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Chapter 97 – A Feud Of Blood, Kill! Kill! Kill! (Part 2)

This year of endless battle in the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain and the depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range caused Chen Xi to firmly remember an extremely important principle. Never hold back in the slightest when facing an enemy, and killing his enemies in the most precise and swiftest way was always the only law to obtain the final victory.

Today, he didn’t hold back indeed.

His home was destroyed and everyone was ruthlessly slaughtered within an area of 500km. He’d even implicated the Zhang general goods store and Clear Stream Restaurant to transform into ruins that were covered in mottled blood, and even their corpses and bones didn’t remain.

These tragic scenes were like numerous sharp blades that pierced his heart to the point it bled, and even his soul trembled in pain.

Since he was young, he’d never felt hatred as he felt today, and the hatred that acc.u.mulated and fermented within his belly and chest stimulated him to that point he’d already fallen into a bloodthirsty state.

Today, if I don’t kill, if I don’t see blood, then how would I vent the hatred in my heart?

It just so happened that besides the roaring flames of rage that burned within his dark red eyes, there was instead a trace of indifference, an indifference that didn’t contain a bit of emotion.

Chen Xi who’s survived countless slaughters and battles not only possessed terrifying combat expertise now, he also possessed an incomparably firm combat will.

His indifference and his rage, they were both unable to affect the level of his combat ability, and instead seemed to reflect back at him, causing the level of his combat ability to rise steadily!

Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+

1,900 crossbow arrows tore through the sky as they shot out violently, the icy cold and hard tips of the arrows slit open the sky. The friction caused scorching sparks that burned the eyes, carrying a string of sharp and ear piercing whistling sounds as they a.s.saulted him.

They were like dark clouds that roiled as they pressed forward, covering the heavens and the earth, causing one to be unable to help from feeling the powerless sensation of being unable to avoid them.

However, an attack like this was full of flaws to Chen Xi and had no deterrent force at all.

When he cultivated the Heavenly Dragon’s Eight Steps to the unity-stage, he was already able to skillfully and easily dodge the attack of a myriad of arrows shot in unison. Now that he’d cultivated the Divine Windwing Flight and his movement technique contained a trace of Wind Dao Insight, not to mention dodging the a.s.sault of these crossbow arrows that weren’t even numbering in the 2,000s, even if it was another ten or hundred times more, it would still be unable to touch the corners of his clothes, let alone injure him.


In the next moment, Chen Xi had already vanished on the spot.

The crossbow arrow a.s.sault that was like the rain didn’t come to anything, and it instead directly pierced innumerable b.l.o.o.d.y holes into the bodies of the remaining Unicorn Guards that had charged forward earlier, and they died utterly tragically.

“Set up the formation!” Manager Wu had expected Chen Xi was able to dodge it long ago, so the instant that the Flyingsoul Heavy crossbows were shot, he’d shouted out explosively once again, yet he himself had silently retreated to the back of the group of people.


1,900 people drew their sabers at the same time, yet the sound seemed to have resounded out at the same moment, and it was thunderous to the ear. At the same time, the 900 Unicorn Guards and 1,000 Whitemail Guards moved out suddenly, moving back and forth to interweave together, crisscrossing both horizontally and vertically.

In almost an instant, they’d already set up a saber formation with killing intent that shot into the sky. Numerous s.h.i.+ny and sharp Tigerstab sabers pointed towards the sky from afar, and under the setting sun, a layer of a sheen that was like blood appeared on the blades of the sabers.

“Chen Xi, don’t even think of entering my Li Clan’s door if you don’t defeat this Yin-Yang Thousandblade Formation! Hahaha…” Manager Wu hid behind the tightly shut door and laughed arrogantly, yet his laughter stopped abruptly.

At this moment, it was as if someone had choked Manager Wu’s throat, his eyes sprang completely open. As he looked fearfully at the figure that stood before him, he was almost overwhelmed by fear.

This fellow… When did he come in? How could his speed be so swift?


A cold light appeared abruptly, Manager Wu didn’t even have the time to cry for help before a b.l.o.o.d.y hole was directly pierced through on his neck, and even before death, he’d couldn’t imagine how Chen Xi had appeared before him.

“AH! Chen Xi has come in!”

“Manager Wu is dead, he died under Chen Xi’s sword!”

“Someone, hurry! Chen Xi has barged in!”

Behind the door was an open s.p.a.ce that occupied an area of 500km. The ground was paved with hard and smooth limestone, and further behind was the numerous alternate pathways that led to the Li Clan’s rear residences.

At this moment, there were a few tens of servants in the open s.p.a.ce, and when they saw Chen Xi wipe off Manager Wu’s life with a single swing of the sword, they were unable to refrain from emitting numerous sharp cries before splitting up to flee.


However, before they could even get far, a flying sword shot out violently, and as if it had grown eyes, it efficiently reaped their lives.

Despicable servants that a.s.sisted evildoers deserved death!

Chen Xi didn’t turn back and directly walked inwards.

“Everyone, attack him together and kill this Jinx!”

“Right! No matter how formidable he is, he’s only a single person after all!”


Amongst the waves of loud shouting, Li Clan disciples surged over from all directions like tidewater, and they all had ferocious expressions as they swarmed towards Chen Xi.

The Unicorn Guards and Whitemail Guards that had formed the Yin-Yang Thousandblade Formation outside the door heard the shouts as well, and they all surged towards the door, yet no matter how they wracked their brains, they were unable to understand how Chen Xi had silently entered the front door.

However, with their sight and cultivation realm, it was naturally impossible for them to know how terrifying the speed of a complete Wind Dao Insight combined with the Divine Windwing Flight was.

The crowd of people surged like tidewater, these Li Clan disciples all had ferocious expressions, revealing bloodthirst and ruthlessness, and it was sufficient to scare a slightly cowardly person to the point they were overwhelmed with fear.

When he saw Chen Xi remaining completely unmoved, the Li Clan disciple that took the lead was first shocked, then he was greatly delighted, shouting at the top of his throat. “Brothers! Kill him! Young Master Li Ming will surely reward us generously!”



A man dies for money and a bird dies for food, for the sake of the imaginary generous reward, these Li Clan disciples became excited, and they all shouted loudly as they charged at Chen Xi.

Chen Xi didn’t fly, nor did he flee, and there wasn’t a trace of movement on his face and body, just like the Netherezim Flying Sword in his hand that didn’t shake in the slightest.

His wrist shook and the sword lightly struck out.


A sword light that was coiled with ice appeared in midair, and cold air appeared abruptly!

“AH!” Three miserable cries sounded out abruptly. In a single move, three Li Clan disciples had actually been sliced in half at the waist by this sword light, and blood and various internal organs were scattered all over the ground. The three of them didn’t die completely; their upper body still struggled desperately on the ground, and the miserable cries could be heard without end.

Even these coldblooded Li Clan disciples couldn’t help but feel their scalps go numb when faced with a scene like this!

The few people that were the closest to Chen Xi took a few steps in retreat subconsciously.

Then, numerous sword lights that seemed as if they were icy crystals were like innumerable beautiful flowing lights that cut a swift arc to abruptly reap the lives in his surroundings.

The Li Clan disciples noticed to their shock that the sword in Chen Xi’s hand was swift to the point it was like a bolt of lightning that was concealed in s.p.a.ce, and it slashed out a myriad of surging sword light almost in the blink of an eye. The sword lights that rose one after the other were like misty icy fog, sprinkling a lethal aura that was icy cold and bone piercing, and they were unimaginably sharp. Anything that touched the sword light would be split into two.

Batch after batch of Li Clan disciples died miserably and fell to the group. They either had their chest broken open, their throats pierced through, or directly chopped in two by the sword light. The dense dark red blood was like rainwater that splashed out, and the numerous corpses with torn open bellies formed a painting of death that seemed like h.e.l.l.

Chen Xi’s eyes were still completely red like blood, his expression still indifferent like ice, and he was like a soulless puppet. His movements were swift like a ghost and his sword strikes were without a trace of unnecessary movements, precise and ruthless to the point it made one’s hair stand on end. His cultivation realm that was a few times higher allowed him to obtain the largest combat result with every attack.

Combat was the best whetstone without a doubt.

The regular life and death battles in the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain and the depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range had made all the strength Chen Xi possessed to be tempered to the point it was extremely swift and fierce. Under the combination of the complete Wind Dao Insight and the movement technique, Divine Windwing Flight, his figure was vague to the point it was difficult for one to imagine it, and he was like a strand of smoke that had drifted through the crowd and was difficult to be fathomed.




Chen Xi was like a G.o.d of death that moved swiftly from place to place, the sharp sword in his hand reaped the lives of batch after batch of Li Clan disciples, and the people able to stand nearby were rapidly reducing.

In this battle that was almost a trampling and a slaughter, only ten plus breaths of time had pa.s.sed when only a spa.r.s.e few tens of people remained, and only despair and boundless terror could be seen on the faces of everyone.

If it was said that they were driven by the generous rewards earlier, now they only saw the dense blood and death. Whereas Chen Xi had already become a ruthless, unfeeling, and madly bloodthirsty devil in their eyes.


A sword light flashed by like lightning, and it brought about a trace of warm dark red blood, and the people within 30 meters of Chen Xi were completely dead.

“Flee quickly!”

The remaining Li Clan disciples had completely collapsed, and they turned around to desperately flee in every direction.

“Truly a group of tras.h.!.+” It was at this moment that a cold and tyrannical voice rumbled, and accompanying this voice was a young man with violently fluttering black hair and an expression that was fierce and gloomy flying towards Chen Xi.

Chen Xi raised his head and recognized that this figure was Li Ming, the second son of the Li Clan’s Patriarch, Li Yizhen.

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

Eight flying swords shot out explosively. They were like vultures that had smelt blood and swooped towards the Li Clan disciples that were fleeing desperately.

“Audacious! You actually dare kill my Li Clan’s disciples in front of me…” Li Ming’s explosive shout hadn’t finished when he saw a string of violently shooting streams of blood one after the other, and thumping sounds could be heard without end. His speed was completely unable to be compared with the speed of the flying swords.

In the blink of an eye, those Li Clan disciples that fled in all directions were all dead.

The ground was a mess of corpses, bits of flesh, blood, and brightly colored internal organs. The smell of blood that was dense to the point it seemed material suffused the entire heavens and earth, causing one to feel sick from smelling it.

The veins on Li Ming’s forehead bulged as a ruthless aura surged and suffused on his body.

He’d killed people, even more than a number of people Chen Xi killed at this moment, yet when the people that died were his own clansmen, his heart that has been soaked in blood couldn’t refrain from fiercely twitching. Boundless flames of rage blazed at the bottom of his heart, and it was like lava as it surged throughout his body, stimulating him to the point he almost went mad.

“Chen Xi, your strength has indeed greatly exceeded my expectations. However, you actually dared slaughter so many of my clansmen, I’ll surely slice you into a thousand pieces and I’ll torture you to death!” Li Ming’s expression was savage and ruthless, his long hair fluttered as lush jade colored flame abruptly surged out from his body, and it was like a dragon arrogantly roaring and a tiger das.h.i.+ng out. At the instant it appeared in the air, the scorching and terrifying flames caused s.p.a.ce to shake and warp.

“Jadeflame Wyrm Transformation Technique!” Within the explosive shout, the Jadeflame wyrm suddenly emitted a roar in the sky in a lifelike way, then it slid through the sky before fiercely clawing with its claws towards Chen Xi who was on the ground.

The wyrm constructed from flames was 330m long. It pounced downwards from midair and just its claw was already the same size as Chen Xi. The jade flames on the claw were ghastly, and the gloomy and evil aura on it was extremely dense. The sky was scorched by it to the point it hissed and transformed into white smoke, and the hard limestone floor even softened into mud before shattering piece by piece. Its imposing manner was extremely astonis.h.i.+ng.

Chen Xi didn’t move. When the wyrm’s claw was about to be a meter from his head, he suddenly raised his right hand and stretched it out, and blasted out a simple and direct Grand Collapsing Fist.


An explosion that was like a m.u.f.fled thunderclap sounded out, and the sharp claw of the Jadeflame wyrm was instantly blasted into countless tiny b.a.l.l.s of flames, then they scattered and fell to the ground.

Kacha! Kacha!

After the sharp claw shattered, the entire body of the jadeflame wyrm abruptly stiffened in midair, then numerous cracks that were like a spider web appeared on the 330m long body of the jadeflame wyrm, and it was on the verge of completely shattering.

The strength of a single punch was powerful to this extent!

“Dammit! How could this be possible? My Jadeflame Wyrm Transformation Technique is always successful, how could it be utterly defeated by a single punch from a piece of trash?” Li Ming stared his eyes wide open like saucers in midair, and he seemed as if he’d seen an unbelievable scene.


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