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Chapter 58

Volume 10 Chapter 58 – Lifting the Curtain

China year 2070 September 5th.

Morning, Luo Feng stood on his own home’s balcony. He was gazing at the east red sun rising from afar. Even though it was summer, the morning was still pretty chilly.

“Getting up early onto the balcony to watch the sunrise.” In her pajamas, Xu Xin walked onto the balcony. Looking at the current Luo Feng, even though this man had reached the peak on earth, almost all his energy was still spent on the long and arduous unpredictable path of the strong.

To this, Xu Xin wasn’t in the least unsatisfied as she had eventually come to terms with it.

It was only at certain times when she would feel forlorn and lonely, as Luo Feng would immerse himself in his training and isolate himself for 10 days or even half a month at times. Of course…Normally Luo Feng still cared a lot for his family.

“Right!” Luo Feng looked at the distant east horizon, watching the sun, smiling and nodding.

“These past few days you’ve been spending all your time in the dojo, it seems like you haven’t seen the sunrise in a long time.” Xu Xin said, “You should take some time to relax once in awhile, don’t overwork yourself.”

Luo Feng looked at his wife, extending his arm to gently embrace her, saying softly, “My wife, I’m sorry.”

“We are already an old couple, you don’t need to get so mushy!” A hint of red appeared on Xu Xin’s face.

“Hehe.” Luo Feng laughed.

“Tomorrow, it’ll begin.” Luo Feng looked at the distant rising sun, exclaiming, “That’s where the million geniuses from all the universe countries will gather. According to the situation of the Ganwu universe country…among these million geniuses, over half of them have stepped through the entrance of the origin laws!

In the Huge Axe dojo, even a universe level warrior who had stepped through the origin law’s entrance was considered invincible.

However in truth, in the universe, there were many star levels that had stepped through those doors.

Within the entire human race, there were only about 100s of thousands of these sort of absolute geniuses. However, with 1,008 universe countries, on average, with about a 100 in  every universe country…the Ganwu universe country leader ordered the undying to specially get these absolute geniuses to enter the Ganwu secret area. It goes to show just how special these seedlings were.

These absolute geniuses, how could they send them to the Huge Axe dojo to gamble their lives.

The probability of death there was too huge.

Black Dragon Mountain, island 9 star bay district.


“Dad, all the best!”

Two similar looking youths looked at Luo Feng, their gaze filled with respect and wors.h.i.+p.

This pair of twins were Luo Feng’s sons, Ping Ping and Little Hai. In terms of age, they were both 11 years old now. As they received excellent nurturing from birth, even when they were toddlers they had already reached the student level 9 and by now they’ve become star travellers. This caused their body structure to resemble that of earth’s ordinary 14 or 15 year olds.

In terms of looks, they received Xu Xin’s good looks, as both of them were handsome. Unlike Luo Feng, who looked ordinary.

The older brother Luo Ping had a better temperament, his character was gentle, his change since young was much more prominent.

The younger Luo Hai, however was noisy.

Afterall, they grew up in such a household, with the teachers being people like Di Fan and Bai Kalo, these two universe level 9 warriors (Ever since Bai Kalo received from Luo Feng the Yun Mo Planet training t

echniques, last year he broke through to the universe level 9). The staff and helpers in the house were all star levels too.

Along with Luo Feng’s glory, it caused Luo Ping and Luo Hai to wors.h.i.+p their father since young!

With such a father to be proud of…

Growing up in such a household, Luo Ping and Luo Hai may have their deficiencies in character. However, in their bones they still shared one point, which was that they wanted to become strong! The special thing about these twins however, was they both enjoyed battling in the virtual universe games from young. Even though they later awoke their spirit reading, their talent for it was weaker than Luo Feng’s before.

However the two still chose to become fighters! This made their father Luo Feng somewhat helpless.

“Daddy is the strongest.” Little Hai shouted loudly.

“Haha.” Luo Feng couldn’t help but laugh.

“Thirdie, all the best!” Standing beside, Thunder G.o.d waved his fists and shouted, “You are not only representing the Ganwu universe country, the more important thing is…you are representing us the people of earth!”

“Spoken well.” Luo Hong Guo nodded and shouted, his face gleeful, “Little Feng, your second brother spoke well, you represent the hope of us people of earth. Even though there are trillions of planets in the universe countries, with all the 1,008 universe countries added together, that’s even more shocking. However you have to do your best, fight for us people of earth.”

“Ok.” Luo Feng nodded his head.

In his mind, whether it was Thunder G.o.d, Hong or Luo Feng, their sense of belonging was like a strong flame.

“I’ll head out first.” Luo Feng took a big step and left.

Within the virtual universe’s many continents, islands, over a million geniuses from the 1,008 universe countries all went through the teleportation to the gathering spot.

Ganwu floating island.


Luo Feng appeared at the teleportation spot on the floating island.

“Mr Luo Feng, please head this way.” Standing beside the teleportation spot was a universe level warrior, dressed in work clothes, smiling and directing the way to a path beside.

“Thank you.” Luo Feng smiled and nodded, following the path.

At this time…

Luo Feng could see in the not too distant plaza surrounded by a beautiful array of flowers and greenery, there was a large group of people gathered. With just a look there was at least a hundred, both men and women, all different looking. However at least one third of the group had features close to the humans of earth, the appearance of the earth humans was considered more mainstream.

“Luo Feng is coming.”

“That madman!”

Many youths looked over.

These 100 were those that got a slot on the namelist. This time the Ganwu universe country was sending out a 1000 geniuses.

“Luo Feng.”

“Hai, Madman.”

Among these people, there were many that smiled and waved at Luo Feng. Since he had taken part in the loser’s circle duels, hence he had dueled 1v1 against all these people before.


“Pate Luo.”  Luo Feng waved back at those he was on good terms with.

As time pa.s.sed, the geniuses all arrived, with more people arriving every second. And Savage Rong Jun was considered one of the later few. Finally the 1,000 geniuses had all gathered, these 1,000 stood together, many of whom recognized each other either from the real world or had dueled before, were engaged in discussions and reminiscing about the past.

“Luo Feng, your strength has risen by quite a bit this past year, I know your improvement must be huge.” Savage Rong Jun looked over Luo Feng.

Luo Feng turned to look at the 3m tall Savage: “Wait till the pinnacle duels, you’ll know after you try me!”

“That confident?” Savage’s eyes gleamed.


“Rumble!” A formless pressure covered the entire plaza. The 1000 geniuses all felt their faces go pale, their bodies s.h.i.+vering unconsciously. After which they heard footsteps, a giant dressed in scaled armor and wearing a helmet walked over. The energy he naturally emitted was almost like the G.o.d of death approaching.

Emitting that bloodthirsty aura, causing everyone to fear him immediately!

A 8m tall giant! This was that being from before.

“1,000 geniuses from the Ganwu universe country, according to the country leader’s command, I’ll lead you.” The giant’s voice rumbled, within the helmet his eyes gave off an overwhelming sense of pressure, “You all can call me Lord thirteen, understood?”


The 1,000 absolute geniuses couldn’t help but answer in unison, including Luo Feng.

“What a terrifying pressure.” Luo Feng’s forehead had beads of cold sweat, “In reality, his willpower alone  would immediately make my soul crumble.”


1,000 geniuses, before this scale armored giant, seemed like weak little ants. They felt intense  fear, this was a natural reflex, no matter how strong one’s will power was, they couldn’t suppress such a reaction.

“Rong Jun!” The scale armored giant’s gaze landed on the youth Savage, Rong Jun.

“Lord thirteen.” Savage Rong Jun bowed.

“You are the only one from our Ganwu universe country that has a guarantee of not being eliminated. The country leader has a large expectation of you. You…don’t let our country leader down, you understand?” The scale armored giant said.

“Yes.” Savage replied respectfully.

The scale armored giant gazed past the rest of the youths, saying coldly, “As for everyone else, there’s not much hope!”

Immediately a group of youths, gripped their fists tightly, among that group Luo Feng creased his eyebrows too.

“Hmph! Unsatisfied? Power doesn’t come from the words you speak, it’s displayed in battle!” The scale armored giant said coldly, “Except for Rong Jun, the strongest amongst you are only at Luo Feng’s standards, and according to our information, there’s an exceptional genius at this compet.i.tion. If Luo Feng can make it into the top 5,000 that would be considered not bad, to make it into the top 1,000…the chances are however bleak!”

“Of course!”

“You all can create miracles! In history, there have been cases where some began average but suddenly exploded into absolute geniuses during the pinnacle fights” The scaled giant’s gaze swept past the large group, following which he changed the subject, “Alright, follow me!”

The group of absolute geniuses from the different starfields in the Ganwu universe country could only bear with it.


Following which, Luo Feng and the other geniuses, under the leaders.h.i.+p of the scaled armor giant all reached the teleportation spot and were transferred to a brand new area the virtual universe had opened.

This was a vast continent.

Luo Feng and the others, including that scaled armor giant leading them, a total of 1,001 people simultaneously appeared on that large continent.

“Ganwu universe team, there are 1,008 skysc.r.a.pers ahead, your universe country’s team has been arranged for number 0825 skysc.r.a.per.” A middle aged man dressed in a white robe bowed and said respectfully to the scaled armor giant.


The giant snorted out of his nose, and led the team to fly towards the skysc.r.a.per.


“1,008 skysc.r.a.pers, one universe team for one skysc.r.a.per?”

Looking from far, the distant 1,008 skysc.r.a.pers had formed a ring, surrounded by these 1008 skysc.r.a.pers in the center, was a beautiful plaza with birds and fragrant flowers. Within that plaza were many youths, men and women from different universe countries strolling and chatting in it. With just a look, there were at least, over 10,000 people.

“Descend!” The scaled armor giant’s voice roared.

The geniuses from the Ganwu inverse swiftly descended, landing beside the plaza, following a straight path towards skysc.r.a.per number 0825. The plaza had pathways to each of the many skysc.r.a.pers.

“Look, that skysc.r.a.per 0825 is the Ganwu universe country’s. Looks like that’s the genius team from the Ganwu universe.”

“Rong Jun, that tall one must be Savage Rong Jun.”

“Wow! His power is very strong.”

“Which is Rong Jun?”

“Rong Jun?”

Many geniuses from the other universe countries all looked over at the Ganwu universe country’s team and began their own discussions.


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