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Seeing the young girl feeling sad caused a wisp of warmth to gush out into Chen Xi’s heart. I gave them a silver coin that’s utterly useless to me, yet obtained the sincerest goodwill of a child. This caused him to be unable to help but be moved.

“Look, the red-crowned crane is fine.” Chen Xi stretched out his hand to rub the young girl’s little head before taking the ball of straw from her hand, and then his fingers fluttered about before he quickly wove a lifelike red-crowned crane.


In the next moment, this red-crowned crane that was woven with the most ordinary straw flashed abruptly before transforming into a true red-crowned crane that unfolded its wings while crying out, and it was extraordinary and magnificent.

The young girl and her mother were both stunned, and they didn’t believe their eyes.

“Sit on it and let it take you back home.” Chen Xi smiled as he spoke, and then he flicked his sleeve to send the pair of mother and child onto the back of the crane.

Swoos.h.!.+In the next moment, the red-crowned crane had already spread its wings and flown high into the sky, and it charged out of the temple. Everywhere it pa.s.sed, the rainstorm couldn’t taint its body while the evil spirits dodged away successively with fear, and it vanished in an instant.

“To make the evil face punishment, to make the kind obtain reward, to make order present for the good and bad of the world, white and black, right and wrong… This is the Heaven Dao that I seek in my heart!” Outside the ruined temple, Chen Xi’s clothes fluttered as he stood proudly amidst the thunder and rainstorm, and he looked towards the distance where the red-crowned crane had vanished as he muttered in a light voice.


Right at this moment, the vital energy in his body suddenly surged out as his entire body abruptly emitted an expanse of vast and extremely blazing light that illuminated the heavens and the earth.

The pouring rainstorm and roiling black clouds suddenly vanished without a trace to reveal the clear night sky that was suffused with the light of stars and flowed with the radiance of the bright moon.

The ghosts and evil spirits in the surroundings started to s.h.i.+ver while those that were good had their sins eliminated before entering the six paths of reincarnation, whereas those that committed evil were annihilated on the spot and vanished.

Strands of green sprouts suddenly emerged from the barren wasteland that was covered in jagged rocks of grotesque shapes, and plants grew madly while full of vitality. In an instant, the surroundings were overflowing with green, and it seemed like a miracle. 

In the blink of an eye, the sky was filled with dazzling stars while the bright moon was revealed, the surroundings were covered in tree and an expanse of dense verdant color. The scene at this moment seemed like the scene of an immortal paradise, and it didn’t reveal the slightest bit of a terrifying and ghastly scene like before.

Swoos.h.!.+Chen Xi’s figure suddenly descended onto a piece of limestone within the forest, and then he sat down cross-legged on it with a calm expression while a vast aura surged in his body. He was undergoing a transformation!

During this month of time, he’d surmounted mountains and rivers and wandered an extremely far distance, causing him to be accustomed to hards.h.i.+ps.

During this month of time, he’d annihilated evil cultivators and killed villains like an upright swordsman that acted straightforwardly.

During this month of time, he’d experienced the myriad of forms of the mortal world, and right and wrong; good and bad stayed within his heart. It wasn’t cultivating, but was better than cultivating!

Presently, his Dao Heart was in a perfect state while his vital energy was like a full moon in the night sky, tranquil, flawless, and untainted. In this Ghost Wasteland, within the ruined temple and under the rainstorm, his vital energy had fused with the heavens and the earth, and he’d finally grasped the trace of opportunity to advance, causing his entire body to undergo a qualitative transformation from inside out.


The sound of the Grand Dao that seemed like a wave of thunderclaps rumbled within his body, his True Essence boiled, his vital essence surged like a dragon, his vital blood blazed, and all of them transformed into energy that surged to the limit. It seemed like the first bolt of lightning that tore through the heavens and the earth, the extremely ancient sword of the Dao that slashed apart the chaos, and it slashed down within his Dantian.


An arched bridge suddenly gushed out into appearance from within his Dantian. The end of the bridge was originally covered in an expanse of chaos yet it suddenly split into two, and the clear qi rose to transform into the sky while the muddy qi sank to transform into the earth.

An extremely simple shape of a world was formed just like this!

It felt as if his body had been suddenly split into two halves, but Chen Xi didn’t feel the slightest bit of pain, and he instead instantly comprehended a profound feeling of the Dao.

When the chaos was split open at the beginning, it was like shackles that had been broken. Yin and Yang were separated, the heaven was Yang while the earth was Yin, and between this Yin and Yang was the boundless world… Boundless tiny pieces of comprehension surged successively into Chen Xi’s heart. In the next moment, the Rebirth Wheel within his Dantian exploded abruptly and transformed into a ball of multicolored bright light that gushed into the simple world before transforming into landscape and plants.

The five elements replace each other and circulate endlessly as it developed everything within the world… In merely the time for a few breaths, the entire world had a gorgeous, colorful, and magnificent aura, and it was overflowing with vitality as everything in the world was being created, causing it to not be grey and dull anymore.

But all these transformations didn’t end.

Numerous stars started to emerge in the sky, strands of wind drifted in the world, and the sun and the moon appeared in the sky. The heavens and the earth were divided into night and day while thunder surged and creation of everything started showing the transition between life and death… The entire world had ‘moved’ abruptly, and its movement created an upward thriving momentum.

Yin, Yang, the five elements, star, lightning, wind, sky… All the Grand Dao profundities Chen Xi had grasped formed this independent s.p.a.ce within the Blackhole in his body. Besides lacking the Supreme Laws of the Heaven Dao like the Spatial Law, the Temporal Law, the Law of Life and Death, and so on and so forth, it could already compare with a real world!


The vital essence and True Essence within Chen Xi’s body surged as it charged through the entire world that had just been born, and then it circulated through the apertures within his entire body. Every single time it circulated, its essence would undergo a shocking transformation.

His True Essence became vast, crystalline, and suffused with a jade like sheen.

His vital energy erupted like a volcano, causing even his soul to surge up repeatedly along with it.

His entire body seemed to have fused with the heavens, the earth, and everything in the world. His body reflected the heavens and the earth from the outside while the soul connected the body from within, and his entire body conformed with the Heaven Dao, causing him to seem like a celestial being that had descended into the mortal world and seemed as if he would fly away at any moment.

At this moment, Chen Xi had finally stepped into the Nether Transformation Realm and developed his Blackhole World, and he’d attained the Nether Transformation Realm that all cultivators dreamt of obtaining. Every single move he made was already capable of drawing on the energy of the heavens and the earth, and he was truly capable of collapsing a mountain and splitting the earth with a flick of his finger!

If it was said that the True Essence within Chen Xi’s body was a stream before, then it was a surging river that roiled endlessly now. Since a world had been formed in his body, how much True Essence could it hold? It absolutely surpa.s.sed the amount he was previously capable of holding by more than 100 times!

Most shocking of it all was the world Chen Xi created had been formed from over 10 types of Grand Dao profundities, causing it to be extremely solid and vast, and it was even more terrifying than the world created by ordinary Nether Transformation Realm cultivators.

If it was said that the Blackhole World of other Nether Transformation Realm cultivators was a wooden house, then Chen Xi’s was a stone fort. No matter if it was quality or structure, it was greatly superior!

I’ve finally attained the Nether Transformation Realm… At the instant Chen Xi opened his eyes, his gaze seemed like two bolts of lightning that streaked through the sky, and it was sharp, dazzling, and brief.


Chen Xi let out a long breath of air, and it actually caused a rumbling sound of thunder that shook the surrounding s.p.a.ce to the point of shaking. Moreover, with him as the center, the rocks and plants in an area of 500km were completely shattered and dispersed with the wind.

Chen Xi felt extremely overjoyed in his heart as he felt the new changes in his entire body.

Within his Dantian, True Essence that was vast like an ocean charged through the Blackhole World, whereas the outer sh.e.l.l of the Blackhole World was made of layer upon layer of crystalline walls that were solid, grand, and difficult to penetrate.

Moreover, every single layer of crystalline wall was suffused with Grand Dao profundities, causing it emit a dreamlike sheen that was formed from over 10 types of Grand Dao Insights.

The comprehension and grasp towards the Heaven Dao of a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator would fuse into the Blackhole World within the cultivator’s body. The more Grand Dao profundities a cultivator grasped and the higher the realm of comprehension, the more vast and solid the Blackhole World would be and the more terrifying the might exerted by it would be.

It was precisely because of this that there was a difference between Nether Transformation Realm cultivators, and the key was the solidity of the Blackhole World and the amount of Dao Insights.

Presently, Chen Xi has cultivated over 10 Grand Dao profundities, so his Blackhole World had the energy of these 10 plus Grand Dao profundities fused into it, causing the entire world to be even more colorful, gorgeous, and filled with vitality, and he could absolutely be considered to be one amongst the top in the Nether Transformation Realm.

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi noticed that the aura of the Paramita and Oblivion Grand Dao Insights were faintly present within his Blackhole World. This aura drifted between everything in the world, it seemed to want to help everything in the world transcend while annihilating those it deemed to be heretics. Unlike the other Grand Dao profundities, it obviously had a color that belonged to the six paths of reincarnation of the Netherworld.

It was precisely because of the existence of these two rare Grand Dao profundities that Chen Xi’s Blackhole World became even more complete. It possessed a sense of order between life and death and the aura of the cycle of rebirth, causing its might to become even more formidable.

On the other hand, the technique Grand Dao profundities like the Sword Dao, Talisman Dao, Slaughter Dao, Obliteration Dao, and Devour Dao were scattered about all over the Blackhole World, and they were reflected in every corner of the world with a ‘moving’ state.

For example, the Devour Dao was concealed within the vortexes caused by the wind, water vortexes, fire vortexes, lightning vortexes… It was an embodiment of movement that didn’t possess a shape or a material form, yet it contained strands of the aura of the Dao.

Senior Dao Lotus said that only by flawlessly commanding the various Dao Insights I possess would I be able to bring forth my strongest might. Presently, I’ve already developed my Blackhole World, yet the Dao Insights within it are in disorder and unable to circulate in an orderly manner. What I lack is a Dao Insight to be the commander that commands and controls the other Dao Insights… After he experienced the various changes of the Blackhole World, Chen Xi muttered and seemed lost in thought.

Before long, he discarded all his distracting thoughts and fell once more into meditation.

He’d already resolved since a long time ago that he would use the Talisman Dao to control the other Dao Insights. Now, what he had to do was to arrange the various Dao Insights he possessed before circulating them in an orderly manner according to the guidance of the Talisman Dao, causing his strength to be flawlessly exerted.

Om! Om!

Chen Xi slowly circulated his Blackhole World as he organized the various Grand Dao profundities within it, and he completely forgot the pa.s.sage of time. He actually sat cross-legged there silently and immersed himself into an extremely profound state.

The aura within his entire body was restrained while his vital essence laid within his body, and he seemed like a piece of wood or rock that didn’t possess the slightest vitality and remained unmoving.

Six days later.

An Ironfeather Hawk that had been lingering here for many days was finally unable to restrain the hunger in its belly, and it plunged down from midair while its pair of claws that were sharp like swords clawed fiercely towards this ‘prey’ that it had observed for many days.


The Ironfeather Hawk’s speed was extremely swift like a piercingly cold gust of wind, and it instantly appeared before the figure that sat cross-legged on the limestone. However, right when its sharp claws were less than three cm away from the figure, an unexpected event occurred abruptly.


That figure that hadn’t moved like a rock for six days and six nights suddenly opened its eyes at this extremely dangerous moment. In the next moment, a gaze that was like a cold bolt of lightning shot out explosively, and it directly penetrated this Ironfeather Hawk, causing it to die miserably and fall to the ground!

Six days have actually pa.s.sed… According to this, isn’t the Peak Trials of the sect tomorrow?” Chen Xi muttered. Now that I think of it, I have to thank this feathered beast, otherwise, I’d probably be late to the Peak Trials…

His voice curled up into the sky and hadn’t finished sounding out when he’d already vanished on the spot without a trace. 


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