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As expected, it was Julius and Karma.

I had told the teachers to stop them if they tried to come in here, so it meant that the other students must have helped them.

I could feel my mouth curling into a little smile.

To think they would come here to talk to me directly after finding out that I was the Great Demon Lord.

Well done! I thought.

“Master Satoru…no, Lord Rimuru! Please forgive Magnus!”

As soon as they entered, Karma bowed deeply and said those words.

And then Julius followed.

“Magnus is our friend. But we didn’t realize he was troubled, and we didn’t consult him. We hadn’t talked together about what we really felt. We couldn’t. However, we would like to now. I want to say what I really feel, from the heart! So please, could you not give us that chance?”

Julius expressed himself before lowering his head just as Karma had done.

This was good.

I now had a reason to forgive.

“Very well. You can all share the responsibility for what happened.”

At these words, Julius, Karma and Magnus all raised their faces at once.

Rozari also looked at me with uncertainty.

“You can all help each other. If one of you looks to be going down the wrong path, stop him. Do you agree that everything happened while you were my students? Teachers are responsible for what their students do. And so I will close my eyes in this case.”

Diablo sat back in his chair gracefully and enjoyed his tea.

Souei was pouring me a second cup.

Neither of them said a word in protest.

“So-so…does that mean that we are forgiven…?”

Rozari asked hesitantly.

It was not me, but Diablo who answered her.

“Hehehe. Can I tell you something? When Lord Rimuru says he forgives you, he has forgiven all of your sins. He says he is going to close his eyes, so that means that you have all gotten away. But remember, there won’t be a next time.”

And then Souei added,

“Yes. The real problem was with the school. In a way, you were all victims. This plan of raising personnel and sending them to the center was quite interesting. That alone is hardly a crime.”

He said.


Ultimately, brainwas.h.i.+ng students was not good, but the rest was hardly an issue.

“Well, that’s how it is. I said as much to Irina, but when it comes to war, your perspective will change depending on which country you are with. Such is history. It cannot be helped that people wish for their country to have an advantage. That is why it is important to study the history of other countries as well as your own. It will help you understand both sides and judge fairly. Well, perhaps this is not the most convincing argument, since it’s coming from the mouth of a Demon Lord.”

I finished.

I was about to tell Magnus and the others to leave, when G.o.dama caught my eye on the floor.

“…Oh, yes. Julius. You were shouting about how much you hated me, weren’t you?”



Diablo immediately reacted to this. Even Souei’s eyebrows twitched.

“Uh, no…that…”

Sweat dripped from his handsome face as he desperately searched for the right words.


I had mostly ignored his words, but I couldn’t say that I wasn’t just a little hurt.

“Even I was a little wounded by having such words said to my face.”

“It was just a…a figure of speech…”

Julius had tears in his eyes.

I decided to let him off here.

“I’m joking. All is forgiven. But on one condition.”


“Yes. Take care of this.”

So saying, I pointed at G.o.dama.

Julius looked less than enthusiastic, but he agreed without complaint.

“As you are all responsible, you can take it around to the other schools. It will be a punishment for you, so you can take turns every year. I am sure that any student who thinks of doing something foolish will have a change of heart when they see this. It’s two birds with one stone, isn’t it?”

Rozari and the three others looked very unenthusiastic about it.

That made me quite satisfied.

I was able to get rid of the thing and also punish them at the same time.


After that, I had all of the revolutionaries, or ‘Human Emanc.i.p.ation Alliance’ members taken in, as they seemed to have very extremist views.

Souei’s subordinates had already received the order, and they would be finished with this task shortly.

I would hand them all over to Laplace, as they would make good workers.

I was sure they would prove to be very useful.

And just like that, the great cleansing of the school and driving out of the troublemakers was complete.


Julius, Magnus, Karma and the others of their cla.s.s became legendary warriors whose names went down in history as the people who the Great Demon Lord once cooked for.

Some of them, like Marsha, became actual heroes. As she was known as the forebearer of the new style of magic.

My escape resulted in several other amusing stories as well, but those were for another time.

After returning to Tempest.

My body, Rimurun, was cruelly split into two.

Well, as it was a slime, it had just split into two smaller slimes… Still, it was not a good feeling when you thought of it as your own body.

“Th-this is…um…”

“No! It was because Shuna wouldn’t let go!”

It was surprising enough that Shuna would resist s.h.i.+on’s great strength.

But more than that, I was shocked that my incredibly resilient body had been split into two.

These two should not ever be angered.

I promised to myself once again.

By the way, I was able to return to normal by absorbing the two Rimurun bodies.

Shuna and s.h.i.+on looked a little sad, so I thought that I would give them a doll next time.

The Forum was held in the Ingracia School City–The development of magic and science. The 8th…

Mai gave a wonderful lecture.

She had succeeded in stabilizing the Different Gate after ten years.

But the fact that I listened to her and thought, ‘maybe it would be fun to visit another world next time,’ will be our little secret.

To be continued?


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