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Chapter 619: Good Citizen

Many people still believed in such pathetic scams. Yan Huan stared at them while continuing to eat her grilled vegan meat.

One of them was squatting down while holding a bowl. He would continuously pour the melon seeds in and out of it. Meanwhile, the few people around him hollered to attract pa.s.sersby for a guessing game.

Yan Huan knew the truth behind the trick. It could be easily found online by using the almighty Baidu search engine. First, open up a melon seed and remove its contents. Then, insert rice-sized iron filings into the sh.e.l.l and seal it up securely.

A small flat magnet was placed on top of the wooden splint, which was the most important secret weapon of this trick. It would be used to manipulate the number of melon seeds. In each game, the melon seeds he put in would contain one ‘iron core’ melon seed. He merely needed to bring the splint closer to the base of the barrel to attract the ‘iron core’ melon seed. If someone guessed incorrectly, he would not attract it. However, if one guessed it correctly, he would sneakily attract the ‘iron core’ melon seed with the hidden magnet.

It was simply a scam, and that was the reason no one could guess it correctly no matter how many times one had seen or done it.

“Shall we have a go at it?” she asked as she tugged at Lu Yi’s sleeve.

“I don’t think so. Your arm is injured, and yet you want to squeeze through the crowd?” Lu Yi wheeled her away from the scammers. Scams like this were ubiquitous in these areas. They existed rampantly as they thrived on the ignorant and greedy people. He was not afraid of them, but they were very problematic. Lu Yi and Yan Huan would not be able to eat and play freely if he messed with them. He merely wanted Yan Huan to enjoy the temple festival.

“Aren’t you a prosecutor? Isn’t this a scam?” Yan Huan inquired as she fiddled with her fingers.

“Don’t worry about it.” Since Lei Qingyi was currently unoccupied, Lu Yi had told him to deal with the scammers. Lei Qingyi was more than happy to do so as he had wanted to experience the temple festival too – wait, no, he was happy to head there because he wanted to prevent the hard-earned money of the public from getting scammed. Yes, that was it, no ulterior motive here.

Lu Yi bought some takoyaki, and handed it to Yan Huan for her to eat.

Yan Huan had not stopped eating since she arrived.

Nonetheless, the food came in small portions. She could still fill her stomach with another dozen sticks of them.

Lu Yi stopped pus.h.i.+ng the wheelchair to fix her hat. He noticed that she had food crumbs and sauce all over her face, so he took out a tissue to wipe Yan Huan’s face.

He was glad that he brought her here because she was having a whale of a time. She needed a getaway after being trapped indoors for so long.

Yan Huan held up a small paper bag.

“Try one. It tastes pretty good, and it’s really authentic.”

Undoubtedly, good things should be shared with our family, especially those dearest to us. After all, happiness would only grow if it was shared.

Lu Yi lowered his head and took a bite. Hmm. If he were to be honest, he did not like it. However, Yan Huan absolutely fancied it.

He continued to wheel her along. The various goods sold by the vendors were actually quite appealing.

Finally, they stopped at a big temple where many Buddha statues were erected inside it. However, Yan Huan probably could not name any of them.

Since they were there, they needed to light some incense.

Lu Yi wheeled her in and chose the most expensive type of incense.

The incense seller gave them a red ribbon, claiming that it was a protection amulet which would safeguard them from harm. Lu Yi did not really believe in such superst.i.tion. However, sometimes, one would rather believe than not.

He helped Yan Huan wear the ribbon around her neck.

He hoped that this protection would s.h.i.+eld her from harm.

She had suffered enough in her previous life. This life would not be bitterly painful too, right?

As she had donated so much money to help countless people, she would definitely be blessed by the G.o.ds above. At that moment, Lu Yi believed that G.o.d existed in the world and therefore, kindhearted people would be blessed.

His Huanhuan would be safe and continue to live a serene and peaceful life. There would be no illness or pain, and she would live a life with no worries.

He reached out to wipe her face again. However, for reasons unbeknown to him, a sudden rush of love overwhelmed him.

“What’s wrong?” Yan Huan blinked, “Is there something on my face?”

“Oh no, it’s alright,” Lu Yi retracted his hand and continued to wheel her to the main hall. Everyone were queueing up for their turn to pray. Lu Yi wheeled Yan Huan in as she held a huge incense in her left hand. The crowd formed a line in front of them and there was an offering box nearby.

Lu Yi lit the incense and placed it in the incense burner. Then, without hesitation, he took out 100 yuan from his wallet and inserted it into the offering box. Many people were surprised. He must be very rich. Most people donated one or two yuan, and at most five or ten yuan. Instead, Lu Yi donated 100 yuan in one go. What a generous man!

There were many offering boxes in the temple. Would he donate money for each offering box?

Indeed, they guessed correctly. Lu Yi donated 100 dollars to every offering box he came across.

He was an atheist, so he did not know the reason that he did it. However, the thought of Yan Huan’s unbelievable past made him choose to believe in G.o.d, for once.

He wished for nothing else but for Yan Huan, who had suffered for a lifetime, to live a healthy and peaceful life, free of any tribulations.

“Both of you. Please hold on for a moment.”

A fortune teller seated at the exit of the temple halted them as they were about to leave.

“Is there anything I can help you with?” Lu Yi asked as he turned around and stared indifferently at the shabbily dressed fortune teller. He was sitting down and had laid out an old piece of cloth with an eight trigrams symbol on the ground. There were also a few dilapidated books and a simple bamboo bucket containing several ancient bamboo sticks beside him.

At first glance, there was nothing enigmatic about him. In fact, he seemed like a swindler.

The fortune teller remained smiling, seemingly unperturbed by Lu Yi’s cold glare.

“Both of your physiognomy foretell a prosperous and affluent fate. I am sure that both of you will live to a ripe old age and be blessed with many offspring.”

Lu Yi pursed his thin lips. The person was indeed a swindler.

He did not even have any children, so it would be preposterous for him to have abundant progenies.

“Let’s go,” muttered Lu Yi as he wheeled Yan Huan to leave, but the fortune teller behind them continued speaking.

“This gentleman was no doubt born with a prosperous fate. However, this lady’s fate is rather rare. It is my first time encountering such a person. She is not destined to have a long life, but there has been a change to her fate.”

Lu Yi stopped in his tracks and turned around, staring intently at the dishevelled fortune seller.


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