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The Abyss(4)

For one to say that Maynild was cold-blooded was naturally because of the results of her previous battle. Magic disintegration was not uncommon in Vaunte. Magical items are closely tied to their owner’s powers. When a magical item’s owner dies, most items lose their magic while some even disintegrate.

However, this kind of disintegration does not happen all the time Some specially treated equipment– such as the Wind Empress’s Ring– would not exhibit magic disintegration, while for regular equipment, losing about two-thirds of its magic was considered normal. Similar to the existence of Elemental Activation, Vaunte in this era was definitely a big-time hotshot. The magical equipment they possessed was definitely not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill goods. However, under Maynild’s inspection, there was only a standard longsword left.

Luck is sometimes an abstract concept, yet still at times an undeniable presence. At least that was what Brendel thought before Maynild removed the bracelet from William’s dead body.

He froze for a moment before saying to the female knight, “Can I have a look?”

Maynild pa.s.sed the bracelet directly into his hands without even thinking about it. Brendel did not need to look at it to know what its properties were, but even so, due to the player instincts he built up throughout the years, he eagerly opened the window.

A pale green, translucent light screen that only he could see appeared, and on it, there were a few lines of Elvish text. Because this equipment has a very close relationship with the wild elves:

Glow Wave (Bracelet).

A Silver ranked ancient magic item. (Equipment requirements: 225Oz).

Strength +27, Physique +22, Perception +6.

Special effect: 5% Experience Increase.

Special effect: Darkness Perception +3.

Sure enough, it was exactly the same. Brendel held the bracelet and felt completely relieved. Although it was only ancient grade equipment, the Glow Wave was well-known in the game. First of all, its owner William was no slacker, and secondly, the bracelet itself had extremely powerful attributes with power +27, physique +22, and perception +6. In comparison, a gold peak warrior’s main attribute was only around five hundred levels. And right now, although his realm has reached the Elemental Awakening, his attributes were still stuck in the upper reaches of gold, and his main attribute has yet to exceed three hundred.

To put it simply, a piece of normal equipment that can improve its attributes by more than a tenth was already quite good. But Glow Wave was much more powerful than that because other than the attributes, Experience Increase and Darkness Perception were the most important components of this ancient bracelet.

As for Experience Increase, needless to say, was an extremely rare attribute and even more so, Darkness Perception was a crucial attribute in the game. The most important function of Darkness Perception was that it allowed one to perceive the flow of dark magic. Due to the erosion of the twelve magical moons reflected in the sky by the Sea of Magic, the entirety of Vaunte, including the Blessed Land, was constantly under the pervasion of dark magic.

Possessing Dark Perception means being able to foresee threats. For Brendel, one of its simplest uses is its ability to sense the movement of magical objects. Though this attribute seemed irrelevant for now, it would become practical when the Demonic Waves arrive in the future. This was because under the Demonic Waves, not only would the number of magical items increase, but the number of dark treasures would rise as well. In order to enhance their abilities and get ahead of the others, one had to have a sufficiently high level of Dark Perception attributes.

This was a consensus later in the game. However, except for characters like witches or blind prophets, most ordinary people had zero Dark Perception. Therefore it was crucial to have equipment that increased Dark Perception attributes.

Even if he did not get this bracelet today, Brendel would still go and collect similar gears as a preparation for the future. If Aouine is to survive in the future, its enemies are going to be more than just those northern n.o.bles.

But he never thought that Maynild would give him this surprise.

“Do you recognize this bracelet?” Maynild asked sharply, staring at him.

“I’ve heard rumors about it,” Brendel answered, remembering that the bracelet was rumored to be made by the Dragon Crystal of Sky and Knowledge for the Council of the Watching Eye. But in the game, the Council of the Watching Eye had vanished long ago together with the destruction of the final stronghold ‘Babel’, so the real reason as to why the crystal would make such a bracelet for the Council of the Watching Eye remained unknown.

“I’m interested in this bracelet,” Brendel said.

“It is rightfully yours, Mr.Brendel,” Maynild replied.

“Thank you.”

Brendel immediately put on the bracelet, and the Glow Wave blended into the Crimson Red Blessings and the Bahamut’s grip armor like mercury, as if it had become a part of the set. But since most magical items had the ability to change shape,Maynild was not surprised.

As soon as he put on Glow Wave, he immediately felt a new force merge into his body. Then, a strange yet familiar feeling spread out from him in all directions, and the surroundings seemingly darkened slightly in the rain, then instantly clearing up.

At that moment, he suddenly felt the flow of magic between heaven and earth, and though it was hidden, it was everywhere. The storms of the outer seas contained a hint of magic too, and this magic was actually the purest form of power, or in other words – Experience Value.

It was just that no one was able to collect them.

Brendel glanced at the female knight Maynild beside him; A hints of magic also flowed through her body, but not obviously, converging in the muscles of her limbs and shoulders that bred explosive energy. This was the power of the upper reaches of Silver, though impressive among mortals it was still too scarce.

“Ms. Maynild, can you teach me?”

The female knight raised her head, understanding right away that he wanted to experiment with his new magical outfit. She nodded, and stepping back, she drew her long sword, “I’m sorry if I offend you.”

She thrust her sword at him.

In Bredel’s eys, he saw Maynild’s sword split into three and grew three red extensions. This was the effect produced by the ‘Deep a.n.a.lysis’ skill imparted to him by the Silver Elf. But he did not need the hint at all as he was familiar with Maynild’s sword art- Aouine’s Improved Battle Formation Sword Art.

Brendel naturally thought she had learned this from Freya, after all this sword art improved by the Sword Saint would be invaluable to someone who took it seriously, and he never thought of keeping it to himself when he pa.s.sed it on to Freya. Without thinking, he held out his left hand with the Bahamut’s grip and grabbed right onto Maynild’s incoming sword.

At that moment, it was as if the female knight sent the sword straight into his hands for him to grab, Maynild stiffened slightly, disoriented for a bit.

“Use your techniques, Miss Knight.” Brendel immediately gave a reminder, he was not here to practice sword art with Maynild. Maynild gritted her teeth. The sword jolted, and a streak of white light shot out from the blade.

At that moment, Brendel immediately sensed the convergence of magic within Maynild’s body. He instantly twisted his body aside and avoided the sword wind.

This was the power of Darkness Perception, exactly as it was in the game. Unlike the Silver Elf’s a.n.a.lysis, Darkness Perception could not judge the direction of an enemy’s attack but instead could sense the convergence of magic before the casting of all special skills; these two complimented each other perfectly, making them the best warning alarms in battle.

Brendel had finished experimenting, but Maynild eyes narrowed, and another strike headed for his shoulder.

Good. Brendel knew the female knight was serious this time. Clearly his act of grabbing her sword just now had embarra.s.sed her, and naturally, as the best student of the Royal Cavalry Academy, she would not accept defeat so easily.

They have a similar personality……

But Brendel was not afraid of the current Maynild as he could easily pulverize her not only in strength but also in terms of her sword art. Without even drawing his sword, he blocked with his left hand and with his right hand he grabbed the hand holding the sword.

He expected this move to disable the opponent from further attacks. However he did not think Maynild would be so resolute; she immediately dropped the sword in her right hand and caught the falling sword in her left simultaneously, then aimed to stab Brendel’s stomach.

Left-handed sword!

Brendel quickly let go of the female knight’s right hand but he did not back away. He held down Maynild’s sword-wielding left hand. But it was at this moment that the Bahamut’s grip in his left hand judged it to be an semi-defense semi-attack move, and the unexpected occurred.

Crimson Red Blessing, the special effect of the Bahamut’s grip, the Fire Shield was activated.

A cloud of flame burst between the two; Brendel got lucky, only the armor on his chest was blackened, Brendel was fine. But Maynild who was wearing Aouine’s military uniform was not so lucky, as the front part of her uniform was completely burnt, exposing the pale white skin underneath. Under the charred holes of her undergarment, an elusive firm and round curve could be seen.

Both of them froze.

She’s at least a D. This was the only thought Brendel had in mind at that moment.

“Turn away,” Maynild said coldly.

Brendel, rubbing his nose, quickly turned his head, feeling a little dry in the mouth.

“Let go.”

“Give me your cloak,” Maynild said calmly. She did not turn around because there were quite a few other people over there, although Count Audine’s n.o.ble private soldiers and the students of the Royal Cavalry Academy had yet to notice what happened.

Brendel did as he was told, he took off his cloak and handed it to her with his eyes closed. Maynild calmly wrapped herself up in the cloak, then she looked at Brendel and asked, “Mr. Brendel, are you really the descendant of Master Darius?”

“This……” Brendel did not know why the female knight suddenly asked about this. But it was better that she wasn’t fixated on the previous incident, “I’m not sure either, but I don’t think Ciel would lie to me.”

“Did your grandfather teach you your sword arts?”

“No, of course not. I learned it from other players.” But of course, Brendel would not answer like this, otherwise, it would be hard to explain himself. He thought about it and nodded.

Maynild gave him a stare and nodded, then she picked up her sword and turned to leave.

Brendel was left alone in the rain, completely relieved.

“Mr.Brendel, you’re so l.u.s.tful.” Orthylss who was watching at the side asked curiously, “Oh right, did you do the same thing to the Wind Empress? Why else would she be she so angry with you?”

It was only then that Brendel remembered there was a peeping kid beside him, but this was quite the question. If he had dared to do anything to the Elf lady, he would’ve been obliterated by her. So he glared at her fiercely, “Stand aside, kid.”

“I’m over a thousand years old.” The elf girl instantly became smug, “Mr.Brendel is the kid here.”

Dammit, so now you remember this. Brendel immediately felt like this brat was invincible so he simply ignored her and went to inspect William’s body himself.

He didn’t think he would be more ruthless than Maynild, but he found two more pieces of magical equipment that has yet to display magic dissipation. A cloak, the Cloak of Flame, +15 bloodline, +3 defense, he bet William did not even know that this cloak could add to one’s bloodline, so it was definitely the cloak’s defending ability that interested William.

This was actually a very common phenomenon in the world of Vaunte, as NPC ‘could not see’ the attributes of equipment, so they tend to make judgments based on the superficial qualities of magic equipment, and only a few great Tuman scholars could a.n.a.lyze all the functions of the equipment.

This process was called identification in the game. However, players usually did not need to identify equipment other than a few special ones, which was probably a benefit for the players.

The other piece of equipment was also a wizard’s tool, a gold-ranked cane with a +32 physique that could summon a two-headed gargoyle ghost and increase magic powers. This cane’s usage was limited to golden realm conjurers, and unfortunately, the only one under Brendel who could equip it was Ciel. But Ciel was a card creature which meant he could not equip items of the real world.

Brendel did not know William would keep this on him, he could only guess that it was loot from a battle.

Obtaining two pieces of wizard-use items was not surprising at all to Brendel as he had always been unable to obtain things he wanted in the game. His female senior who was named the Friend of Witches always said, “Sophie is my best friend.”

But such praise was better off unsaid.

Brendel felt uncomfortable thinking about the tragic experiences of the past.

Finally finished with sorting the loot, there were eleven Sword of Flames, a Wind Ring (Orthylss edition), a Glow Wave, a Cloak of Flame, a Golden cane and an item that was expected yet also unexpected by Brendel: He immediately recognized a fragment of the Flaming Blade Oderfeiss.

It was probably the middle part of the broken blade, its fragment was as shiny as a mirror, but with dark red flame patterns on it. As Brendel recovered this fragment from William’s dead body, the spirit of the Flaming Blade started vibrating.

Brendel was not at all excited by obtaining a fragment of a divine artifact, he only felt like it was a pain in the a.s.s. The Kirrlutz people would never leave the Flaming Blade in Aouine, and if he doesn’t manage this properly, this might turn into a deadly conflict.

He frowned and saw Freya running towards him in the rain.


“What’s wrong?” Brendel put away the fragment of the Flaming Blade and asked. He saw a nervous look on Freya’s face, and could not help but question. Aouine’s Royal fleet could not have eliminated the Kirrlutz so quickly at this hour, could it be that they had met with some new enemy?

That’s impossible. Brendel did not think that the Kirrlutz would dare to increase the number of their soldiers, just like how he didn’t believe that the Northern Coalition army could regather in a short time.

“A person is here.” Freya ran up to him and replied, panting, he did not know how far she had come from.

“One person?”

“Yes.” The girl from Buga nodded.

“Who is it?”

“It’s Archbishop Wood, he said he wanted to see you.”

“Huh?” Brendel trembled slightly, he didn’t think that trouble would arrive at his doorstep so quickly. Why is Wood looking for me at this hour? Because of the Flaming Blade? He should know that the princess’s side will no longer allow for compromisations


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