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The Ancient Springtime Realm.

As soon as he entered this place, Chen Xi immediately noticed that it was just as he’d expected, and the energy of time here was being delayed and was extremely slow.

According to Chen Xi’s deduction, only three days in the outside world would have pa.s.sed from cultivating three years in here.

Obviously, the Dao Inst.i.tute had made such arrangements to allow the 30 disciples to possess sufficient time to rest, recuperate, and completely return to their peak states before entering the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos.


Chen Xi let out a long breath of air before he sat down cross-legged, and then withdrew the five pieces of the secret map.

They were said to be secret maps, yet they were actually just five damaged and ancient beast skins. Every single one of them was enveloped by an obscure and mysterious layer of energy, and it caused others to be unable to discern their secrets.

When the tip of Chen Xi’s finger came into contact with one of the beast skins, a strange energy that felt like electricity surged out from it, and then it spread along his arm, causing Chen Xi’s figure to suddenly tremble while a wisp of indescribable terror arose in his heart.

What sort of energy is this? Chen Xi was shocked in his heart. With his current cultivation, he was actually unable to resist this energy, and this was extremely inconceivable.

After pondering deeply for a moment, he opened this piece of beast skin in the end.


As soon as it was opened, circle after circle of ripples silently arose like a rain of light, and they emanated a strand of obscure energy.

After that, Chen Xi’s eyes couldn’t help but narrow. Because the beast skin was merely branded with a row of extremely incomplete and strange markings. They wound around like worms, seemed ancient like inscriptions, and emanated a desolate aura.

There was no doubt that this was a form of writing!

However, Chen Xi was utterly unable to distinguish it. Even if these rows of words weren’t incomplete, he would still be unable to discern its contents.

Because these words were too unique, and Chen Xi had never seen or heard of them at all.

It would be fine if that was the end of it. However, the crux of the matter was that even with Chen Xi’s extremely formidable ability of deduction, he was actually unable to deduce anything from these words!

This was slightly inconceivable.

After all, even if someone at Chen Xi’s level couldn’t be said to have knowledge of the ages, he would at least be able to be said to have seen the secrets of the world. So, he could deduce the information he required with his ability of deduction.

However, when facing the mysterious writing on the damaged beast skin, Chen Xi could do nothing but look helplessly at it.

Right. If there are some secrets to it, then Eldest Senior Brother would have definitely told me in advance. Yet he hadn’t done so. Obviously, even he’s unable to discern anything from this ancient writing…. Chen Xi frowned and muttered incessantly in his heart.

These five pieces of beast skin had come from all five extremes of the Imperial Region, and his Oracle Mountain had provided one of them as well. However, it was very obvious that it wasn’t just Oracle Mountain that was unable to discern any secrets from it, the other four great powers were the same.

Interesting. It’s clearly something left behind by the Roc Daolord, yet it’s actually mysterious to such an extent. Looks like this secret map definitely holds extraordinary secrets. Chen Xi took a deep breath before he recovered his calm, and then he started to open the other four pieces of beast skin.

The outcome was that all four of these pieces of beast skin were extremely damaged without exception, and they were more or less branded with some mysterious writing.

Chen Xi had tried to join these five pieces of beast skin together, yet after a short while, he finally noticed that it was utterly impossible to form a complete map with just the beast skins he possessed.

I lack at least three pieces. Moreover, the crux is that the writing is mottled and incomplete, so it’s probably utterly impossible to locate that so-called mysterious place by relying on these clues. Chen Xi stared with concentration and observed, and he couldn’t help but sigh within his heart after some time.

According to what his eldest senior brother, Wu Xuechan, had said, these five maps were related to a mysterious place in the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos, and it’s very likely for that place to hold the true secrets of the Ultimate Path towards the Dao.

However, at this moment, Chen Xi suddenly noticed that if he relied solely on these five pieces of beast skin, then not to mention finding the secrets of the Ultimate Path towards the Dao, he probably wouldn’t even be able to find that mysterious place.

There was only a single reason for this, he possessed too little information to go on!

Looks like I can only act according to circ.u.mstances after I enter the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos. In the end, Chen Xi could only put the beast skin away helplessly.

After that, he withdrew the five Natural Spirit Treasures that he’d just obtained.

The Infinite Skybreak Shuttle was around a meter long, shaped like a shuttle with edges that were sharp like blades, completely suffused with brilliant starlight, and emanated a chaotic aura. Its destructive force was shocking, and it could destroy anything that stood before it.

The Spiritvoid Garment was shaped like a ball of silk. It seemed illusory and flowed with the glow of treasures. When it was worn, it allowed its wearer to avoid the elements and all sorts of calamities. It possessed world shocking defensive abilities.

The Yin-Yang Universe Flag was both clear and muddy at the same time, and it was split between black and win while Yin and Yang were completely balanced. This flag’s greatest ability was to draw down the energy of the world to cause the descent of the energy of the three supreme divine lightnings Chaos, Yin-Yang, and Blackwhite.

The Myriad Dao Pearl….

The Globe Halberd….

Every single one of these five Natural Spirit Treasures was a precious treasure even amongst Natural Spirit Treasures, and each possessed miraculous abilities of their own. Moreover, they strength far exceeded ordinary Natural Spirit Treasures, causing Chen Xi to be extremely fond of them.

Unfortunately, even Chen Xi himself was clearly aware that he was utterly unable to utilize so many Natural Spirit Artifacts in actual battle.

Presently, he still had numerous Natural Spirit Treasures like the Fifth-Earth Apricot Yellow Flag, the Ancient Soul Refinement Mirror, the Divine Blood Desolation Bell, and the Dragon Origin Pearl.

Besides that, Chen Xi also possessed the Golden Spear of Domination that Imperial Monarch Nandu had left behind upon his death and the Divine Fate Dao Ruler that he obtained after he killed Imperial Monarch Miao Feng.

There was also the Overarching Heaven Net and the Copper Coin of Treasurefall.

If the Talisman Armament, Banisher, Netherworld Register, Condemn Evil Brush, Dao Calamity Sword, and various other treasures were included, then the amount would be even more enormous.

Practically every single one of these treasures were unprecedentedly rare and priceless treasures that could only be chanced upon by luck. If other cultivators were aware of this, their jaws would probably hit the floor from shock.

After all, who would dare imagine that Chen Xi alone possessed so many precious treasures that could be considered to be peerless?

On the other hand, after he’d come into contact with so many Natural Spirit Treasures, it allowed him to become completely aware of a single thing, and it was that there was a difference between treasures like Natural Spirit Artifacts as well.

For example, while the Talisman Armament, Infinite Skybreak Shuttle, and Golden Spear of Domination were all treasures with shocking destructive might, yet the most formidable was naturally the Talisman Armament while the Infinite Skybreak Shuttle was 2nd and the Golden Spear of Domination was the last.

Of course, it was still very difficult to make a specific distinction between them. After all, every single Natural Spirit Treasure possessed its own miraculous effects, and the might they revealed in every single cultivator was naturally different as well.

In Chen Xi’s opinion, there was only a single standard to differentiate between Natural Spirit Treasures. One type was those that were extremely useful to him, and the other were those that weren’t very useful to him.

During the next period of time, Chen Xi selected the Golden Speak of Domination, Divine Blood Desolation Bell, and Globe Halberd….

These three treasures weren’t of much use to Chen Xi.

After that, he sorted the Fifth-Earth Apricot Yellow Flag, Ancient Soul Refinement Mirror, Dragon Origin Pearl, Yin-Yang Universe Flag, and Myriad Dao Pearl into the same category.

Every single one of these treasures had different effects, and they could be said to be precious and outstanding treasures that were able to play a key role in some special environments.

The Netherworld Register, Condemn Evil Brush, and Dao Calamity Sword were sorted into the same category.

These treasures were like taboos that couldn’t be revealed to the world, and Chen Xi would absolutely not utilize them rashly unless it was a critical moment.

The Talisman Armament, Banisher, Copper Coin of Treasurefall, Overarching Heaven Net, Spiritvoid Garment, and Infinite Skybreak Shuttle were sorted into the same category.

These treasures were those that he would frequently utilize in combat.

However, after he finished sorting all of these treasures, Chen Xi hadn’t stopped here. On the contrary, he shot his gaze towards the Golden Spear of Domination, the Divine Blood Desolation Bell, and the Globe Halberd before he fell into deep thought.

After a long time, he glanced at the Talisman Armament that resided in his hand, and then a wisp of a resolute expression flashed in his eyes.


After a short while, a wave of strange droning resounded.

Strands of Chaotic Qi effused out from the Talisman Armament, and then it formed strands of dense, obscure, dazzling, and resplendent talisman diagrams in midair.

At practically the exact same moment, another humming sound resounded before a golden glow flashed around the Golden Spear of Domination, and then it was enveloped by the dense talisman markings emanated by the Talisman Armament.

In an instant, a strand of terrifying devouring force surged out from within the Talisman Armament, and it actually started to gradually absorb the Natural Spirit Energy within the Golden Spear of Domination!

If the cultivators of the outside world witnessed this scene, they would probably feel disbelief.

A Natural Spirit Treasure was devouring the energy of another Natural Spirit Treasure! Had anyone in the entire world ever witnessed such a shocking scene?

This was one of the miraculous abilities of the Talisman Armament, and it was a unique and heaven defying ability that the Talisman Armament obtained when it advanced into the ranks of Natural Spirit Treasures!

It could devour the quintessence of all things to feed itself and improve its own might!

Earlier, when he fought Leng Xinghun, Chen Xi had utilized this ability to deal with the situation where he was trapped within the checkerboard of the Heavenmatch Checkerboard.

However, unlike during the battle where it merely devoured the energy utilized to trap Chen Xi, the Talisman Armament was current devouring the energy of the entire Natural Spirit Treasure, and the objective of this was obviously to improve its own might!

All of this had come to pa.s.s because of Chen Xi’s decision.

Just like the Divine Blood Desolation Bell and Globe Halberd, the Golden Spear of Domination wasn’t of much use to him, and it was practically useless in his possession. So, it was better to refine and absorb it to improve the Talisman Armament’s might.

Perhaps in the opinion of outsiders, such actions would simply make their blood boil and was an extreme waste, but Chen Xi had only done this after long deliberation.

Presently, he was peerless in the Universe Enlightened Ancestral G.o.d Realm indeed. But it was merely the Universe Enlightened Ancestral G.o.d Realm, and there were the Imperial Monarch and Daolord Realms after that.

Chen Xi was currently thinking about seizing the opportunity before he advanced into the Imperial Monarch Realm to ceaselessly improve the strength of the Talisman Armament. In this way, even if he advanced into the Imperial Monarch Realm, the Talisman Armament’s might would be sufficient for him to bring forth his entire combat strength.

Was the Imperial Monarch Realm for away?

It wasn’t anymore!

Chen Xi had attained perfection in the Universe Enlightened Ancestral G.o.d Realm now, and if it wasn’t for entering the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos to search for fortune and establish a Region of his own, his current cultivation was already sufficient for him to enter behind closed doors and charge into the Imperial Monarch Realm!

As the saying goes, make hay while the sun s.h.i.+nes.

All his accomplishments had become matters of the past in the end. In Chen Xi’s opinion, defeating opponents of the same realm was utterly meaningless, and his sights had been locked onto the Imperial Monarch Realm since a long time ago.

Imperial Monarchs were G.o.ds amongst emperors, and they reigned over the myriad of regions in the Ancient G.o.d Domain!

Existences at such a realm of cultivation were overlords that truly stood towering in the entire Ancient G.o.d Domain. They commanded extraordinary authority, received the respect of all, and possessed monstrous power and influence.

In Chen Xi’s opinion, he wasn’t satisfied to merely become an Imperial Monarch because there was another existence called, Region Lords, amongst Imperial Monarchs!


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