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Volume 06 Chapter 22 – Arrest

Translated by: Zebulin

The sixth investigator of the Dojo of Limits! Even though he has been prepared for this, it would be a lie to say he wasn’t excited!

But now, he has more important things to deal with now——to make Li Yao and Venina die!

“Old Liu” Luo Feng held his cell phone and waved his hand towards Liu Yan.

“I’ll be going out first”

Liu Yan took the laptop with him as he left Luo Feng’s room. Luo Feng was the only one left.

“There were other people in your room?” laughed Liu He.

Luo Feng walked towards his window: “Yeah, one of the directors of the Chinese special forces sectors. I asked him for some concrete evidence just now! I’m preparing to go through the ‘Palace of WarG.o.ds’ to sue Li Yao and Venina and prove that they are the masterminds behind the plots to kill my parents. Liu He, what would the final verdict be for those two?”

“Oh? The Vulture Scorpion couple dared to move against a fighter’s family?” Liu He was shocked.

“Yeah, otherwise I wouldn’t go out of control and chase them down in public” nodded Luo Feng.

“No wonder!”

“These two are too c.o.c.ky” Liu He’s voice that carried from the phone was filled with anger, “Attacking a fighter’s family has always been strictly forbidden!”

“Liu He, what do you think the final verdict will be?” followed Luo Feng.

“The death penalty. No doubt about it, the death penalty! And a death penalty where it is executed immediately!”

Liu He said with anger, “Luo Feng, don’t worry. Your ident.i.ty is different now. The Palace of WarG.o.ds will immediately raise your ident.i.ty to ‘representative’. As a representative, you have a completely different amount of authority. Since the Vulture Scorpion couple were the ones pulling the strings to attack a representative’s parents, they will definitely receive a huge penalty!”

“Luo Feng, keep in mind that the Palace of WarG.o.ds committee is formed of 52 representatives and 5 chairmen”

“The committee decides the result. Harming the family members of a representative is forbidden! This is equivalent to challenging every single representative, so the representatives must decide to sentence them heavily. Only this way can they set an example for everyone else” said Liu He, “This is an unspoken rule. If something challenges the ‘position, authority, etc.’ of all the representatives, all the representatives will come together to give their punishment”

“So, as long as there is enough evidence, there is only one outcome for the Vulture Scorpion couple——capital punishment, immediately enacted!” Liu He said all of this in practically a single breath, which clearly showed how angry he was.

Luo Feng secretly let out a sigh of relief.

Just like he thought. Actually….. when he attacked the Vulture Scorpion couple, Luo Feng wasn’t a ‘representative’ or ‘investigator’ yet. However! The verdict the Vulture Scorpion couple will receive immediately changed precisely because of the change in Luo Feng’s ident.i.ty.

In the room, there were a bunch of doc.u.ments and videos displayed on the laptop.

Luo Feng read through them carefully.


“Such disgraceful and underhanded tactics” Luo Feng’s face turned really bad as he read through the large amounts of doc.u.ments and videos. All the tactics and tricks Li Yao and Venina used from the beginning to end were all crystal clear! Luo Feng was also scared. If his brother was just a bit less capable, his parents would definitely be ruined.

Thankfully, his brother was straightforward enough to directly rely on the ‘thousand year black crow root’ to become the eighth largest stockholder of ICBC.

Keep in mind that in the headquarter city age, buying a huge amount of stocks of the largest bank in China, ICBC, is basically impossible. Huge organizations usually wouldn’t be willing to! Even if you have money, you can’t buy them. Only with something like the ‘thousand year black crow root’, which is also something that cannot be purchased with money, can you exchange for them.

“All of this evidence is more than enough”

“Even if I supply only a tenth of this, it would be enough to prove their guilt”

Luo Feng immediately closed the video files, word doc.u.ments, etc.

He zipped the evidence up and then entered his personal webpage as he transferred them over to the ‘Palace of WarG.o.ds’. In the mail he sent, he wrote the names of the people he’s suing, their crimes, etc.

In just three minutes.

His cell phone’s ring tone rang and Luo Feng picked up his phone.

“h.e.l.lo, representative Luo Feng” a gentle voice rang, “We just received your mail. May I ask if representative Luo Feng himself wants to sue Li Yao and Venina Paulinus?”

“Yes!” Luo Feng nodded.

“Alright. When we determine the time and location of the court session, we will notify representative Luo Feng”

After confirming via phone, a few members of the Palace of WarG.o.ds started organizing this.

There were indeed many doc.u.ments. It took Luo Feng around two hours to read through all of them. By the time this news carried to the ears of the head of the ‘Dojo of Limits’, Hong, it was already midnight.

Dojo of Limits world headquarters, in the gigantic s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p-like structure.

In a quiet room.

The black clothed man, Hong, was currently holding a cup of hot tea as he surfed through some information on the internet.


A low voice reverberated around the quiet room, “Representative Luo Feng has provided evidence that Li Yao and Venina Paulinus are the masterminds behind the actions to kill his parents”

“Is the evidence sufficient?” the black clothed man, Hong, slightly frowned.

“The evidence is sufficient” responded the voice.

The black clothed man, Hong, slightly nodded: “Notify the three best lawyers in our Dojo of Limits and tell them to accept this case! Also….. arrange for star traveller level fighters to personally arrest Li Yao and Venina. As of 15:30 tomorrow afternoon, we will hold the court session in our headquarters”

“Luo Feng is about to openly become the investigator of our Dojo of Limits! I want this case to be executed beautifully” commanded the black clothed man, Hong.


After the low voice said this word, the quiet room returned to silence.

Ming-Yue sector, night time. All the lights in the homes were lit up.

Luo Feng stood on the balcony as he gazed the infinite starry night.

“Hm?” his cell phone rang.

Luo Feng took out his cell phone and saw that it was a call from Xu Xin. He accepted the call: “h.e.l.lo”

“How come you didn’t come pick me up?” asked Xu Xin.

“Sorry, I’ve been busy dealing with some stuff. I just finished. How about I go to Kyoto headquarter city now?” Luo Feng felt a bit guilty, since he devoted all his time into the case of his parents since he got back and didn’t even think about picking Xu Xin up.

“I’m here, in front of Ming-Yue sector”

PA! The phone call ended.

Luo Feng slightly froze. Xu Xin already rushed to his home from Kyoto headquarter city?

“I’m such a b.a.s.t.a.r.d” Luo Feng cursed himself in his mind and then directly leaped off the balcony. As if a mirage crossed the sky, Luo Feng leaped across a distance of 100 meters with the help of his spiritual force before landing. After a few leaps, he was 30 meters away from Ming-Yue sector’s main gate.

With a glance, Luo Feng saw…..

A slightly skinny young girl silently standing in front of the sector’s gate under the dim light from the streetlights. This scene caused Luo Feng’s heart to ache a bit.

After becoming his girlfriend, not only did Xu Xin not receive anything good, she had to go through some bitter times instead! Ever since he came back….. he hasn’t been able to be with her and made her come all the way over here from a few thousand kilometers away.


Xu Xin looked inside the sector through the gate and couldn’t help but to s.h.i.+ver a bit.

It was winter right now, and nighttime!

Even though Kyoto headquarter city was also cold, the air there was dry while the air in Jiang-Nan headquarter city is humid! And after Xu Xin received Luo Feng’s phone call, she quickly got on the earliest train to Yang Zhou city without remembering that Jiang-Nan headquarter city is colder than Kyoto headquarter city.

“Xu Xin” a voice rang beside Xu Xin.

Xu Xin froze and then turned to look beside her. That familiar image, her first boyfriend. This past year, and especially the past three months, Xu Xin spent every day in sadness. “Luo Feng!” Xu Xin’s voice was a bit hoa.r.s.e and couldn’t help but to cry after saying that. She directly hugged Luo Feng, tightly hugged him!

“Sorry, I’m really sorry” Luo Feng hugged Xu Xin and felt her tears go through his clothes.

Under the dim light and the cold wind of winter……

Luo Feng and Xu Xin finally meet each other after a year and three months.

Compared to Luo Feng and Xu Xin’s feelings, which were filled with a bit of sadness but also the joy of reunion! Li Yao and Venina’s feelings, even though they were together, were in disarray.

On the pa.s.senger plane headed to Paris headquarter city from Jiang-Nan headquarter city.

Li Yao and Venina grasped each other’s hands.

“Now we’re in big trouble” Venina glanced at the surrounding pa.s.sengers and then lowered her voice, “He became a representative! In the future, if he wants to deal with us, then…..”

“Don’t worry”

Li Yao lowered his voice, “We only had to wait for two or three hours for the pa.s.senger plane in Jiang-Nan headquarter city, and he didn’t come find us within that time span! After we return to Paris headquarter city, we will be in our territory. My senior and our HR alliance’s representatives are there, so everything will be fine, everything will definitely be fine”

Who knows whether he was comforting Venina or comforting himself.

“How could this happen, how could he become a representative!” Venina started clenching her teeth a bit.

A fierce light lit up in Li Yao’s eyes.


“Endure, endure, we can only endure” Li Yao kept his voice down as his sentence came out one word at a time.

The pa.s.senger plane finally arrived in Paris, Europe.

Paris was a bit dark as of now, but the sky wasn’t completely dark.

Paris headquarter city’s airport. The pa.s.senger plane slowly landed. After stopping, the hatch automatically opened and a staircase extended outwards.

The pa.s.sengers came off.


“Finally back in Paris” Venina let out a smile. Li Yao also let out a rare smile. This is the first time he smiled since he learned that Luo Feng became a ‘representative’.

The Vulture Scorpion couple were mixed in the crowd as they walked down the staircase.

“Li Yao, Venina!” a sound rang.

The Vulture Scorpion couple was shocked as they turned their head. What they saw were four people walking over. One of the two people leading in front was a middle-aged man with brown curly hair wearing a black robe. His lightning-like gaze caused fear. And the one beside him was a man whose white, long hair was spread out. He seemed like a dead piece of wood.

“Representative Yan, Representative Bonnett” Venina was surprised.

“Senior” Li Yao looked towards that old man.

That old man ‘Yan Hai’ was indeed the one who had deep ties with Li Yao.

Representative Bonnett’s gaze was ice cold as he looked at Venina and Li Yao and then said lightly: “We represent the Palace of WarG.o.ds to officially arrest you two. If there is any resistance, we have the right to kill you two”

Li Yao and Venina’s eyes widened. They thought they were safe in their territory, but who would’ve thought that this would happen right when they came back.

“SENIOR!!!” Li Yao quickly looked at Yan Hai.

Yan Hai sighed: “Little vulture, this is the highest command of the Palace of WarG.o.ds. n.o.body can help you. You….. were too reckless, too reckless! Go, if you don’t resist you might have a chance to live”. If you resist the arrest of the Palace of WarG.o.ds, you are opposing the entire Palace of WarG.o.ds.

The Palace of WarG.o.ds is a power that has all the warG.o.ds and existences surpa.s.sing the warG.o.d level gathered together.


Want to die?


Special handcuffs were put on Venina and Li Yao. Both of them were a bit dumbfounded, but didn’t resist at all.

“Senior, senior” Li Yao looked at Yan Hai. Yan Hai sighed and said nothing.

“Take them away” representative Bonnett coldly gave his command.


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