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Chapter 172: Is This Good Luck?

[Special reminder: Among the 500 treasure chests, only three of them have reached silver rank, one of them has reached gold rank, and the rest are bronze rank treasure chests.]

[According to the level of the treasure chests, each treasure chest has a strong or weak guardian by its side, so please do your best.]

[When you see the treasure chest and choose to give up, the treasure chest will naturally leave to the next person.]

This time, the system’s voice did not seem to be so stiff. Instead, there was a bit of humanity in it.

It also gave a part of the special hints, and it was very detailed.

Mcgee’s face also showed a hint of surprise.

To be honest, he had not encountered a treasure chest since the last time he had the chance to obtain one.

The only treasure chest was still the Greed Treasure Chest that could store things now.

But this guy could not be considered a good thing, right.

At least it could not bring Mcgee too much profit.

Now there were 500 random treasure chests sp.a.w.ned, and more importantly, the top 200 people on the current world rankings had the chance to sp.a.w.n treasure chests around them.

Did this not mean that the stronger the person was, the stronger the treasure chest would be?

Then, there was a high chance that the only golden treasure chest would sp.a.w.n here.

However, Mcgee and the others did not have too many surprises on their faces, because they also heard that there would be guardian beasts around every treasure chest.

Once they encountered a guardian beast, they could only defeat it, or they could only choose to give up and watch the treasure chest be un.o.btainable.

To be honest, Mcgee was very conflicted right now, because the first thing he wanted to do was to leave this place and then the treasure chest.

However, a gold-grade treasure chest could already surpa.s.s any level that they currently had.

If they could obtain it, it would be an unprecedented change to their strength.

It was very likely that they would enter the golden age.

“It’s the same as before. Try to ensure your safety first. If we can’t obtain the treasure, we’ll leave first.”

“But if we lose our lives here, we won’t have another chance.”

Mcgee thought about it for a while, but in the end, he could only grit his teeth and make this decision.

No matter who it was, their lives were still more important.

Everyone nodded solemnly after listening, even the younger Zhao Ling Er.

They all looked at Mcgee with a vague understanding.

Then, they continued on their route.

But not long after, the originally calm water surface suddenly became turbulent, and even the sky outside seemed to be much darker.

“There’s no need to panic. Changes in the weather often occur in the unopened s.p.a.ce. Maybe one moment the sky is clear, and the next moment, there will be a storm.”

“At the most dangerous time, even tsunamis and tornadoes may exist.”

The Snow Spirit Fox said calmly when she saw this.

However, the corners of the mouths of the others twitched slightly.

The storm was still fine. After all, their castle was so big, and the plane was also very large. There was no need to worry about being blown over.

However, were the tsunamis and tornadoes serious?

How could they fight against such a natural force now?

Therefore, they had no choice but to withstand the storm, slow down, and continue to drive forward.

However, half a day later, the storm still had not subsided.

The expression of the Snow Spirit Fox became serious.

“I really don’t know whether you are lucky or not. Generally speaking, all the weather in this s.p.a.ce will only last for one to two hours.”

“There is very little chance of this kind of weather lasting more than half a day. You are going to be unlucky.”

Mcgee’s lips twitched slightly.

His underling could not help but interject.

“What do you mean we’re in trouble? You’re one of us now. If we’re in trouble, doesn’t that mean you’re in trouble?”

When ice and snow heard that, they tilted their heads and thought that it made sense, so they did not say anything else.

Mcgee sighed slightly. What he was afraid of came true.

He had just sighed, and before he could even think about what to do next, a hurricane suddenly appeared in front of them.

And it was coming straight at them.

The wind was very strong. If calculated according to the typhoon’s level, it was about level five or above.

And the wind was still getting stronger.

“Now we can be sure that it’s definitely a tornado, and it’s very likely to bring an even bigger tsunami.”

A bitter smile appeared on Mcgee’s face.

He did not know what kind of expression he should use to face the current situation.

“Wait a minute, what’s ahead of you?”

The underling suddenly said to the front.

Although his strength was not the strongest, his perception was definitely the strongest, so everyone was more confident about this.

Therefore, everyone looked towards the white fog in front of them.

At first, it was fine. The white fog did not change much, but soon, the white fog began to rotate.

The fog that surrounded them on the surface of the sea started to move towards the center.

What was this?

Did it need to be said? It must be the process of forming a tornado.

Did you not see that it had already turned into a vortex-like thing?

However, there seemed to be a little bit of golden light in the middle of that vortex-like thing. No one knew what it was.

Could it be something that was also attracted by the tornado?

“There’s the aura of a treasure.”

Suddenly, the Greed Treasure Chest’s eyes flickered with the light of money as it looked at the center of the tornado.

Mcgee was convinced.

If his little brother’s perception was the most powerful, then the Greed Treasure Chest could not be wrong about the aura of the treasure.

Even compared to the Steel Fairy, the Greed Treasure Chest’s judgment was not bad at all.

Therefore, the two of them had similar abilities. The only difference was that one could fly, and the other could not fly. The Greed Treasure Chest could still store things.

The Steel Fairy could sense things through obstacles.

But it was useful at all times.

“The golden light is a treasure… the system dropped another 500 treasure chests.”

“Could this be the only golden treasure chest?”

Mcgee guessed.

The next moment, he opened his eyes wide and looked carefully at the center of the tornado.

Now that he had reached level six, his vision had become very strong.

Unfortunately, he could only see clearly what was inside like before. He could not see clearly at all.

The fog on the sea had been attracted over, which greatly blocked their vision.


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