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Chapter 348: Why Won’t You Go?

Yan Huan used her hand that didn’t have a needle in it to hold onto his palm before placing it on her face.

“My feet hurt,” she pouted. When there wasn’t anyone to comfort her, she was more manly than any man out there. But when there was someone by her side, she was more girly than any woman.

“Good that you know its pain,” Lu Yi pinched her face. “You haven’t seen what you have become. There is a blister on your leg but you still leave it in the water. Your wound has gotten infected.”

“Sorry,” Yan Huan apologised. She didn’t make any excuses for herself since she did push herself too far this time. She had imagined herself as too invincible but had forgotten that she was just herself. An ordinary girl that cannot beat a plane or a tank. She couldn’t bomb India or s.n.a.t.c.h back the Diaoyu Islands.

Because she had overestimated herself, she had not only harmed herself but had almost taken Song Xihua’s life.

“What happened to him?” Yan Huan asked carefully. He didn’t die, did he?

“He had a minor concussion; he won’t die. He should be conscious in the next few days.” Lu Yi helped Yan Huan up before giving her some water to drink. It was grape-flavoured water; it wasn’t the most delicious drink but wasn’t the worst either.

“Mrs Yan, can you tell me now what exactly happened?”

Lu Yi squinted. She could forget about getting past this or brus.h.i.+ng it off.

How did she manage to get herself into a ditch when they were following a planned route. Thankfully both of them were fine, if not what was he supposed to do? Stay single for the rest of his life?

“I fell down accidentally,” Yan Huan lowered her head and placed the cup by her lips. She used the water to moisten her throat. Under her drooping eyes, she hid some of her thoughts.

“Song Xihua fell down because he was trying to save me. It was raining then and our signal flare got wet. Luckily, I had the rescue thing that you had given to me. If not, I was really going to die there and become a pile of bones. Perhaps when you found me, you could only burn me into ashes.”

Lu Yi had no way to deal with his woman. He wanted to strangle her at times but he was just unable to do so.

He suddenly bent down and bit down on her lips. This woman will not remember if he didn’t teach her a lesson. She really took herself as superwoman.

It was meant to be a punishment but at the end of the day, both of them couldn’t hold themselves back. Their care and worry melted together into one.

That beating of the heart, that accelerating of heartbeat, his worry, her understanding; It seemed like all emotions had split over only to be destroyed.

The joy between their lips as well as numbness in their body. Their souls intertwined and it was an indescribable yet magical feeling. This was something they would forever not be able to fully understand.

It turns out, two lives.

Two generations.

They had finally found each other.

Until the door opened suddenly.

Lei Qingyi’s hair stood up in anger when he saw the two of them. He stood at the door and leaned heavily against it.

“Can the two of you stop it? Stop bullying a single dog like me. A single dog is still a dog, can the both of you not hurt me?”

Lu Yi adjusted Yan Huan’s hair and he noticed that her pale face seemed to have regained some colour; only then did he relax a little. The doctor had said that she was fine except a little dehydrated. Her leg was injured too but she should be fine after resting a while.

This time, she did have lady luck s.h.i.+ning on her.

He thought back to how she looked like a lifeless doll when he had first found her. His heart had almost stopped beating and he had never been that scared and afraid in his entire life before.

This woman was his everything and if she died, he didn’t know if he would go crazy and crumble.

Lu Yi pulled the blanket up to her chin to let her continue resting.

“How? Is that man dead?” He asked Lei Qingyi calmly. If Lei Qingyi wanted to be jealous of them, he could. He didn’t need to stand there, reeking of jealousy.

“Don’t worry, he won’t die. Also, he is awake. He is asking for Yan Huan.”

“Really?” In actual fact, Lu Yi didn’t believe what Yan Huan had said about her falling down accidentally. She was very smart and he had checked the route before. Unless she was seeking death and had jumped down herself, she wouldn’t fall. But obviously she wasn’t looking to die and there were some lies in her story. As for why she didn’t want to say, Lu Yi didn’t ask. She must have her reasons.

When Yan Huan woke up again, half a day had pa.s.sed. Lu Yi wasn’t in the ward and he must have gone out. Suddenly, a sound appeared outside as the door opened.

Song Xihua walked over. He had recovered faster than Yan Huan and even though he was unconscious for a few days, at the very least his body didn’t have many issues. Yan Huan was severely dehydrated and her leg was infected. Hence, she would need to stay for a few days before she could go back.

“Are you alright?” Yan Huan sat up. She was feeling alright even though her leg still hurt and she didn’t want to walk.

“Don’t worry,” Song Xihua took a chair by the side and sat down. “I won’t die.”

“What do you want?” He asked Yan Huan.

“What do I want?” Yan Huan understood what he was asking. Su Muran’s action this time was indeed similar to what the Su family would do. Equally shameless and equally cruel.

“She wants fame, all I have to do is to crush her.”

Yan Huan knew what Su Muran wanted. She would destroy her then. “I think she wants to see us.”

Song Xihua suddenly felt that pitting against a woman is the most irrational thing to do. What he couldn’t understand was why there will be a creature like women in this world. Their thoughts are hard to catch, and they can be cruel while laughing at you. But when they say they love you, they might bite off a piece of meat from you.

“You still intend to partic.i.p.ate in the wilderness survival?” Song Xihua rested his back. He was indeed a singer and had the aura of a star all over him. However Yan Huan still liked Lu Yi more. She liked a man that was unbeatable, like a mountain.

She lifted her chin and laughed. “Yes, will I partic.i.p.ate? Why not?”

Su Muran had successfully disgusted her. Now it was Yan Huan’s turn to disgust her.

“But you…” Song Xihua stared at the blanket on Yan Huan’s body. “You don’t seem like you can walk, right?”

“Don’t worry about this,” Yan Huan played with her fingers. “Let’s report there first, they will give us a few days to rest and by that time, my wound would have healed. It isn’t a major wound to begin with and I can still walk a little.”


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