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Volume 08 Chapter 1 – Inherited Memories

The dark seabed, countless sea creatures had filled the surroundings, every one of them were looking respectfully at the distant Swallowing Beast, the pupils of that beast were shut, as though it was asleep.

However, a formless wave of pressure was pressing down on this area’s peace.

Closing it’s huge eyes, Luo Feng felt his entire self drowning in memories, mysterious and powerful special techniques, techniques that were totally compatible with the golden horned beast’s form and study, they were extremely numerous and vast. Picture filled memories continuously flushed through, almost like in the movies, whoosh, a large amount of information rushed into his mind.

Vast and endless!

Luo Feng felt a headache, obviously the speed of accepting the memories had reached his soul’s limit of acceptance.

“Just how much information?” Luo Feng couldn’t believe it, “This, this has been going on for more than an hour.”

One hour, two hours, three hours!

These memories were like the never ending rush of the ocean, seeping and drowning in, never ceasing! Different and various kinds of memories flashed past, melding totally into Luo Feng’s soul, Luo Feng only had enough time to remember some of the Golden Horned Beast’s training pictures and others, before getting once again drowned in the other memories.

Half a day!

One day! Two days! Three days!

The Golden Horned Beast, this terrifying s.p.a.ce beast was sprawled on the sea bed without moving, almost as though it was in a deep sleep.

Sixteen days later!

Within the deep ocean, mud and gravel filled the sea bed, the dark black Golden Horned Beast was sprawled there, finally, its dark golden pupils opened, they naturally had a sense of cold, killing intent, which sp.a.w.ned from its bones.

“Phew, G.o.d.” Luo Feng finally felt some relief.

The inherited memories had rushed and melded into his soul for the past sixteen days, pus.h.i.+ng his soul to its limit. Under such pressure, Luo Feng didn’t even have the ability to think about anything else.

“This, this is so much information.” Luo Feng exclaimed.

“Luo Feng, Luo Feng!” An excited voice shouted within Luo Feng’s mind.

“Babata.” Luo Feng shouted back.

“You’ve fully received all the inherited memories? It’s so crazy, with your current soul’s capability, you should be able to accept tons of information every second. Within these sixteen days, you must have received a lot of information.” Babata was obviously very excited, “Let’s see, what kind of information is there? What powerful skills are there?”

“Let me first take a look.” Luo Feng said curiously.

Even though he himself had become the Golden Horned Beast, however, he had no idea about the Golden Horned Beast’s capabilities at all.

“Babata, there’s trouble.” Luo Feng was checking through the memories, feeling a little helpless.

“What’s wrong?” Babata asked.

“Even though the information is in my mind, I still have to learn them one by one by myself. Just how long will it take me to learn them?” The inherited memories, was a form of information transfer, information from the first generation of golden horned beast pa.s.sed on through the generations, however to fully grasp the information, one still had to seriously study through them.

“That’s not weird!” Babata said, “These inherited memories are huge, mostly because of the techniques, one type of technique alone could be filled with lots and lots of words. Just like master’s technique, if it were to be written into a book, even a hundred books, tens of millions of Chinese characters would not finish it, that’s very normal.”

“Luo Feng.”

Babata said excitedly, “You should now arrange your inherited memories, no need to look in detail over the techniques and their information, just knowing their names and what they briefly speak about is enough. Categorize them. It should be very fast. You really are something! In the universe, countless strong races and warriors spend countless amounts of wealth to buy these secrets, you actually complain that it’s too much, it really leaves people speechless.”

Luo Feng laughed, “Let me arrange for a bit.”

He arranged them by the t.i.tles and summaries.

Golden Horned Beast’s training knowledge, 18 special techniques he could train, 3199 normal techniques.

The s.p.a.ce beast and some other information, humans and their many races, Controllers, Illusionists, Beastmasters, Puppet masters, Hunters, Fighters…blood-flesh creatures, other than humans and s.p.a.ce beast, there were still demons, worms, others. Every race had a large amount of information.

Other than the blood and flesh races.

There were the Metal races, Automaton races and others, there were also the Rock races, Soul races, Plant races …

At the same time, there also other rarely seen races, just like the s.p.a.ce beasts, they too had immense power, but were extremely small in population …

Just explaining about the humans and their many races, culture etc. If one were to use Chinese characters to write, a hundred million words would still by far not be enough.

And the Human race, was but one of the leading races in the vast universe.

Another month and three days pa.s.sed, Luo Feng had finally organized the inherited memories! In the future, when he would require any bit of information, he could swiftly access and search for it in that enormous library of memories. As for learning?

My G.o.d!

Any one golden horned beast, could never be able to learn and go through all these information even once. Just the 18 secret techniques alone, 3199 normal techniques, looking through their contents just once would require how many years.

“Luo Feng, you’ve struck big, you’ve struck it big!!! My G.o.d, you actually have so much information in your memories?” Babata had combed through Luo Feng’s organized information, he was totally dumbstruck, “So the universe actually had so many races, and even races that are as small and as rarely seen as the s.p.a.ce beasts.

“No doubt about the s.p.a.ce beasts, powerful, impressive.” Babata was extremely excited, “Even your teacher, 60 million years of life could never ama.s.s as much information as you have.”

“There’s no comparison.” Babata was still in shock, “The s.p.a.ce beast’s generation after generation of memory inheritance, this kind of inside information…even in the human and its many races, I’m afraid only the Qian Wu universe, this level of universe information storage will have as much information as the inherited memories of the s.p.a.ce beasts, it’s incredibly impressive.”

After Luo Feng had organized everything and scanned through once, he too was deeply impressed.

A high quality bloodline had many different positive sides.

The body’s natural talent, that was the hardware, these amounts of information, that was the software!

“Babata, among the s.p.a.ce beasts, the elite twelve bloodlines, only these can pa.s.s down this much memories from generations before.” Luo Feng explained.

“Twelve different bloodlines?” Babata was shocked.

“Yes, among the s.p.a.ce beasts, those able to grow to the sector lord, the elite bloodlines, there are twelve types. Back when you were talking about the Flaming Star Beast, that was one of the twelve too!” After Luo Feng sorted out the information, these basic information became clear to him, “The amount of inherited memories from these twelve bloodlines are the most informative. Also, every generation can add on to it with its memories.”

Luo Feng was now very clear, how the Golden Horned Beast pa.s.sed down.

The Golden Horned Beast, if it wanted leave behind offspring, there was only one way. Put all it’s life energy and gather it into an egg and spit it out. The original golden horned beast would die in a few short years. When the egg hatches, an infant golden horned beast would come out and begin a new cycle.

“Hehe, Luo Feng, hurry and look. How long will it take you to reach the sector lord level.” Babata asked.

“Let me see.”

Luo Feng flipped through the pages, scanning through in just a few short seconds. He couldn’t help but get shocked.

“If the Golden Horned Beast hatches and doesn’t feed on the egg sh.e.l.l, and only eats normal metal, it requires 10 years to reach the Star level 1. However, if it eats the egg sh.e.l.l, and eat large amounts of metal, 1 year is enough.” Luo Feng said.

“One Year? This b.a.s.t.a.r.d that got possessed by you is only one year old?” Babata was speechless.

Luo Feng too sighed incessantly.

Bringing about such calamity to the whole world and so much trouble to deal with, this Swallowing Beast was only a one year old Golden Horned Beast infant?

“Normal evolution speed, the Star level 1 to the Universe level 1 requires 100 years.”

“Universe level 1 to Domain Lord 1, requires 1000 years.”

“Domain Lord 1 to Sector Lord, requires 10,000 years.” Luo Feng said directly,” This is the slowest speed, if we use some special methods, we can speed it up even more. Using some special metal alloys, is beneficial to the growth of the internal world, my strength will rise even faster!”

“This is like a gift from heaven!” Babata couldn’t help but say, “Your teacher prepared so much for you, training plans etc. Every method prepared for you was the best and most optimum, and even so, you would still require 100 thousand years or more to ‘maybe’ reach the Sector Lord level!”

“If you didn’t have your teacher’s precise planning, endless wealth and treasures to train and cultivate, to reach the Universe level within your entire life span would be good already. But now…normal evolution speed, 10,000 years is enough?” Babata didn’t have much understanding of the golden horned beast before, now he had first hand knowledge and access.

“Not that long, that’s the slowest speed.” Luo Feng said, “If we had endless wealth to spend, it would speed up the growth of the internal world. The speed could increase by a few folds, to even much much more.”

“However, 18 secret techniques, 3199 normal techniques, I don’t know which to learn.” Luo Feng said, “These techniques have been pa.s.sed down by the previous generations of Golden Horned Beasts, only Golden Horned Beasts can study them. Following the inherited memories’ advice: don’t bite off more than I can chew. I can at most learn a couple of the special techniques, not more than six of the normal techniques. Any more and I wouldn’t have enough mental or physical capacity to study. The lesser the better!”

“Oh?” Babata said, “You can first talk about the 18 special techniques and the 3199 normal techniques and their overall effectiveness and training requirements to me, I’ll help you choose, see if we can come up with the optimum combination.”

The power in choosing and making such decisions, Luo Feng definitely couldn’t compare to Babata.


Luo Feng began to  explain the various techniques and their overall effects and training methods etc to Babata. As for the skills themselves? They were just too many, even if Luo Feng used his thoughts to explain, even a few years wouldn’t be enough.

Eight hours later.

The introduction of the 18 special techniques and 3199 normal techniques and summaries had all been given to Babata, then he began to go through his AI system to quickly a.n.a.lyze the combinations.

“Luo Feng, this Golden Horned Beast should have its own natural moves. I’ve seen its speed explode before.” Babata said, “Pa.s.s on these natural talents and gifts to me to, I’ll make the best combination.”

“Talents? Hold on.”

Luo Feng retrieved more information from his memories, the Golden Horned Beast had a total of three talents, as for the detailed explanation…as long as his soul entered the internal world, he would naturally understand everything.

There was no need to learn the talents, he naturally could just perform them.


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