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Volume 10 Chapter 44 – Avoiding the Battle

These geniuses were all scared away by Luo Feng’s unreasonable and powerful strength. Hence, he was left with n.o.body around him as they all avoided him at great lengths…causing Luo Feng to have to look for his own prey. His gaze immediately landed on the distant cold demeanored gold clothed youth Ginelli. Ginelli too was looking over at the time.

“Sit further away!” In the preparation room, that Ginelli had coldly berated Luo Feng. That scene immediately popped up in Luo Feng’s mind.

Since it was that way…

The next prey, will be him.

“Kill!” Luo Feng’s eyes were filled with killing intent.


The soaring shuttle became a beam of light and shot towards Ginelli.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d! how could I randomly meet such a powerful one.” Ginelli grit his teeth and thought as he was filled with hatred. However, as one of the elites nurtured by the Ganwu universe imperial family, he was very clear of the difference between a warrior who had stepped through the gateway of the origin laws compared to one who hadn’t. Hence he clenched his teeth and turned around to flee, “Pushkin, Pushkin!”

Like a warG.o.d slaughtering his way through the crowd, Pushkin creased his eyebrows.

“That black haired punk wants to kill me.” Ginelli communicated, “Help me block him.”

“You really know how to stir up trouble.” Pushkin said with a thick low voice, resounding within Ginelli’s ear.

According to power and rank in this group, Pushkin was number one while Ginelli was number two.

Since they came from the same group, Ginelli had long ago roped Pushkin in and made a deal with him.With the two of them working together, they would easily pa.s.s the arena wars. Originally, a team made up of the top two within a group would have been able to automatically  pa.s.s the arena wars. This was almost something set in stone.

It couldn’t be helped that Ginelli had messed with Luo Feng!

If Ginelli hadn’t riled him up earlier, even though Luo Feng was strong, he still wouldn’t willingly go pick a fight with both the number one and two of the group. Afterall, you only needed to make it till the top 10 of the group, he didn’t need to risk it all.

However now…


Pushkin took one step and rushed straight before Ginello, his huge eyes glowing green as he stared at Luo Feng, communicating, “Ginelli was wrong, however we don’t have to fight it out. If you spare Ginelli’s life, we can all pa.s.s the arena wars!”

Luo Feng stood on the soaring shuttle and looked at the giant before him.

Pushkin , who was two storeys tall stood before him like a building, and compared to that Luo Feng seemed like a small child.


Luo Feng stared coldly at his opponent and roared, “Make way!” Pushkin however seemed enraged, as though prepared to say something.

“Hmph!” Luo Feng’s eyes gleamed and flashed.


The gold rainbow immediately shot directly towards him and Pushkin’s expression changed greatly. Roaring while waving his right fists which was wrapped in an earthen yellow energy flow, the movement of his hand was almost like moving a mountain, seemingly slow yet it actually managed to block Luo Feng’s golden rainbow. All that could be heard was a earth shattering rumble and clash.

Pushkin was forced back closed to 10m, as he grit his teeth and stared at Luo Feng.

“Hm?” Luo Feng was taken aback, “The data on this Pushkin said he hadn’t stepped through the gateway of the origin laws. Looking at him right now, that seems to be true. However, with a domain level 9, he’s actually able to produce such strong power.”

Even at domain level 6, Hong could still kill an enemy with a domain of level 7.

The factors that determine a victor in a battle were not only because of genetic energy, boundaries and origin laws, but also willpower, mental state, experience etc. If one simply didn’t have any willpower or heart to resist, he wouldn’t be able to unleash even half of his strength. While if one has a strong battle spirit and is extremely pa.s.sionate along with a powerful willpower, he could exceed his standards and unleash more than his actual power!

And Pushkin’s, who had a domain level 9, was able to reach rank 9 in the 89th world. Considering this, his battle strength alone was indeed shocking.

However there was still a huge difference between one who had stepped through the gateway of the origin laws and one who hadn’t!

“Pushkin, you are not my match. Make way, otherwise you won’t even be able to make it through the arena wars.” Luo Feng stood on the soaring shuttle, coldly looking down at Pushkin and spoke to him.

To actually kill Pushkin.

He estimated it would take quite a bit of time. By that time more people would have died in the arena, and the moment only 10 were left, the battle would be over. It could very likely result in Ginelli escaping and surviving.

“Hmph!” Pushkin clenched his fists and stared hard at Luo Feng once with his big green eyes before biting down fiercely and heading away towards the distant group of geniuses who were still battling.


Hiding in the back, Ginelli roared urgently via genetic energy.

“Argh argh argh!!!” Pushkin roared madly while waving his fists about and killing the geniuses one by one.

“Hmph.” Luo Feng looked at Ginelli.

Everything was going according to his plan. Within this group of 100, he was the only one who had stepped through the gateway of the origin laws. As he was also using the Nan Shen Armament, with just one move Luo Feng could tell that Pushkin was already injured. If he had continued to fight on, Pushkin would definitely die without doubt.

Luo Feng didn’t want to waste any more time on Pushkin.

Pushkin didn’t want to let himself die because of Ginelli either. Hence he chose not to fight as it was the best option for him.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d.” That Ginelli cursed under his breath while fleeing as fast as he could.


Luo Feng quickly chased after him with the soaring shuttle.

“So fast?” Ginelli’s expression changed drastically.

Once one comprehended the origin laws, whether it was based on attack, defense, flight or movement, these areas would all have great improvements. Luo Feng had caught up with Ginelli in the blink of an eye.

“Sc.u.m!” two long arc blades. He had a complicated struggling expression as he shouted “Go and die!”


With a step, the s.p.a.ce itself seemed to warp around him as Ginelli suddenly rushed towards Luo Feng.

“Light domain?” Luo Feng scorned coldly, swiftly retreating.

“First technique!”

Luo Feng’s gaze was cold.

Compared to some who had stepped through the gateway of the origin laws, Luo Feng was even more intrepid. That was because the laws that he had comprehension of could be completely unleashed through the Nan Shen Armament!


The golden rainbow shot like a beam of golden light and attacked Ginelli in an instant.


Ginelli crossed his blades and pushed them forward. Following that one clash, his entire body and throat trembled from the shock as he spit out fresh blood that was rising up his throat. “Just like the absolute geniuses in the Ganwu secret areas, once one had a comprehension of the gold origin laws, they would indeed have a crazy amount of power.”

“He actually blocked it?” Luo Feng creased his eyebrows.

“Rumble!” the golden rainbow shot once again towards him.

“I cant block it head on, however I have no other choice. At the same time, it’s too fast and I have no time to dodge it.” Ginelli thought hard to come up with a solution. He could only use his two blades to block it again. However this time his arms had already weakened and he was already injured from the first blow.


The two blades were immediately knocked away, while the golden rainbow slightly arced and pierced right through the pale looking Ginelli, right through his forehead!

His head exploded!

Ginelli died! Completely Eliminated from the tournament!

This scene caused the distant Pushkin, whose face filled with golden fur, to twitch his facial muscles “That Ginelle actually only managed to block it one time and died the moment Luo Feng’s second attack was unleashed. And Ao Fei Xiu Si couldn’t even block it once. It’s too… too, i’m afraid I would only be able to block it four or five times at most. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d, is too strong!”

Gold, was as bright and strong as the sun, incomparably sharp!

In terms of force matching force, the people with the gold origin laws were the most valiant.

The entire battle lasted only about five minutes and the number of survivors had already reduced to 10.

The battle was over!

“This madman, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d is a madman.”

“That black haired punk, just who is he?”

The surviving geniuses all looked at Luo Feng with hidden fear. However many of them didn’t even know Luo Feng’s name. Because, during the introduction…they were all in the preparation room and did not get the chance to see Luo Feng’s image. Actually, Luo Feng too didn’t know most of the partic.i.p.ant’s name.

It is more accurate to say that he only knew Pushkin and Ginelli’s name.

Their reputation was huge.

And Luo Feng’s fame compared to theirs was very small.

“The 382nd group of the arena wars, 90 have been eliminated and the remaining ten will have the right to contend for the spot in the 900 slots of the namelist.” A low voice resounded with the minds of everyone in the dojo.

The other nine survivors, including Pushkin all looked at the black haired youth carrying the dark golden long rod filled with killing intent.

If one said that the most fearless in Hong’s group was Savage.

Then this group’s most fearless person was undoubtedly the Madman Luo Feng.

“Luo Feng!”

“Luo Feng!”

“Luo Feng!”

The over one million Black Dragon Mountain star field spectators roared with a lot of pa.s.sion and enthusiasm. All of them were shouting with strength and hysteria, their expressions seemingly mad, and not even caring at all about their throats! The entire dojo, the ones who had the most right to roar like that were the people from the Black Dragon Mountain star field. Their roar shook the earth and heavens.

“He is Luo Feng?” As they were being teleported out, the nine other survivors began to discuss and guess.


The Black Dragon Mountain imperial palace had erupted!

The entire Black Dragon Mountain island’s trillion citizens all erupted!

The entire starfield’s over 8,000 galaxies, countless people watching the broadcast, all erupted!

“Too brutal, too powerful.”

“Luo Feng is too fearless.”

“Thrilling, thrilling!”

“Strong!” He is a genius from our Black Dragon Mountain starfield. Yes, from our Black Dragon Mountain starfield!!!”

The countless people from the empire were incomparably excited.

In the past 100,000 to a million years, there were indeed several times the Black Dragon Mountain empire had people rush into the top 10,000, which was worthy of their excitement and pride. However after making it into the top 10,000, it was mostly based on luck. It had been a long time since the Black Dragon Mountain empire had such a tyrannical display of power from its warriors in such an elite battle ground!

Yes, brutal! Savage!

In this arena wars, I’m the number one man! I’ll kill whomever I want! I will create a path of slaughter! Even the warG.o.d like Pushkin had to lower his head and cower away!

In the arena!

Luo Feng was the king! The emperor!

The others all had to lower their heads!

“Too thrilling.”

“Luo Feng’s power is too dominating. It was a total decimation with no resistance at all! Those weaker ones were simply cleared away with one move.”

“I heard Luo Feng uses the Nan Shen Armament, don’t you know what that is? That’s one of the nine G.o.dly weapons for the spirit reader controllers.”

“After the arena wars comes the 1v1 battles. Luo Feng’s strength will definitely be able to make it into that 900 namelist.”

“Luo Feng will definitely be able to represent the Ganwu universe country and compete with the other geniuses from the other universe countries. Haha, Luo Feng is from our Black Dragon Mountain empire!”


Much news regarding Luo Feng began to circulate, including many fanclubs that swiftly began to form in order to support him. In many virtual universe games, there were many “I love’ you Luo feng”, or “Luo Feng the master”, or “Luo Feng’s wife”, or “I am Luo Feng’s senior”, even “I am Luo Feng’s master”, such nicknames surfaced all over.

During this battle, Luo Feng’s strength had won over a trillion people.


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