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As he saw Luo Feng leave, Xu Gang lightly sipped from the cup in his hands and added: “Luo Feng, oh Luo Feng. I was being polite and tried to leave you with some face by saying this! I hope you understand….. that if you continue to bother my sister, you can’t blame me for using certain tools!”

Xu Gang laughed as he finished drinking the wine in his cup.

“Xin, I have some stuff to do, so I’ll be going first” said Xu Gang to Xu Xin at the bar, and then left the lobby.

Third floor of the HR alliance market, one of the rooms in a tea house.

“Luo Feng” laughed Chen Gu, “You chatted with Xu Xin for such a long time. To me, it seems that she’s a bit interested in you. Seems like it won’t be too hard for you to get her! And then Xu Xin’s brother came and chatted with you for such a long time. Could it be that it’s because he recognizes you as a ‘brother-in-law’?”.

Me as a brother-in-law? Luo Feng couldn’t help but to laugh, since brother Chen didn’t hear what Xu Xin’s brother, ‘Xu Gang’, said.

“Don’t speak nonsense, it’s mainly because we used to be cla.s.smates in the past” laughed Luo Feng.

Gao Feng couldn’t help but to laugh as he said: “Since you guys used to be cla.s.smates, then that makes it even easier for you. Don’t you see that many of the couples that get married now used to be cla.s.smates?”.

“Yea, Luo Feng, keep at it” encouraged Wei Tie dramatically as he laughed, “That girl Xu Xin is really quite good. Quite a few fighters compliment the manager of the underground alliance’s bar on fridays and weekends. Perverts all over try to play at this manager, but they’re too scared given her background”.

Luo Feng laughed.

Play at the madam of the Xu family? The people with those kinds of thoughts in their head probably won’t even know how they died.

“Captain, let’s not talk about this” laughed Luo Feng, “Let’s talk about the important things”.

“Alright” laughed Gao Feng, “Hey, you three. How are your body fitness levels going?”.

Wei Tie put down his tea cup and was the first to speak: “Captain, my fist strength is around 9650 kg, my speed is 102 m/s, and my reaction speed test results qualify for a ‘beginner warlord’”.

“Hm, so you count as a beginner warlord now” nodded Gao Feng.

“Captain” Wei Qing also spoke, “My fist strength is around 9510 kg, my speed is 106 m/s, and my reaction speed test results qualify for a ‘beginner warlord’”.

Both Gao Feng and Luo Feng slightly nodded.

“Haha, it’s my turn” laughed Chen Gu, “My fist strength is around 7100 kg, my speed is 81 m/s, and for my reaction speed test results, I got excellent for a ‘beginner warlord’”.

“Brother Chen’s reaction speed is so quick” Luo Feng couldn’t help but to praise.

Gao Feng laughed: “He uses guns, so he already possessed a quick reaction speed in the first place. With the help of the genetic medicine this time, it became even faster. Looks like you can use guns with an even higher rate of fire now”. It was quite rare for the reaction speed of a fighter that used heated weapons to reach the beginner warlord level.

And Chen Gu got a grade of excellent for a beginner warlord.

“Alright, you three. In conclusion, it seems that the effects of the genetic medicine are showing” Gao Feng looked at Wei Tie and Wei Qing, “Wei Tie, you brothers still have to keep working hard! Even though it’s been around a month, the effects of the genetic medicine haven’t completely disappeared yet. If you keep training, you can still get some of the effect out”.

“Understood” Wei Tie and Wei Qing nodded.

Gao Feng looked towards Chen Gu: “Old Chen, it’s time to change your machine gun”.

“Yea, it’s time to change it” nodded Chen Gu.

Chen Gu’s heated weapons are a machine gun and a heavy sniper rifle. The fastest rate of fire his machine gun is capable of is 300 rounds per minute, which is five rounds per second! With Chen Gu’s old reaction speed, he could make four of these rounds. .h.i.t four monsters’ heads, and the final round will hit the fifth monster’s body.

In other words…..

For Chen Gu, his machine gun is basically firing at nonmoving targets! This requires a horrifying level of reaction speed. Chen Gu’s reaction speed is probably hundreds to thousands of times higher than the people before the Grand Nirvana period, so it’s not weird that he is able to do this.
“I’ll probably get a type RG112 heavy machine gun. It has a caliber of 12.7 mm and carries immense power” Chen Gu’s eyes lit up, “The fastest rate of fire it can reach is 1500 rounds per minute. This machine gun is basically the gun with the highest rate of fire that a fighter who uses heated weapons can use. If the rate of fire increases even more, then there’s no point”. As of now…..

There are machine guns with rate of fires that can reach 7000 to 8000 rounds per minute. Some can even go above 10,000 rounds per minute!

However, that’s not efficient.

For Chen Gu’s current reaction speed, he can make sure that all 10 bullets fired in one second will hit the head of a monster. This is efficient!

“Old Chen, buy your gun and then practice with it. Make sure you get used to it” Gao Feng slightly smiled as he nodded, “Wei Tie, you brothers should also train at home. Even though your body fitness levels rose, you still need to transform that power into fighting strength. Make sure you’re able to completely use every ounce of power”.

“No worries, captain” nodded Wei Tie and Wei Qing.

Luo Feng let out a smile as he watched this scene.

This is how the fighters of China think——You should find a way to completely turn your power into fighting strength!
“Control your power skillfully” is how people in the east think. The westerners also have their own way of thinking. As of now….. the strongest fighter on earth, ‘Hong’, is Chinese.

The second strongest fighter, ‘Thunder G.o.d’, is mixed between the east and west. However, he also has some Chinese blood in him. Some of the thoughts in Chinese martial arts are very popular in today’s society of fighters.

“Captain, brother Chen, brother Tie, brother Qing” Luo Feng looked at the group and laughed as he said, “I’ve bitterly trained at home for a month and I can feel that my strength has increased by quite a bit. However, I feel that the best way for me to improve my techniques is to fight against monsters!”. No matter how you swing your blade at home, you’re just imagining your opponent.

That way of practicing can never compare to real combat experience against a real monster.

“So, I’m going to go into the wilderness alone and practice my technique and blade technique” said Luo Feng.

“What, alone?” the faces of Gao Feng, Chen Gu, and the others instantly changed.

“Yes” laughed Luo Feng as he nodded.

Actually, he already had these thoughts before, but he wasn’t completely certain. The words from Xu Gang have touched him. If he wants to become the strongest fighter on earth…… then he has to be decisive! So Luo Feng decided to use the most efficient way to improve his skill.

“That’s too dangerous” said Gao Feng.

“No, captain. I’m just going to the #0231 country level city next to the military’s resupplying base to train myself” explained Luo Feng, “I won’t be going to any of the other larger cities”.

“#0231 country level city? Next to the resupplying base?”

Gao Feng, Chen Gu, and the Wei Jia brothers all let out a sigh of relief. The monsters surrounding the resupplying base are pretty weak. Monsters like horde leader level ones wouldn’t dare to stay in a city right next to the military’s resupplying base. So….. most of the monsters in the cities surrounding the resupplying base are soldier level. There are a few commander level monsters, but they are mostly ‘low level commanders’. Even ‘intermediate level commanders’ are very rare. Since there are barely any commander level monsters, each commander level monster has hundreds to thousands of soldier level monsters under its command.

Since there are gigantic hordes of soldier monsters and barely any commander level monsters, how do the fighter squads kill them?

You can say——

Strong fighter squads wouldn’t even bother with these kinds of cities, since there’s not much of an incentive.

“Since that city is near the resupplying base” laughed Luo Feng, “I can hunt during the day to improve my blade technique and return to the resupplying base at night to rest”. Since it’s near, and with Luo Feng’s speed, he can naturally go back and forth between the country level city and the resupplying base.

“That #0231 country level city indeed doesn’t have any strong commander level monsters. However, there are a ton of soldier level monsters” Wei Tie couldn’t help but to say, “If you get surrounded…..”

“Tie, would Luo Feng even be afraid of being surrounded?” laughed Chen Gu.

Wei Tie and Wei Qing froze, and then laughed.

Monster hordes are horrifying, but spirit readers are the group of people that are least afraid of them. Not only can they attack them from the front, but just with their spiritual force, they can jump all the way to the top of an apartment building. Monsters can jump pretty high, but how can they compare to a spirit reader than can fly?

“Good idea” Gao Feng couldn’t help but to praise, “Luo Feng, even I feel like practicing with my hammers now. However…… I don’t have the power to guarantee that I’ll survive in a horde”.

“Luo Feng, when are you going to leave?” asked Chen Gu.

“If nothing happens, I’m going to prepare today and then leave tomorrow” laughed Luo Feng, “Captain, send me a message when you guys are ready to leave to the wilderness”.

On the path of the strong, it takes one bitter step at a time to get to the peak!


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