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Chapter 235: Life-Risking Strike

The enraged Tyrannosaurus Rex did not care who its enemy was. The Crocodile Tyrant did not look as agile as Mcgee.

In the eyes of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Mcgee was a lively monkey.

The huge Crocodile was like a fat piece of meat that could not move.

It quickly made a decision and made the Crocodile Tyrant its first opponent.


The instant the Tyrannosaurus bit the Giant Crocodile Tyrant, slippery strike was used again.

The Tyrannosaurus, whose speed and strength had been greatly increased, did not lose any of its inertia and slipped to the ground in an instant.

And the direction where the water spread was shockingly the bottomless abyss.

Although the Tyrannosaurus’ was not very intelligent, it was not an idiot.

The Crocodile Tyrant’s skill eliminated most of the friction, causing the ma.s.sive Tyrannosaurus to gradually slide into the abyss.

Mcgee saw this and felt gratified.

Soap bubbles might not be as effective as the ice surface, but the ice would be crushed, but the ground would not!

This was something to be taught.

Tyrannosaurus could only watch as it slid into the abyss. Its ma.s.sive weight became a burden instead.

Whether it used its claws to grab the ground or tried to bite the tree to slow down, it was useless.


It was also because it had stayed with Mcgee and the Snow Spirit Fox for a long time that Crocodile Tyrant had become more intelligent in battle.

One had to know that the original ‘soap bubble’ skill was only used to make its body slippery and increase its agility effect.

It directly used this skill on the ground to achieve the killing effect on the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex had an incomparably powerful combat ability, but in the end, it still slipped into the abyss of despair.

Its body fell down from the mountain and fell into the river, stirring up powerful waves.

The sound was so intense that the birds and beasts that had finally calmed down from the battle between the Hawk and the Sparrow scattered once again.

“Finally, we’ve eliminated the Tyrannosaurus.” Mcgee heaved a sigh of relief. He made a thumbs-up gesture to the Crocodile Tyrant.

Although they did not get the Dragonshard… The Giant Diving Crocodile had obtained evolution materials, which was also a huge harvest.

The Crocodile Tyrant carried Mcgee on its back and said, “Let’s find the way to the Abyss.”

It knew Mcgee’s purpose for coming here. Since the Dragonshard was very likely to be in the body of the Tyrannosaurus, it was the most important thing to go to the abyss to find its body now.

Mcgee grabbed the Crocodile Tyrant’s body. He was still wondering why the Crocodile was able to do so many things since it was not much faster than him.

But…when the Crocodile Tyrant used its ‘slippery’ skill on the ground, he finally understood.

The Crocodile Tyrant seemed to be skating on the ‘slippery’ track. Its speed was so fast that even its hair was blown up by the wind.

Mcgee leaned on the Crocodile Tyrant’s neck and looked to the side. He almost vomited.

This was because after the Crocodile Tyrant had evolved, he had become much more daring. He was actually racing on the side of the cliff…

If he was not careful, his car would be destroyed and he would die.

The Crocodile Tyrant was very confident in himself.

Along the mountain road, with the Crocodile Tyrant’s superb driving skills, they reached the bottom of the mountain in less than an hour.

When Mcgee jumped off the Great Crocodile Tyrant’s body, he found a corner and began to vomit.

The mountain road went around and around. He did not expect that one day he would feel car sick while sitting on his subdued beast.

“I don’t have the ability to sense energy, but I know that it fell nearby.”

The Great Crocodile Tyrant squatted down, put his finger in the water, and then stuck it into his mouth to lick it.

“It’s strange. This is obviously the ocean, but this lake is freshwater.”

“It should be because this island in the smoker forest is especially huge, and has formed a unique ecosystem.”

“Wait here, I’ll dive to the bottom to take a look.”

Mcgee instructed, “The current here is rapid, be careful.”

The latter made an ‘ok’ gesture and dived into the water like an ordinary Crocodile.

Within an hour, the T-rex’s body had been washed away.

Mcgee thought that the power of the water was stronger than he had imagined. After the T-rex died, there was a high probability that it would float on the surface of the water and be washed away.


Mcgee began to recall the scene of the T-rex falling into the water. It fell directly into the water…

It did not get up, and there was no blood!

Could it be…

“Little Croc! Come up quickly, we…” Mcgee shouted at the surface of the water.

But almost at the same time, the Tyrannosaurus stood up from the bottom of the water. Its mouth was still biting the Great Crocodile Tyrant.

Although the Great Crocodile Tyrant was about three meters tall, it was like a water bird with a fish in its mouth.

The Great Crocodile Tyrant was violently thrown out by the Tyrannosaurus and fell to the ground.

The Tyrannosaurus fell from the sky, but it was not unscathed.

Its body was covered with visible wounds. One of its eyes was blind, and red flesh was revealed.

It was actually still alive and had the ability to fight. As expected of the king of physics as described.

“Little Croc, are you okay?” Mcgee ran to the Crocodile Tyrant’s side and lightly slapped its face.

The Crocodile Tyrant had already rolled its eyes, but from the looks of its bulging belly, it was still alive. There was hope as long as it had a breath left.

Now that there were no more obstacles, Mcgee and Tyrannosaurus were in an absolutely fair position.

Tyrannosaurus was filled with hatred towards the people in front of it and the Crocodile behind it. If it were not for them, it would not have fallen into the abyss.

Its foot was injured. For familiars that lived in the wild, an injury to the foot usually meant that…

There was no chance of recovery.

Its speed had decreased, but it was more than enough to bite Mcgee and the Crocodile Tyrant to death.

Moreover, it was impossible for Mcgee to dodge. Behind him was the Crocodile Tyrant, who had no defense at all and was on the verge of death.

“Flame Dragon!”

At the critical moment, Mcgee actually activated his potential and unleashed the Flame Dragon bite skill without acc.u.mulating any power.

His strength was a little weak, but fortunately, the Tyrannosaurus was not in its peak condition.

Normally, flames of this level would not be able to break through the Tyrannosaurus’ defense.

But the Tyrannosaurus was now covered in wounds. The flames entered the Tyrannosaurus’ body through the wounds, causing a huge amount of damage to it.

But the Tyrannosaurus, whose body was surrounded by flames, did not stop attacking.

It realized that this might be the last blow of its life.

It rushed toward Mcgee and the Crocodile Tyrant without holding back, intending to die with them.

Mcgee stretched out his hand to block. The Tyrannosaurus Rex was at least five tons in ma.s.s. He did not know if he could withstand it.

Five steps…

Four steps…

The Tyrannosaurus Rex was getting closer and closer to them.

When it was three steps away, the Tyrannosaurus rex finally fell down.

His body was also falling toward Mcgee and the others…

Since he was no longer able to attack, Mcgee could turn around without worry.

He used all his strength to drag the motionless crocodile tyrant on the ground, and finally…

At the edge of the dust where the Tyrannosaurus had completely fallen, they dodged the Tyrannosaurus’ fatal blow.


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