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The slaughter continued like a raging fire.

After executing the G.o.dslaughter burst, the essence, spirit, energy, True Essence, and even soul in Chen Xi’s entire body had condensed together fiercely, and they seemed to be seething, roaring, and burning rapidly.

This was a terrifying cultivation that sacrificed one’s vital essence in exchange for strength. Originally, his cultivation and comprehension of Dao Insights was sufficient to exert 10 times his combat strength, and he’d attained the Exalted Rank of the Nether Transformation Realm.

At this moment, his strength had doubled explosively on the foundation of his 10 times combat strength, allowing him to full exert a terrifying 20 times combat strength.

20 times!

What sort of terrifying combat strength was this? Since the ancient times until now, how many people were capable of attaining this?

Perhaps, even the primeval ferocious beast, Ya Zi, who created the G.o.dslaughter Burst would find it impossible to possess such a heaven defying combat strength at the Nether Transformation Realm like Chen Xi!

Under these circ.u.mstances, Chen Xi slaughtered these 3rd level Earthly Immortal Realm experts simply as if he was chopping fruits and vegetables, and it was no different from slaughtering chickens.

A rain of blood sprayed down while shrill cries shook the nine heavens.

Chen Xi’s white hair fluttered like a waterfall while he held the Talisman Armament and moved through the surroundings. Every single slash of his sword carried an all-powerful and crus.h.i.+ng force that swept through everything before it, and no one was capable of resisting the blunt of his might.

Besides that, the pitch black and l.u.s.terless Talisman Armament in his hand droned as if it was cheering after drinking the blood of his enemies. The five great Divine Talismans within the blade circulated and emanated a myriad of talisman markings while strands of Chaotic Source Qi descended like a silvery river. It contained the might to deduce creation, and it blasted Immortal Sword after Immortal Sword flying and reaped head after head!

Elder Jing Kong and the others were astounded and  roared furiously with stern voices, and their faces were covered in deep disbelief.

No one had expected that Chen Xi would actually be so terrifying at this moment. He was simply like a G.o.d of devils that had awoken from the ages, and no one could stop his footsteps.

At this moment, they were overwhelmed with terror, and their bodies couldn’t be restrained from trembling with horror while their souls almost left their bodies. Not to mention forming the Universal Devil Suppression Sword Formation once more, even their will to rise up and fight was collapsing and being dispersed bit by bit!

“How could this be possible!?”

“Every strike slaughters a person, could it be that this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d has been possessed by a G.o.d!?”

“Quickly! This kid is too terrifying, and he isn’t someone we can go against. Quickly ask Senior Brother Yun Zhu to make a move!”

At this moment, only three people including Elder Jing Kong remained, and they were like headless flies as their cried out with terror and rage while fleeing madly like panic stricken stray dogs.

It was even to the extent that they couldn’t wait for Elder Yun Zhu to a.s.sist them, and they intended to abandon the grand formation right away and flee.

“Don’t even think of escaping!” Chen Xi stretched out his hand and grabbed while activating the Manor within the jade pendant, causing it to transform into a blackhole that actually instantaneously sucked Jing Kong and the others into it. At the same time, his figure entered into the Manor along with them and vanished.

This Universal Devil Suppression Sword Formation was formed from eight Immortal Artifact level sword drawings, and it sealed up the heavens and the earth to form a world of its own. So if he were to allowed Jing Kong and the others to escape, then even though he would be able to deal with the danger within this formation, it was impossible to guarantee that there were no enemies lying in ambush outside it.

Chen Xi enveloped Jing Kong and the others completely within the Manor, causing it to be impossible for them to escape. So long as he annihilated them before leaving, the danger he faced would undoubtedly reduce greatly.


A jet black light flashed before the Manor vanished.

The entire world returned to peace once more, and only the dense and pungent smell of blood drifted through and filled the sky.

Outside the Universal Devil Suppression Sword Formation.

Elder Yun Zhu seemed to have noticed something, causing him to raise his head abruptly and stare fixedly at the drawing formed from eight sword drawing that floated in midair and covered the sky, and a wisp of bewilderment flashed on his face.

He was able to clearly sense that the Universal Devil Suppression Sword Formation wasn’t controlled any longer, and it was circulating by itself. This was slightly strange. Could it be that some sort of unexpected event has occurred within it?

“Martial Uncle, have you noticed something?” The nearby Leng Chan’er was stunned. He was discussing the details of the Sky Dao Abandoned Mountain’s treasure map with Wen Tianshuo, yet she suddenly noticed that the expression of Elder Yun Zhu seemed to be slightly off, causing her to put this inquiry forward.

“Something’s slightly off.” Elder Yun Zhu frowned while a wisp of seriousness suffused his face. “According to my calculations based on time, it would be sufficient for Jing Kong and the others to annihilate that little kid with their strengths. But now, there isn’t even a slightest bit of movement. Moreover, the Universal Devil Suppression Sword Formation isn’t being controlled any longer.” 

Leng Chan’er was horrified and felt that it was difficult to believe. “It can’t be. With the cultivations of Martial Uncle Jing Kong and the others, even if they failed in annihilating Chen Xi, they would surely have sufficient time to flee. How could they have suddenly abandoned the grand formation?”

Elder Yun Zhu frowned. “Unfortunately, I’m unable to enter forcefully at this moment as well. Otherwise, unless Jing Kong and the others open up the grand formation from within, I’ll suffer backlash from the grand formation, and it wouldn’t be worth it. But now it would seem like it’s obviously impossible…”

“This… Could it be that Chen…that kid killed everyone?” The nearby Wen Tianshuo was greatly astounded, and his face turned pale while he almost involuntarily cried out Chen Xi’s name.

Isn’t this too terrifying? If even 13 Earthly Immortal Realm experts from the Heavenflow Dao Sect were unable to do anything to Chen Xi, then wouldn’t the operation this time end with failure?

If it’s really like this, then what sort of consequences would be waiting for me?

When he thought up to here, Wen Tianshuo’s heart couldn’t help but be suffused with a wisp of icy coldness, and he felt terrified and uneasy.

“Shut up!” Leng Chan’er reprimanded with a low voice. “How could all those 13 Martial Uncles of mine possibly be annihilated in such a short period of time? I’ll be the first to kill you if you continue talking nonsense.”

Wen Tianshuo shuddered with fear when he saw the icy cold gaze of Leng Chan’er that was filled with fury, and his expression changed indeterminately while he stayed silent like a cicada in winder.

“We can only wait for now.” Elder Yun Zhu went silent for a long time before speaking slowly.

Leng Chan’er went silent. She knew as well that the Universal Devil Suppression Sword Formation was too formidable, so even if there was no one controlling the grand formation, it was extremely difficult for someone to enter from the outside and take charge of it. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be worthy to be called an Immortal Artifact.

It was just as Elder Yun Zhu had said, they could only wait outside the grand formation now, and wait for the true victor to be decided within the grand formation.

Time flowed by bit by bit.

On the other hand, the expressions of Leng Chan’er and Elder Yun Zhu gradually became heavy and even slightly unsightly.

At this moment, even the other cultivators nearby noticed something was off. Hasn’t this battle gone on for too long, how could the victor have not been decided until now?

Could it be that some sort of unexpected event has occurred within?

At this moment, everyone even forgot the reason they’d come here, and all their minds were placed on the drawing in midair that covered the sky as they silently awaited amidst an oppressive atmosphere.


After another 10 minutes pa.s.sed and right when everyone was on the verge of losing patience, the grand formation suddenly emitted a wave of intense rumbling before Immortal Energy flowed through it as it emanated a myriad of blazing radiances.

Is the outcome about to be decided?

The breathing of everyone present here became heavy when they saw this scene, and they stared fixedly without blinking at the grand formation.

“The control of the grand formation is starting to be reclaimed…” Leng Chan’er heaved a sigh of relief when she saw this, and her entire body relaxed.

“Wait! It isn’t Jing Kong and the others!” Elder Yun Zhu seemed to have noticed something, causing his gaunt face to darken abruptly as he cried out involuntarily. “Someone is refining the grand formation!”

“What!?” Leng Chan’er’s relaxed heart jerked fiercely once more while her beautiful face changed indeterminately, and she was extremely astounded.

How could this be possible?

That was the great weapon of their Heavenflow Dao Sect, a terrifying grand formation formed from a set of Immortal Artifacts that had always been in the possession of the Sect Master, and if it wasn’t for Bing s.h.i.+tian, then not to mention utilize it, they wouldn’t even be able to borrow it!

Yet now, there was actually someone who wanted to refine it!

When she thought about how this set of precious treasures was about to be taken by another right before her eyes, Leng Chan’er felt her scalp go numb while her entire body went cold.

“This can’t be true! How could Martial Uncle Jing Kong and the others watch idly by as such a thing occurs? How could that fellow possibly accomplish this with his strength? This…this is a set of Immortal Artifacts!” Leng Chan’er was scared out of her wits and muttered endlessly.

“Watch out!” Elder Yun Zhu seemed to have noticed something, causing his face to go grim as he stretched out his hand to pull Leng Chan’er over, and then his figure flashed backwards explosively. His actions were completed swiftly and in one go, and it was swift to the limit.


Right when both of them had just dodged to the side, the Universal Devil Suppression Sword Formation in midair suddenly transformed into eight vast sword drawings and split apart amidst a wave of rapid rumbling.

At this instant, it was like a sun had suddenly split apart, causing blazing and surging light to spread out and illuminate the entire surroundings as if it was daytime.

In the distance group of mountains, there were even waves of ferocious beast howls sounding out while the mountains trembled, and the beasts entered into a dormant state. Even the cultivators by the river couldn’t help but reveal shocked expressions as they retreated endlessly.


“Someone has come out from within!”

“A single person? That seems to be…”

Right amidst this expanse of panic, some cultivators with discerning gazes noticed to their astonishment that a tall and slender figure suddenly walked out from the center of the grand formation.

Shadows fluttered about while blazing radiances flowed, and they caused him to seem like a G.o.d from the higher realms descending into the world and made it impossible for others to see his appearance clearly.

But along with his appearance, the Universal Devil Suppression Sword Formation that had divided into eight suddenly stopped in midair before transforming into a flowing light that merged into the palm of that figure and vanished in the blink of an eye.

Instantly, the blazing radiances in the world vanished along with it, causing the world to once again fall into a pitch black atmosphere.

However, it just happened to be the crack of dawn, so the dense darkness had just surged into appearance before being torn apart by the vast and dazzling first ray of sunlight.

The dazzling light scattered down onto this figure, and it just happened to reveal his appearance clearly. He wore green clothes, had a handsome and indifferent appearance, snow white hair that fluttered in the wind, and he carried a murderous, heavy, and ancient aura.

The pupils of every gaze that encountered that figure practically simultaneously constricted while the owners of the gazes revealed expressions of disbelief.

That’s…Chen Xi!?

On the other hand, when Leng Chan’er and Elder Yun Zhu saw this figure, their entire bodies froze instantaneously while their hearts immediately fell to rock bottom. Even if they faintly sensed that there was a change in the situation, but when they really saw the appearance of that person that walked out of the grand formation clearly, they still felt indescribably shocked.

Chen Xi!

He’s actually still alive!

Then… What about Junior Brother (Martial Uncle) Jing Kong and the others?

A bad premonition couldn’t be restrained from arising within their hearts.


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