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The Endless Sea.

Horrifying waves raged as they surged into the sky. The heavens and the earth were filled with lightning while dark clouds roiled. The brilliant lightning tore through s.p.a.ce and rained down with expanse after expanse of horrifying pale light.

Time and s.p.a.ce were in complete chaos here. It transformed into storms that swept through the air while the sky seemed to be collapsing and transforming into narrow and long black colored rifts, and they densely filled the world.

This scene was extremely terrifying!

If it was a Golden Immortal that was capable of teleporting, the Golden Immortal would probably not dare take a step into this place because the spatial storms were capable of instantly swallowing everything.

This was the northernmost area of the Immortal Dimension, a storm sea that neighbored Endless City.


A wave of fluctuation arose in s.p.a.ce before two figures appeared, and it was Dian Dian and Chen Xi.

At this moment, Dian Dian’s entire body was covered in circle after circle of illusory halos, and these halos enveloped both her and Chen Xi. As they stood above this extremely dangerous sea, they actually weren’t affected by it at all.

“This is the Endless Sea? It really is terrifying…” Chen Xi swept the surroundings with his gaze, and he was extremely shocked in his heart.

After killing Elder Ge Yun, Dian Dian had directly teleported him along with her away from Sin City to this place. According to Dian Dian, they would be able to arrive at the legendary Prehistoric Ruins after traversing this extremely dangerous sea and pa.s.sing through a dimensional barrier.

“The Heaven Dao Laws are shattered here, and it doesn’t have World Energy to hold it together, thus causing this place to be so violent. However, you don’t have to worry because no mishaps will occur with me bringing you through it.” As she spoke, her figure flashed, and she brought Chen Xi along as she flashed towards the depths of the Endless Sea.

She didn’t utilize teleportation. Obviously, the spatial storms here were too ferocious, and it caused even an existence at the Immortal King Realm like her to not dare be careless.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As Dian Dian flashed forward, some storms, lightning, and spatial storms surged over all along the way and struck onto the light barrier that covered them, causing thunderous bangs to resound.

However, Chen Xi felt at ease because as the light barrier circulated, it dispersed all the attacks that struck them. It was solid like iron, and it was utterly impossible for them to be injured at all.

Moreover, based on Dian Dian’s relaxed appearance, this dangerous environment was obviously not threatening to her at all.

After he relaxed, Chen Xi couldn’t help but recall what happened earlier, and he asked. “Right. Why didn’t Senior make a move earlier and directly annihilate all the villains in Endless City?”

“I can’t.” Dian Dian explained in a casual manner.

According to what she said, Sin City was like a natural prison. Even though no one guarded it, so long as a villain fled into it, then they can dream of leaving in their entire lifetimes.

Because Immortal Hunters came to hunt villains every day in the surroundings of Endless City, and they imperceptibly played the role of prison guards.

Moreover, Endless City was neighboring to the Endless Sea, but its resources were extremely lacking. Thus, the only way for those villains to survive was to head to the Endless Sea and search for various types of resources.

Even though the Endless Sea was extremely dangerous and there was practically a very slim chance of survival once one entered it, an unimaginable amount of various resources existed in the Endless Sea. There was no lack of Secret Realms, shattered worlds, and hidden minor world within the sea.

The only method those villains could survive was to head over here and risk their lives exploring and searching for resources. This was equivalent to a.s.sisting the Immortal Dimension in opening up many new territories.

This was the meaning behind the existence of Sin City. It seemed like the villains weren’t pursued any longer, yet it was actually equivalent to they themselves entering into a jail. Moreover, they even used their lives and blood to help the Immortal Dimension open up numerous Secret Realms and hidden worlds in the Endless Sea.

Of course, if they wanted to destroy Sin City, then it was simply as easy as blowing off dust to all the powers within the Immortal Dimension. However, in that way, the prisoners of the 4,900 continents in the Immortal Dimensions would roam the world because without a place to flee for their lives, they would instead cause great disaster to the Immortal Dimension.

So that’s how it is. Chen Xi came to a sudden understanding, and he sighed endlessly with emotion in his heart. He was very clearly aware that the villains in the world were utterly impossible to annihilate completely nor could they be restrained because new villains were born every single day.

On the other hand, the existence of Sin City seemed to be like a place provided to the villains of the world to escape to, yet it was actually a superb method to resolve the disaster they would cause to the Immortal Dimension. It carried extraordinary meaning.


Suddenly, a shocking roar resounded from far away, and it reverberated through the surroundings and shook apart the dark clouds that covered the sky.

After that, Chen Xi saw a large snake that was an entire 30km long on the distant surface of the sea, and it suddenly charged out of the sea while giving rise to a myriad of layers of waves!

Its entire body was covered in ink black scales and had an extremely savage face of a human. Its eyes seemed crimson red like the sun, and when its b.l.o.o.d.y mouth was opened, it seemed capable of swallowing a towering mountain. Moreover, it possessed a pair of blood red wings on its back, and they were coiled by strands of condensed Laws that emanated a terrifying might. As soon as it appeared, it was like an overlord of the sea, and it was extremely shocking.

Merely its monstrous and ferocious aura caused Chen Xi to be frightened.

A Hua Snake! [1]

A relic species of the Prehistoric Ruins!

According to rumor, it was born a beast of disaster. Monstrous floods would definitely occur where is resided, and these floods would drown cities and bring disaster to all living beings. It was extremely formidable.

The Hua Snake before his eyes was completely covered in rumbling Laws, and its aura was monstrous. In terms of its ferocious might, it was absolutely above the Golden Immortal Realm!

“I forgot that you’re only a step away from attaining the Saint Immortal Realm. Even though this Hua Snake’s bloodline isn’t pure, it has cultivated for at least 10,000 years. The snake pearl between its eyes is greatly beneficial to your cultivation.” As she spoke, Dian Dian casually gestured with her hand. Suddenly, a zigzagged white colored bolt of lightning struck down from midair in the distance, and it was like a blade of judgment descending from the heavens, and it actually easily cut off the head of that Hua Snake!


A rain of blood that covered the sky sprayed explosively from the headless body of the snake, and then it fell into the sea with a thump.

Just like that, an ancient relic species with a strength comparable to the Saint Immortal Realm didn’t even have the chance to let out a shrill cry before it was easily annihilated by Dian Dian!


A fist sized pearl that was translucent and crimson red fell into Dian Dian’s palm. It was like a small sun and was suffused with a shocking crimson red brilliant. Moreover, it carried a cool fragrance that refreshed the spirit.

“Keep it first. This pearl is quite effective in consolidating your cultivation and condensing Immortal Force. You can consume and absorb it after you break through into the Saint Immortal Realm.” Dian Dian grinned as she pa.s.sed the pearl to Chen Xi, and she didn’t give him the chance to refuse at all. “Don’t feel shy. Once we enter the Prehistoric Ruins, I’ll be relying on you to give me a great deal of your help.”

Chen Xi could only accept it when he heard this, and he sighed with emotion in his heart. Following by the side of an Immortal King really is nice. I don’t have to worry about anything all along the way, and I’m even able to get a great deal of benefit. This is no different that encountering an extraordinary fortuitous encounter.


As they headed deeper into the Endless Sea, the environment grew more and more adverse. The spatial storms that covered the sky practically filled the heavens and the earth while terrible shattered spatial rifts were everywhere. Most terrifying of it all was that the originally calm s.p.a.ce in the surroundings might rumble and shatter at any moment before transforming into spatial turbulence, and it was impossible to take precautions against this.

Under such circ.u.mstances, Dian Dian obviously slowed down, and her expression had become much more serious while she pa.s.sed through the spatial storms.

After all, once they were swept into it, even if they were able to survive, they would probably instantly lose their direction. Because boundless other pockets of s.p.a.ce existed within the depths of the spatial storms.

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

Before long, numerous ferocious figures suddenly surged into appearance from the violent sea. They had the head of a tiger, the body of a wyrm, and they were 3km in length. Their entire bodies were yellowish brown, and numerous sharp and icy cold spikes stood upright on their backbone. When looked at from afar, there were at least over a thousand of these ferocious beasts on the surface of the sea.

This was a group of Tiger Wyrms!

They were similarly a type of relic species from the Prehistoric Ruins, and they were bloodthirsty. During the prehistoric times, there was once a great figure who was a Tiger Wyrm that attained the Dao, and he was extremely terrifying and capable of easily tearing G.o.ds apart.

“This group of Tiger Wyrms aren’t mature enough. Their ability is only equivalent to Artificial Saint Immortals. However, the Blood Essence in their hearts are a superb material to refine Valiant Grade Immortal Artifacts with. It’s roughly like a medicinal catalyst, and it’s capable of removing the impurities of an Immortal Artifact.” Dian Dian guided in a casual manner.

Subsequently, blood floated above the sea while the corpses of Tiger Wyrms piled up, whereas the Blood Essence within their hearts were completely stored within a jade white bottle.

Obviously, when facing a peerless Immortal King like Dian Dian, their fate was already predetermined.

Without any exception, Chen Xi obtained 500kg of the Blood Essence from the hearts of these Tiger Wyrms. In the Immortal Dimension, this was sufficient to be exchanged for a few Valiant Grade Immortal Artifacts.

This caused Chen Xi to sigh emotionally. In the eyes of others, this Endless Sea is filled with danger and extremely violent, causing them to not dare step foot into it. But in the eyes of Immortal Kings, it’s like a sea of treasure that’s filled with wealth and fortune, and seizing this fortune and wealth isn’t difficult for them at all.

This caused Chen Xi to feel extremely fortunate. I made the right decision coming here!

In the subsequent journey, they once again encountered all sorts of relic species of the prehistoric times, and every single one of them were rare ferocious beasts. However, in Dian Dian’s eyes, they were like the immortal herbs planted in her own backyard. When she saw something that was useful to Chen Xi, she would gather it, and when it was useless, she would directly disregard it.

“This Kui Ox Skin can be refined into a drum type immortal artifact. During the prehistoric times, a great figure had once gathered 9,900 Kui Ox Skins and refined a supreme Immortal Artifact, the Immortal Thumper. A light strike of it caused the heavens and earth to rumble while everything in an area of 500,000km shattered into powder. It was extremely formidable.”

“This is the bone of a Ya Yu. The Ya Yu is a descendant of the Prehistoric G.o.d, Serpent Dragon. Its innately possesses the Laws of Water and Fire, and its Origin Bone can be refined into a water and fire attribute Immortal Artifact. It can be considered as a pretty good toy.”

“This is a Pulao Immortal Herb. According to rumor, it was formed from the soul of the Prehistoric Divine Beast, Pulao. It can improve one’s cultivation in Heart Energy, and it’s extremely rare. Keep it carefully because it’s impossible to touch the threshold of the Immortal King Realm without a Heart Energy cultivation at the Heart Infant Realm.”

“This is the tendon of a Bai Ze…”

“This is the soul of a Roar Dragon…”

All along the way, as Dian Dian killed more and more ferocious beasts, the amount of precious immortal materials Chen Xi obtained grew in number, and every single one of them were rare precious treasures that were greatly beneficial to his future cultivation.

This caused Chen Xi to be pleasantly surprised in succession, and it was even to the extent that he was slightly numbed by it later on. It couldn’t be helped, there were truly too many treasures, and he was dazed by it, causing him to be unable to return to his senses for a very long time.

1. Pic because it’s a beast from an ancient legend:




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