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Chapter 581: Loophole The soul, as a flesh and blood life form’s core, for it to suddenly evolve, it was something the current Luo Feng was unable to do.
“Slowly!” He gritted his teeth and continued to receive the demon note inheritance.
1 step, 1 level at a time!
Only with constant work everyday could he improve!
In the blink of an eye, several months pa.s.sed again, on the 1,236th level, Luo Feng who was in full armor knelt on the floor, gasping softly, the pain and fatigue from the soul was making him about to crumble.
“I’m almost saturated.” Luo Feng’s eyes had a sense of being undefeated, he felt the sharp pain in his soul, almost like someone attacking his soul, that incomparable fatigue…made him feel like he was about to fall asleep anytime. According to the information about the inheritance, this represented that Luo Feng’s soul was already almost full from receiving the inheritance.
Even if he forced his way through, he could at most progress another 1 or 2 levels.
“Is this the end?” He looked up and ahead.
The many levels of stairs continued on, on into the distant s.p.a.ce.
His body shuddered, simultaneously as he stepped on the 1237th level of stone stairs, feeling the inheritance pour into his memory, he still didn’t stop…taking another step trying to get to the 1238th level.
The moment he landed on it.
The strange demon note pierced straight into his consciousness.
“Break!” Luo Feng’s incomparably solid willpower roared within!
However that gentle and non offensive like demon note actually permeated into his willpower and consciousness, “Get out!!!” He condensed his willpower, wanting to expel all of the demon notes out against his powerful willpower and consciousness, the demon note didn’t even seem to fight back.
Luo Feng had a memory of when he was young, listening to his mother sing him to sleep.
“No!!!” Luo Feng knew he was falling in, barging forward without accepting the inheritance had resulted in the strongest of demon notes attacking him.
Luo Feng felt his consciousness sink more, slowly, sinking…it was a bottomless abyss!

Luo Feng stood on the 1238th level, his eyes shut, his face revealed a simple smile. After which, he behaved like a robot, flying back and landing on the 1237th level.
The demon notes changed.
Luo Feng’s consciousness rose from the bottomless abyss, almost like returning to reality from the darkness.
“Hm?” He opened his eyes quickly.
He awoke!
“Phew, phew…” He gasped for breath, sweat beading from his forehead profusely, his face pale.
“That was too dangerous, too dangerous, against that demon note earlier, I had no way to withstand it.” Luo Feng who had always confident in his willpower and consciousness strength felt like he just received a new lease of life. One had to know that those that came to the demon note inheritance palace were all mostly undyings.
Just how strong were their defenses?
If the demon notes could affect these beings, how could it not affect Luo Feng?
“Luckily, I guessed earlier that the demon note shrine was specially built for the inheritance, it shouldn’t have any threat to the inheritors.” Luo Feng felt his mind constantly receiving the 1237th level of information, lifting his head once again to look at the endless s.p.a.ce and that shrine.
He couldn’t accept it!
He just couldn’t accept it!
“The cloud contact vine can at most extend 3,000km, I don’t know if it can reach.” He thought, even though he felt like the design of the palace wouldn’t have such a loophole, he couldn’t resist not giving it a shot, he immediately extended his right arm and from the sleeves shot out a thin vine.
Chi chi c

It extended and quickly grew longer and thicker, heading towards the shrine.
When the cloud contact vine had just reached universe level, with 72 vines, every one of them had already reached 300km long. The domain lord level vine now could reach up to 3,000 km…its structure could be said, if placed in the center of china, it could cover the entire territory!
“There’s actually no resistance!”
“No resistance at all?” He couldn’t believe it, watching the vine extend towards the distant s.p.a.ce.
The vine pierced into the shrine!
“Hm?” His expression changed.
The shrine which he could see was simply like air, the vines that grew there couldn’t even touch anything.
“What’s going on?” Luo Feng controlled the vine to sweep about.
Chi! Chi! Chi!
The air swiveled about.
However no matter how the vines swept, even against the stairs that led there, it couldn’t touch anything at all.
“This, this, this…” Luo Feng was shocked, after which he sent another vine from his right arm towards the stairs he was on.
The vine pa.s.sed right through the stairs, almost like there was nothing there.
“How can this be?” He frowned.
“Luo Feng, I think I understand it. Take out a robot, try again.” Babata’s voice resounded within Luo Feng’s mind, he nodded and the 1,000s of km cloud contact vine shrank back, simultaneously he retrieved a robot from his s.p.a.ce ring.
This robot was completely gold, it was a robot guard he had gotten from the virtual universe company. These guards were similar to the liquid silver guards, but more durable. These robots were provided by the company.
It floated in mid air and bowed respectfully at Luo Feng, “Master!”
“Step on the stairs.” Luo Feng ordered.
“Yes!” The guard immediately landed and stepped.
Similarly, it was like he stepped on air.
“Di, di, di…” The guard’s red crystal eyes immediately had large amounts of words flas.h.i.+ng through them, as though it was swiftly calculating things after which he turned towards Luo Feng and said, “Master, these stairs cannot be stepped on. However, master you are standing on them…there’s no logical explanation in my information database.”
Luo Feng nodded, with a wave, he kept the robot back into the s.p.a.ce ring.
“Just as I guessed, it shouldn’t be wrong.” Babata’s voice sounded.
“What’s going on?” Luo Feng asked even though he roughly began to understand too.
“Luo Feng, this mysterious inheritance palace, all the treasures etc, only the inheritors can receive them!” Babata said, “Just like the inheritance your teacher left behind, like when I accept the disciples. The bank accounts he left behind, only the disciples that pa.s.s through the inspection can retrieve them.”
“1 theory!”
“To be able to build such a terrifying inheritance palace, existing for a trillion years, with even undying beasts. The virtual universe company even sends so many absolute undyings to be stationed here. Obviously…” Babata said confidently, “That being…belongs to the most pinnacle of eternal beings, far exceeding your teacher.”
Luo Feng nodded.
That being that left this behind, he abilities were far beyond his imagination. After all the demon notes he left behind…could easily overcome undyings, if he came out personally, how absurd would that be?
“Hence, this great being, the palace he built, the treasures can only be retrieved by the inheritors.” Babata said, “Whether you use a supporting plant life form or machine, s.h.i.+ps etc. As long as it’s not the inheritor themself, they wouldn’t even be able to touch the stairs, shrine etc, almost like they are all in a different s.p.a.ce altogether.
Luo Feng nodded.
They couldn’t even touch it, the use of s.p.a.ce far exceeded Luo Feng’s imagination.
“You are an inheritor, only you can touch the stairs and shrine.” Babata said, “Every inheritor must have to be able to receive the inheritance. However, the life forms with souls…obviously cannot withstand the demon notes he left behind. They can only take one step at a time.”
“If they can withstand it?” Luo Feng smiled.
“If they can, that would mean that inheritor is also a great being. It would make sense they can retrieve the treasures.” Babata said.
Luo Feng nodded.
Looking up at the distant shrine in s.p.a.ce, while receiving the inheritance, he pondered.
“The design is indeed perfect.”
“Inheritance palace, only a life form can receive the inheritance and they must have souls.” He exclaimed, “And the life form with a soul will definitely be affected by the demon notes. This way…they really have to follow the great being’s plan of taking one step at a time, until they reach the shrine.”
“There are life forms that defy logic in the universe.” Luo Feng stared at the shrine in s.p.a.ce.
In mid air, another black clothed Luo Feng appeared, his life energy was identical to his earth body, it was Mosha Luo Feng!
“My mosha body, can completely clone its energy to my earth human body.” He stood there, Mosha Luo Feng too began to descend and land on the stairs.
He landed on the stairs!
Standing on the solid stone stairs.
“Very good!” Mosha Luo Feng smiled, immediately taking a step to the next level.
That terrifying demon note pierced into Mosha Luo Feng.
Demon note, accurately speaking was a form of soul hypnotism, it was a terrifying super hypnotism. Those that were affected would lose their sense of reason and become zombies!
The Mosha Luo Feng didn’t carry the core. The core remained with the earth human body.
The Mosha Luo Feng without a core…was simply like a real Mosha Clansman!
It wasn’t affected at all by soul attacks!
As long as any attacks were linked to the soul, it had no effect whatsoever on it!
“Right, just like this.” Mosha Luo Feng smiled and walked on the stairs, heading to the next level, the demon notes piled on, however the seemingly celebratory Luo Feng was celebrating as he proceeded upwards.
Another step after another.
More steps.
The great being that left behind the inheritance would probably never had guessed that, a life form with a soul and another soul less life form…could actually be the same person!


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