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Chapter 893: Hunt Outer region wars, within the ancient Star tower.
Within a palace.
Luo Feng had given an order via the virtual universe to Heavy arrow, “Heavy arrow, sense my location and teleport via G.o.d country over.”
In a few seconds.
A blurry light filled the palace and the s.p.a.ce rippled. A silhouette appeared, it was the masked tall and skinny Heavy arrow. He immediately bowed at the sight of Luo feng, “Greetings Master.”
“Hm.” Luo Feng nodded.
Simultaneously, he felt the thoughts of the star tower…should we kill this intruder? This was considered the core of the tower, and it forbade any intruders. The moment one entered, it could engage its own defenses to kill the intruder. As for the forbidden s.p.a.ces, it was free for countless warriors to enter.
“No.” Luo Feng communicated back. The star tower was one of the strongest treasures in the universe, a weapon however was after all just a weapon. It’s intellect was low. It’s calculation speed may match up to an AI, but its emotional intelligence was that of a two or three year old child.
“Back then, Tian Chen’s matter, did he reveal himself?” Luo Feng asked.
“Master, he didn’t.” Heavy Arrow said respectfully. “If you didn’t warn me, I wouldn’t even have discovered that he was so scheming. Only when I observed him carefully did I discover that something was amiss with Qu Wu emperor’s death. And after his death, I fled immediately. The demon camp actually pushed towards me, leaving my side with only Tian Chen…in theory, he was supposed to die, yet he managed to survive.”
“Hm.” Luo Feng nodded.
This was also within his expectations. Judging from his own interaction with Tian Chen, this person was careful. Even when he had plans to kill Luo Feng, he didn’t act until the final moment. If not for Luo Feng’s strong willpower against illusions, Tian Chen may have succeeded.
“Star tower.” Luo Feng ordered, “Search for a

human undying.”

The many sealed stars revolved within the palace. Luo Feng sat crossed legged and communicated with the tower, Heavy Arrow stood beside him respectfully.
“There are a total of 359 human undyings in the tower.”
The information poured into his mind, images appearing as the many human warriors’ battles, training and chats with allies appeared…these were all humans. Even though there were hundreds of thousands of undyings, there were few real humans within.
He quickly scanned through all of them.
“No Tian Chen?” He frowned. “Star tower, scan carefully if there’s this person on my arm screen?” An image of Tian Chen appeared on his arm.
“There’s no such person, he left 1,800 years ago.” Star tower communicated.
“He’s already left?” Luo Feng stared wide eyed and stood up suddenly.
“Master?” Heavy Arrow took a step forward and asked, “Are we going to deal with Tian Chen?”
“He’s not in the tower now.” Luo Feng shook his head. This was now his battlefield, and he had a huge advantage. However, as the life or death inheritance had taken over 6,000 years, many of the warriors normally only explored the outer region wars for up to 10,000 years. It was normal that Tian Chen had left.
“Who knows if he’s still in the outer region wars.”
“Has he returned to humanity?”
Luo Feng shook his head, his eyes gleaming. “Very good, if you’ve left, that would be even better! I’ll still kill you!”
“Master, what’s our next move?” Heavy arrow asked.
“Don’t get anxious.” He smiled. “He is afterall a member of the Hong alliance. I know many friends that are his too! Even though I cannot contact him directly, through his friends…it’ll be easy to find him. Then I’ll be able to make my move. However, before that…I still have something to do.”
Heavy Arrow was curious.
Luo Feng turned to look outside, the vast sealed stars were revolving, “I need

need to get more soul slaves!”
He was the master of the tower, even though he couldn’t trigger the entire tower, he still had a huge advantage. Using the tower, he could clearly know the hundreds of thousands of undyings locations and which forbidden s.p.a.ces they were in. He was even able to send himself there.
“As long as I want to, I can pick any battle to join.”
“And no exits will ever appear unless I will it too. Be it a day, ten days or a month.”
“As such…”
“How can anything go wrong?”
His eyes gleamed with ambition, having allies and slaves was extremely important in the universe! And to get a large number of slaves was a hard thing to do, one had to meet someone he could deal with and make him unable to flee, and soul control was something a soul master was best at, and these masters were extremely rare.
Other than that, there was only one more stupid way to go about it!
Force them into a coma and control them after!
However, this method had its own weakness, forcing the enemy into a coma? The enemy might sense the danger and self destruct. Also, if he went slightly overboard, he could very likely kill the enemy instead. Secondly, even if he succeeded, controlling a comatose undying would require him to wait a long time for the undying to awaken and recover. Using treasures could help speed things up, but the costs were high.
In all, controlling a powerful undying slave required one to have strength close to or stronger, and it was still an extremely hard thing to do.
Normally, only the masters of soul attacks had higher proficiency.
“In the universe, who could so easily meet so many warriors? And who had such power to easily pick whoever they wanted?”
“I have full control.”
“It just depends on whether I have the ability to

ability to control them.” Luo Feng communicated with the star tower and began to search for some absolute warriors. The targets were naturally emperor limits. With his current strength, dealing with Life Fall emperor or Seven blade would still be extremely hard.
As for pinnacle emperors?
Luo Feng didn’t care about them, unless it was a pinnacle emperor soul master.
Hence he set his targets as emperor limits and emperor pinnacle soul masters.
“Him!” Luo Feng smiled, “Demon camp, Ci Ya race…Black Crow emperor, emperor pinnacle soul master will be my first target.”

There were countless forbidden s.p.a.ces within the star tower.
Within a particular one, wild winds howled as snow fell. Amidst the snow, three blurry silhouettes sat crossed legged within.
“My luck sure is bad, that high emperor human earlier was about to be killed, yet at the last moment he managed to flee from Black Crow’s control.” A turtle like creature howled, its blood red eyes filled with ferocity.
“d.a.m.n.” Another similar life form howled.
The two of them were from the far reaches of the universe, and they had temporarily joined the demon camp’s Qiu Jia race. They were a tone life form, these two emperor pinnacles had a similarity with that race…their defenses were very strong.
Very few of them joined the outer region wars, and the number of emperors were even Fewef. Within star tower, there were only three emperors, and they became known as the Qiu Jia Ci Ya brothers.
“We must have patience.”
A hoa.r.s.e voice resounded, it was a black furred bird like creature with jade green eyes, he was Black Crow emperor, the leader of this team. “There are hundreds of thousands of undyings here, we will have a chance. With patience, our hunt will succeed.”
The two Qiu Jia Ci Ya warriors howled in agreement.
Black Crow suddenly turned to the distance, the two crossed legged creatures beside turned too, a s.p.a.ce slit
a s.p.a.ce slit had appeared.
“I was right, with patience, look, a prey has come.” Black Crow said hoa.r.s.ely.
Gu… The two Ci Ya warriors howled with excitement, their eyes gleaming as they looked on. Even though they were filled with killing intent, without seeing their target, they didn’t dare make a move. It might be another demon camp warrior or someone stronger than them.
A silhouette appeared amidst the snow.
Black Crow and the brothers looked over carefully, the silhouette seemed human, with silver wings and armor, he floated in mid air.
“It’s a human.” The brothers howled.
“Blade River emperor!” Black Crow’s expression changed, as Blade River’s name was well known. Even though it made them go on alert, but it was not enough to scare them off.
“Haha…I actually b.u.mped into Black Crow.” The youth stood in mid air and laughed, shaking the s.p.a.ce about.
“Blade River!” Black Crow’s laughter resounded, “Where’s your slave Heavy Arrow? Call him out.”
A silhouette appeared beside, it was the masked Heavy Arrow.
This made Black Crow’s laughter grow even more piercing. “Hahaha, very good human Blade River emperor. If I kill you, that’s a huge windfall.” He secretly ordered too, “Brothers, I’ll rely on you to hold up Heavy Arrow, while I deal with Blade River.”
“Relax, even though we aren’t a match for Heavy Arrow, we can still definitely hold him for awhile.” The two brothers were very confident.

Killing intent rose from both sides.
Heavy Arrow stood respectfully beside Luo Feng. Luo Feng however smiled at the scene, he had to pick a team that was close to him in strength. Otherwise, anyone else would have fled after seeing Heavy Arrow.
“Let’s see the power of the Star map.” With a flip of his left hand, the star map appeared. There were visible star imprints within, and six black b.a.l.l.s were floating within, after which they floated onto his palm.


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