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The moment they stepped through, they landed on a stone surface, leaving the desert forbidden s.p.a.ce.

“This is…” Luo Feng was shocked and looked around.

Within the vast s.p.a.ce.

A rock bridge spiraled into the distance. But, there were no beams supporting it, it simply floated there downwards.

“Master, this is the pathway.” Heavy Arrow landed beside, respectfully pointing at the end of the bridge. “There’s nothing there, Reaching the end of this pa.s.sage leads to another forbidden s.p.a.ce.”

“What’s below?” Luo Feng gazed down at the void below the bridge. “Can we fly down?”

“Nothing will happen.” Heavy Arrow smiled. “Normally if your luck is good, you’ll see Sealed stars along the pathway. However, the place they are in is very dangerous, there are formless barriers that stop warriors from getting close. If one forcefully gets close, he would most likely fall. I’ve seen many sealed stars about. If my luck was good, I’d see one every one or two years. If it was poor, maybe one every 1,000 years. Back then there were some other race emperors that got very excited from seeing them, they flew directly to grab them but they were killed.”

“See one every one to two years?” Luo Feng gazed below, “I think I’ve already seen it.”

“Ah.” Heavy Arrow was stunned, he looked down too and stared wide eyed, “Indeed.”

Luo Feng gazed below.

Deep in the void, there was a star that was rolling. Its size was similar to a normal star, the energy it gave off was terrifying. It revolved there in a steady speed within the vast void…

“True treasure.” Luo Feng said.

Heavy Arrow said, “We can only look at it. There are many sealed stars in Star tower, just those recorded are plenty, along with many others that haven’t been found. It’s a pity, unless the sealed stars fall off themselves, even the invincible universe masters of the four pinnacle races cannot forcefully grab them.”


Luo Feng continued forward.

“Another sealed star.” Heavy arrow walked along the stone bridge and exclaimed shocked.

Luo Feng followed. In the depths of below the bridge, they would occasionally see a revolving sealed star in a different position. It maintained such speed for trillions of years, never stopping, until it falls…

Just as he walked along the bridge, he received a call request. He immediately sent a thread of consciousness into the virtual universe network to receive the call.


“Tian Chen emperor.” Luo Feng smiled shocked. This emperor was a human, he hadn’t been in the Hong alliance too long but he had spoken to quite a few human emperors within. Many of them were either immersed in their own training or too proud or exploring secret regions etc. Even though Luo Feng didn’t get the chance to meet a lot of them, he had gathered most of their basic information.

“I’m at star tower. Through the army system, it showed me that you are nearby, hence I immediately messaged you.” Tian Chen said.

“Ah.” Luo Feng nodded.

The army system compiled the locations of all the soldiers and broadcast them within the virtual universe system. Even in a special environment like the forbidden s.p.a.ce where one could scan other s.p.a.ces, they could still discover their allies.

“I’ve already contacted a few good friends because I was attacked by the forbidden guards within the s.p.a.ce. It’s rare for them to be so troublesome. Three of the friends I’ve contacted encountered the same, what about you?” He asked.

“Ah, you too? I was attacked by the guards too.” Luo Feng said.

“It’s getting serious, looks like the chances of a sealed star falling is very high.” Tian Chen said. “Yang…if a sealed star were to fall, the forbidden s.p.a.ces within the tower will keep drawing the warriors closer together. This would naturally gather all the warriors to where the star would fall! Everytime a sealed star falls, a huge ma.s.sacre would occur, you have to be careful too. I’m entering my next s.p.a.ce now.”

After ending the call with Tian Chen, Luo Feng received another six calls from allies that were closeby. Any ally within a one billion km area would be able to detect him. They all went through the same trouble and suspected the imminent fall of the sealed star. After talking to them, it seemed like…the possibility was very high.

“A sealed star is really going to fall?” Luo feng was on alert now.

Even though the sealed star was a true treasure, for Luo Feng who had the s.p.a.ce lock arm band, the general armor, the king armor, the Sha Wu wings and the ancient clock, he wouldn’t simply lose his mind over the falling of a sealed star. With his perspective and the strong calling of the tower, his vision was much higher than others.

“A sealed star only falls once in a very long time.”

“One is falling the moment I came here?”

“Doesn’t seem like a coincidence!”

Luo Feng was on alert, asking, “Heavy Arrow, what happens when a sealed star falls?”

“They are usually different, but there are still some similarities. The forbidden s.p.a.ces within the tower would all naturally join, gathering all the warriors together, resulting in a final bloodbath…” Heavy Arrow explained.

“Hm, let’s go.”

Luo Feng nodded, not speaking anymore as they quickly reached the end.

Looking at the void below the bridge, he could make out the revolving sealed stars below. He kept Heavy Arrow in his world ring and stepped through alone into another forbidden s.p.a.ce.

This was an ocean world.

The moment Luo Feng stepped through, the entrance disappeared and the silver armored Luo Feng floated in the air above the ocean, looking about and searching for the pathway to the next s.p.a.ce. Under normal circ.u.mstances, the pathways were very easy to find, it usually took up to one day max to find it.

Hua hua hua… The waves began to churn violently, rumbling from within.

An explosion occurred right after.


An ear piercing screech could be heard. A jade blue snake like creature with a head full of metal scales flew out of the ocean, revealing close to 2km of itself above the surface. Its lower half had limbs as its appearance caused the ocean to shake from within.

Its gold eyes stared at the silver winged and armored human.

“Another guard?” Luo Feng muttered.

The star seemed incredibly unfriendly against Luo Feng. From the first to the ninth s.p.a.ce, every s.p.a.ce had a guard appear and their battle techniques and styles all had different levels of danger. The seventh s.p.a.ce was the most dangerous one he encountered. A 1.2m short black metal gorilla wielded two huge hammers and was incredibly fast and nimble.

The smaller it was, the more nimble it was.

The black gorilla was the fastest guard he had encountered in all nine s.p.a.ces. In terms of speed and dodging, it could keep up with Luo Feng. Its two hammers were more terrifying than Heavy Arrow’s attacks.

Heavy Arrow could only resort to being a s.h.i.+eld, unless he burnt his undying body, he had no way to fight back.

It was the first time Luo Feng used his full strength with the Sha Wu wings, defending against the hammers and dodging. It took over half an hour before the exit appeared. Only then did they escape the seventh s.p.a.ce. When they escaped, the gorilla was still howling within.

“Luckily it’s only a metal puppet, unable to burn its undying body.” Luo Feng muttered.

“Madness, this guard, in terms of strength…he’s already exceeded an emperor limit, and was even close to an invincible emperor. If it was a true G.o.d, who is able to burn his undying body, just burning a little would raise its strength over 1,000 times. I would have no resistance whatsoever.” Heavy Arrow was still reeling from the shock.

After the ninth s.p.a.ce, Luo Feng didn’t get attacked by any more guards.

Within the tower, they pa.s.sed through the many forbidden s.p.a.ces.

“Twenty first s.p.a.ce.” Luo Feng sat crossed legged on a fireball, as the ball flew straight to the twenty first exit.


This twenty first s.p.a.ce was a swamp land, and two groups of other race undyings were floating in the skies above. One was from the automaton camp with twenty two undyings, all at emperor level, and two of which were automaton people.

Two automaton emperors!

The other group…was the bug camp, with six emperors. Their energy levels were however much higher. Among the six, there was one that was an emperor limit puppet. This emperor limit puppet naturally represented that terrifying bug undying.

The undying bug queens, everyone of them was a terrifying force.

“I didn’t expect to b.u.mp into them here.”

“This will be troublesome.”

“However there’s no need to fear. When the sealed star falls, our race’s Life Fall emperor will definitely appear. Our automaton race will team up, would we need to fear the bug race?”

Two similarly dressed automaton warriors in black armor exchanged glances. Beside them, the twenty other undyings obviously followed them. The automatons were few in numbers, and every emperor represented a terrifying automaton empire that was truly terrifying.

Of course under normal circ.u.mstances, they were still weaker than the bug undyings. The bug race didn’t have such level markings of emperors.

As long as a queen was undying…it would naturally be the most terrifying being beneath knight level, controlling an undying bug army…each combined attack would make countless emperors s.h.i.+ver in fear.


In the distance a split in s.p.a.ce occurred.

A silver armored and winged silhouette flew out and floated in mid air.

The automaton and bug camps were engaged in a deadlock, both sides didn’t seem to care much about the lone warrior that appeared.

“It’s Blade River emperor!”

“It’s the human Blade River emperor!”

“Ah, this is the one that chased Blood Beast emperor away and forced Heavy Arrow into a coma?”

Both sides quickly went on full alert, the reputation and incident from before made them not underestimate this human.

“This is…” Seeing the two distance camps face off in mid air in the twenty first s.p.a.ce, especially the powerful energies they emanated, Luo Feng was nervous.


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