortex along with the flying cards.

It seemed as if it was only a moment before it disappeared without a trace.

In the next instant, even that vortex itself shrank into a black dot. Then it disappeared.

“This is a step that a young Planeswalker must go through. There is always a trade-off,” Tuman stood behind Brendel. Watching him finish all these, he spoke out in comfort, “But congratulations, join us as a true Planeswalker.”

Brendel raised his head and felt a sense of relief. He could not help but take a deep breath, after everything he had experienced since leaving the Braggs underground auction, he had finally made it to this point.

From being ignorant of the Planeswalkers to officially being a part of them today. It was almost as if it was a lifetime ago when he looked back on it.

“Thank you, Lord Tuman.” He stared at the distant mountains and replied softly.

“There is no need to thank me, pa.s.sing on the legacy of the Planeswalkers from one generation to the next is a sacred duty, one that I, and you, must fulfill.” Tuman sternly replied, “Although you have reached this point today, I am very pleased as your guide. But the fact remains that up until this moment, I still feel very uneasy about you, and you should understand that your deck still has a flaw, and even though you have a double elemental pool, you can hardly support the consumption of many Planeswalker creatures-”

Tuman reminded him seriously, “I hope you’ve given this some thought.”

Brendel looked at the Elemental Emperor who had guided him into the world of the Planeswalker, and he smiled slightly, “I’ve already considered it, Emperor.”

“Are you sure ?”

Brendel nodded.

Tuman was startled, but then he fell silent. In terms of his experience and insight, he naturally sensed that Brendel was not lying, and since he said he had the ability to solve this problem, it meant that he must be sure of it.

This Elemental Emperor from the War of the Holy Saints era considered a little and replied, “Alright then, since you’ve already met my requirements, I’ve actually come this time to give you a gift.”

“A gift?” Brendel froze.

But before he had time to react, Tuman had extended a finger and flicked a ball of light into his brow. He stared at it slightly, as if his thoughts were filled with pages of continuous images like a movie, and finally, these images were frozen on a page.

It was an old page, with undulating lines and various diagrams drawn on it. After observing it for a moment, Brendel realized that it was a map.

He could not help but frown and ask, “A map? What map is this?”

“You’ll naturally understand later.” Tuman, however, smiled slightly and merely gave a vague response, “But I can tell you that this is a treasure map, and as for what the treasure is, you need to explore it yourself-“


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