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South Sea Region? Chen Xi thought for a moment, and then he shook his head in the end. He hadn’t even arrived at Snow Ink Region, so how could he have the mood to pay attention to the South Sea Region.

After that, Tie Kun pa.s.sed a map to Chen Xi, and the diagram of the 3,000 universes within Snow Ink Region was drawn on it. Moreover, it clearly indicated the path to head to Jadestone Universe where Violeth.e.l.l Divine Sect resided.

After he did all of this, Tie Kun bid his farewells and left. He gave Chen Xi time to concentrate on recovering his strength.

No matter what, I have to leave this place today…. Chen Xi took a deep breath and discarded the distracting thoughts in his mind before starting to meditate and cultivate.

Even though the battle from before had ended, his future troubles hadn’t been uprooted just like that. He was very clearly aware that if the Dayi Clan’s Third Young Master, Yi Tian, caught up to him at this moment, then the consequences would be unimaginable.

So, he had to leave today.

No matter where he went, it was better than staying here.



Within an ancient forest that towered into the clouds, a black divine arrow tore through s.p.a.ce like a bolt of lightning, and it shot fiercely towards the distance.

In merely a short moment, a miserable shrill cry resounded from afar.

“Good technique. I believe it won’t be long before Young Master will be able to advance into the Archer G.o.d Realm and become a true master archer of the clan! If the Ancestor hears of this, he’ll definitely be extremely happy.” Within the forest, Ninth Uncle clapped and praised.

All the guards by his side chimed in without end as well.

Yi Tian that wore a white robe and had a handsome appearance casually tossed the bow to an attendant by his side, and then he smiled lightly as he said, “All of you don’t have to praise me, I myself am clearly aware of how far away I’m from the Archer G.o.d Realm.”

Even though he spoke like this, a wisp of a proud smile suffused the corners of his mouth.

A wave of rustling sounded out as a guard rushed over while dragging a heavily injured and unconscious figure, and then he bowed and said, “Young Master, this is your prey.”

“What’s the point of keeping him alive if he has such inferior strength? Kill him.” Yi Tian didn’t even spare the figure a glance before he waved his hand and spoke.



The guard slapped his palm down and directly shattered the soul within that body.

“How boring. I originally thought that since the Last Days Domain was opened and the energy of calamity swept through the lower dimensions, I would be able to capture some formidable prey. Yet who would have imagined that the strength of these prey is only getting worse.” Yi Tian shook his head with slightly flagging interest, and then he suddenly thought of something and said, “Right, is there any news of that kid?”

As soon as these words were spoken, all of their expressions turned slightly gloomy. They were clearly aware that the Third Young Master, Yi Tian, was speaking about Chen Xi, that cunning and formidable young man from the lower dimensions.

Especially Ninth Uncle, his expression was extraordinarily gloomy because when he pursued Chen Xi that day, he’d almost been killed, and this matter caused him to feel extremely aggrieved in his heart since that day.

The reason was that he was utterly unable to utilize the might of the Dao of Archery that he was best at during that battle, and he could only fight Chen Xi at close quarters and had fallen into a disadvantageous position instead.

“Interesting. That kid was actually able to hide until now. I have a stronger urge to make him submit as my G.o.dslave now.” Yi Tian laughed lightly while his eyes revealed a wisp of a contemplative expression.

“But Young Master, we only have another seven days of time. If we still don’t return, then you’ll be unable to register yourself to partic.i.p.ate in the Starhunt Meeting held by Empress Yu Che.” Ninth Uncle was slightly hesitant and reminded.

Yi Tian was stunned, and then he waved his hand and said, “Don’t we still have seven days of time. We’ll make it in time.”


At this moment, a wave of sharp sound of air being torn apart resounded abruptly from afar. Along with this voice, a bolt of blood red lightning arrived instantaneously. It stopped in midair and swiftly transformed into the form of a woman.

She wore yellow clouds, had beautiful hair that flowed down like a waterfall, and her expression was indifferent. Shockingly, it was Yu Chen that had fled and escaped death from Chen Xi.

However, her countenance was ghastly pale and translucent at this moment while her aura was weak. Obviously, she hadn’t fully recovered from the heavy injuries she received.

“Yu Chen, what happened?” Yi Tian spoke with surprise.

The others looked over successively as well, and they revealed a wisp of shock. They were clearly aware that Yu Chen was a body refiner, and her cultivation was even on the verge of stepping foot into the Domain Enlightened Spirit G.o.d Realm. Even Ninth Uncle didn’t dare underestimate her.

But at this moment, she was heavily injured and seemed to be in a sorry state after fleeing for her life. So, how could they not be shocked?

“Third Young Master, I’m sorry. That prey’s strength was too formidable, and the operation was a failure….” Yu Chen had a dim expression as she replied bitterly.

All the others glanced at each other. Even if they’d guessed the outcome, they still felt slight disbelief when they heard it from Yu Chen herself.

“What exactly happened?” Yi Tian frowned as he spoke.

Yu Chen took a deep breath, and she didn’t dare conceal anything. She described everything that occurred during the battle.

“What? He alone was able to annihilate nine World Enlightened True G.o.ds, and he even almost killed you?” All of them exclaimed with shock, and their expressions changed without end.

Yi Tian and Ninth Uncle exchanged glances, and they both noticed the shock in each other’s eyes. However, comparatively speaking, they were quite composed.

It was even to the extent that as far as Ninth Uncle was concerned, even he’d almost been defeated by Chen Xi, let alone a group of World Enlightened True G.o.ds. The fact that truly shocked him was instead Yu Chen’s defeat.

She was a body refiner, so how could she have lost so miserably?

“There are two reasons why that kid is so difficult to deal with. Firstly, his combat strength far exceeds an ordinary World Enlightened True G.o.d, and secondly, it’s because he possesses two extremely terrifying Natural Spirit Treasures.” In next to no time, Yu Chen gave them the answer. “One of them is even the Sovereign Sect’s Copper Coin of Treasurefall!”

“What?” At this instant, Ninth Uncle and Yi Tian were shocked as well, and they exclaimed with surprise. This obviously showed how great was the shock they suffered from the Copper Coin of Treasurefall.

“Are you sure?” Yi Tian couldn’t help but ask this question.

“Absolutely. If he didn’t suddenly utilize the Copper Coin of Treasurefall, I would definitely not lose so miserably.” Yu Chen gritted her teeth, and her voice revealed a strand of dense anger.

“So, in this way, could it be that he’s from the Sovereign Sect?” Ninth Uncle’s brows knit together, and his expression was extremely heavy.

“He definitely isn’t.” Yi Tian didn’t hesitate at all to deny it, and he said, “If he’s a member of the Sovereign Sect, how could he be unaware of the rules in the Last Days Domain?”

“I suspect he isn’t one as well. Firstly, it’s because he hasn’t grasped the Divine Energy of Calamity at all, and secondly, it’s because of the other Natural Spirit Treasure in his possession,” said Yu Chen.

“Oh?” The others looked at Yu Chen in succession.

“Because that Natural Spirit Treasure seems… seems to be… the Overarching Heaven Net….” Yu Chen hesitated for a long time before she spoke with uncertainty.

The Overarching Heaven Net!

All of them were shocked in their hearts.

“Now that you say that, he might really be related to Oracle Mountain. I’ve fought him once, and his Sword Dao contains a supreme Talisman Dao, and it’s extremely similar to the inheritance of Oracle Mountain. At that time, I had my suspicions, but I didn’t dare say for sure.” Ninth Uncle pondered deeply at the side before he spoke.

“Strange, if that kid is related to any one of these two sects, then his origins are slightly extraordinary. But it just so happens that he arrived at the Last Days Domain all by himself, and he seemed to be utterly unaware of the rules here. It’s truly strange.” All the others were extremely bewildered when they heard this.

“Hmph! The more it’s like this, the more I look forward to capture this kid.” Suddenly, Yi Tian revealed a wisp of rare excitement. “Such a prey is a true prey! The others are all a group of sheep that are waiting to be slaughtered, and it isn’t challenging at all!”

The others were shocked in their hearts, and they said simultaneously, “Young Master, you can’t!”

“Young Master, this kid’s ident.i.ty is unusual. I think we should stop, right?” Ninth Uncle persuaded from the side.

Their Dayi Clan could be considered to be a top-rate power that possessed monstrous authority in the 3,000 universes of Snow Ink Region, and it controlled numerous universes. However, it was slightly weak when compared to the Sovereign Sect.

As for Oracle Mountain, this sect was mysterious. It was even to the extent that none had seem heirs of Oracle Mountain making an appearance in the world, yet this didn’t mean that Oracle Mountain wasn’t sufficiently formidable.

At least, Ninth Uncle was clearly aware that there were countless legends of the Master of Oracle Mountain, f.u.xi, within the entire Ancient G.o.d Domain, and practically the entire Ancient G.o.d Domain knew about him.

“Stop? Hmph! He didn’t reveal his ident.i.ty, so why should I stop? Ninth Uncle, from this moment onwards, utilize all the relations.h.i.+ps our Dayi Clan possesses in the entire Last Days Domain to capture this kid without sparing any effort!” At this moment, Yi Tian seemed to be slightly arrogant, and he spoke with a burning gaze.

The others still intended to persuade him, yet Yi Tian instantly revealed a grim expression and said, “Just do as I said. I’ll take responsibility if any mishaps occur!”

The others instantly shut their mouths and didn’t speak any further.

“Young Master, I feel that it’s best for us to notify the Sovereign Sect about this first. If that kid is a disciple of the Sovereign Sect, then the consequences would be severe.” Ninth Uncle pondered deeply for a long time before he couldn’t help but speak these words in the end.

“Absolutely not!” Yi Tian said resolutely, “Not only can we not notify the Sovereign Sect, I absolutely won’t allow a shred of information related to this kid to be exposed!”

When he heard this, Ninth Uncle instantly understood that his Third Young Master coveted the Copper Coin of Treasurefall and Overarching Heaven Net in that kid’s possession, and his Third Young Master intended to kill that kid to keep him quiet.

“Begin the operation.” Yi Tian waved his hand. “If this operation fails, then we’ll stay in the Last Days Domain forever!”



Beneath the night sky, a figure shot through s.p.a.ce, and it flew ceaselessly towards the distance. If one didn’t observe carefully, it was utterly impossible to locate a trace of him.

Unlike other places, the nights in the Last Days Domain seemed to be exceptionally dark and ghastly. There were no stars or moon, and it was pitch black like thick ink.

As expected, this Daoseal Mark isn’t just capable of severing vital energy that sweeps over to lock onto me, it conceals my own vital energy at the same time as well. This flying figure belong to Chen Xi. He was relying on Divine Crystals to recover his cultivation as he flew, and he’d recovered almost 50% of his strength now.

However, this was far from being capable of allowing him to exert his peak strength, and it was even to the extent that if he encountered experts like Ninth Uncle, then he would absolutely die.

Fortunately, Chen Xi felt gratified because the Daoseal Mark that enveloped his Soul Divine Flame was capable of concealing his vital energy. Unless he encountered some sort of terrifying existence with extraordinary ability, otherwise, ordinary figures would be utterly unable to sense his aura even if they noticed his tracks.

I’ll be able to recover my entire cultivation roughly around daybreak tomorrow…. Chen Xi sensed his own strength, and he felt slightly rea.s.sured in his heart. He was clearly aware that once he got through this night, then he wouldn’t have to fear being chased by the Dayi Clan’s Third Young Master’s group.

The only thing that troubled Chen Xi was exactly how he should pa.s.s through the Sovereign Sect’s guard with his current combat strength and enter Snow Ink Region smoothly.


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