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“There are at least twelve official level undyings?” Luo Feng put down his wine, “I really haven’t fought an official level undying yet since coming to the outer region wars.”

“Yang, you have to be cautious, otherwise it’s really easy to die.” The undying general Shu Fan emphasized, “A pinnacle general compared to an official. Even though it may seem like a small difference. However the difference in ability is terrifying…up to tens of thousands of times different. Just in terms of strength, the two may have very little difference, the only difference however is…the undying body!”

“The moment one attains an undying body, the difficulty to beat him will go up tens of thousands of times.”

“Like Boye and I, our strength is very close to an official, however if we self destruct, we can completely destroy an official level undying. However, he would still be able to regain his body without any damage. If our self destruct cannot even harm the enemy, what’s the point of battle? If we meet an official, there’s only one word…Flee!” The undying general shook his head and sighed. “With an undying body, even if we destroy that body thousands of times, he would be undamaged. Only with an undying body would one truly be eternal, otherwise even an undying is just cannon fodder.”

Luo Feng frowned.

Normally there were only two ways to kill an undying with an undying body, one was to destroy his soul, another was to simply use brute force. But, both of these options had huge requirements. Like the mission Luo Feng was a.s.signed to by the Virtual Universe Company, killing an official level undying, they naturally sent a team led by an emperor level undying, and it still took a few rounds of battle before the undying was killed.

“Let’s not talk about such matters Yang.” The general Boye’s voice was thick as he said anxiously, “You just came to Fog island, if you don’t have a destination in mind, how about…you follow us brothers first.”

“Right right right.” Shu Fan said beside, “Sticking to us brothers, you can get used to the battle atmosphere here in Yan Ji continent.

The two of them looked with antic.i.p.ation at Luo Feng.

“Then I’ll be bothering you two.” Luo Feng smiled.

Sticking to this team would allow him to deal with Nuo Lan Shan, naturally this was his best option. The more important reason was…

His battle plan.

Luo Feng would be here on Yan Ji continent for a very long time. As to exploring such dangerous places, it was better to acquire some experience first and collect information about the place.

After flying in the s.h.i.+p for over a day, they entered a mountain range, the clouds engulfed the area. This was the reason the area was called fog island, as over 1/3rd of the island was covered all year in thick fog.

“We’ve returned.”

“Haha, we’ve survived.”

“And we got quite a bit of points this time, it’s all thanks to the sudden appearance of the mysterious sector lord warrior.”

Nuo Lan Shan followed the other soldiers through a path and entered the camp within the mountain range, its insides had long been dug clean to fit a large base.

“Since Luo Feng joined the army, it seems like he really wants me dead.” Nuo Lan Shan glanced at the three silhouettes walking together in the distance, cursing within, “Just wait, I’ll just stay in the army, let’s see what you can do to me. If you kill me, that would be a huge crime and you’d have to pay the consequences.”

“Yang.” Shu Fan and Boye sent Luo Feng into a quiet palace, “You can stay here for now, we’ll give you detailed information about Fog island when we get back. And whatever we understand about the place, we will send to you. We will rest for about 15 days before heading out on another expedition.”

After awhile.

Luo Feng received information via the virtual universe network.

There was very little information about Yan Ji main continent, but there was much available about the Fog island.

“Detailed information about the twelve officials of Fog Island.” Luo Feng sat and looked at the information on his arm, every one of their pictures and information was displayed.

“Demon race, nickname Wheel Snake?” Luo Feng looked at his picture and shook his head. “This is one of the eighteen royal bloodlines of the demon race, the Wheel oct eye snake. Looks like a lot of the human undyings have very little understanding on how to deal with the other races.”

“Belongs to the bug clan, nickname Boulder? The information sure is lacking, this Boulder, he should be one of the races living far on the borders of the universe. He should belong to the Rock life form Ka Wu race.”

“Automaton allies, nicknamed Blade flash?”

“Nickname Black mist?”

“Nickname Nightmare?”

Luo Feng looked at the information of the official level undyings, among which the demon race had three, the automaton race had two, the bug clan had four and humans had three. Of course, large amounts them were of the four pinnacle race’s allies. After all the subservient races were far from the pinnacle races, however once the numbers added up…they would be much more than the pinnacle race undyings.

In the blink of an eye, fifteen days had pa.s.sed. The general Shu Fan and Boye led their armies in the s.h.i.+p and flew carefully above Fog island, looking for their target. This time however they were very confident…because Luo Feng was on the s.h.i.+p too.

Luo Feng, Shu Fan and Boye stood in the control room.

“We’ve discovered our target.” Shu Fan pulled up his screen and projected it. It was a blur of large amounts of Scaled beings. The Qiu s.h.i.+ soldiers, from a glance, there were over 10,000 of them. These little scaled beings are very ferocious, even normal domain lords and sector lords can explode and reform. From the looks of it, their scanning device isn’t as advanced as ours. They have two undyings, and these two are not from the twelve officials list, they should be at general level.”

“Should we attack?” Shu Fan looked at Boye and Luo Feng.

“Yes.” Boye gritted his teeth.

“Yang?” Shu Fan looked at Luo Feng.

“I came here to get points.” Luo Feng smiled, “Let’s do it.”


Shu Fan immediately gave the order to the three cabins below, “Listen well, the battle will begin in about four minutes, the targets are the disgusting scaled beings.”

Nuo Lan Shan looked at the pictures of the scaled beings, looking up, “Just some ugly scaled beings, everybody better get more points later.”

“Yes captain.”


The domain lords and universe levels all replied excitedly.

“Luo Feng, Luo Feng, I will always stay within the army, let’s see what you can do to me. In awhile, I’ll get more points.” Nuo Lan Shan was feeling the itch and he suddenly heard a rumble, the cabin doors had opened and a powerful roar rang in his mind, “Listen to my order, battle.”


The vast army of close to 20,000 soldiers swiftly flew through the s.p.a.cious cabin pathways, Nuo Lan Shan was naturally amongst them.

“Rumble…” A distant terrifying ripple rushed over, causing the s.p.a.ce around to tear apart, the ripple shocked everybody.

“The battle’s already begun.”

Nuo Lan Shan glanced at the distance. In mid air, there were three humans. One of them was completely covered in flames, one in ice cold energy and one more with the aura of a huge bird, simultaneously controlling a terrifying huge beast G.o.d projection.

They fought against two undyings. One of them was extremely powerful, and every punch tore through s.p.a.ce and another with nine blades.

Howl…The countless ugly scaled beings rushed over at them.

“Kill!” The human soldiers all became over 10,000 beams of lights and fought.

“It’s time to get points!” Nuo Lan Shan’s eyes gleamed with excitement. He, who had acquired the Universe level Huge Axe medal before enjoyed killing within. He flashed as fast as lightning at two Qiu s.h.i.+ Warriors, they were both domain lord level 9 warriors, they howled and tried to surround Nuo Lan Shan.

“Committing suicide.” Nuo Lan Shan released his world projection and suppressed them, after which two delicate cicada wing like flashes of blade lit up!

They flashed in eight directions.

The two Qiu s.h.i.+ warriors were instantly torn to shreds. It made the distant sector lord level nine Qiu s.h.i.+ warrior howl and rush over, causing Nuo Lan Shan to retreat.

“Fifth brother, be careful.”

“Leave that punk to us.”

The relations.h.i.+ps forged over countless years had made the sector lord pinnacle warriors naturally come help out.

This scene made Nuo Lan Shan happy within. Even though he was independent of the army already, he didn’t like exploring alone mainly because the army always had others to help him out. Of course…at sector lord level 3, he normally needed other sector lords to help. It would take very long for him to reach sector lord level 9.

Pu chi.

“Die.” He once again killed the surrounding domain lord level 9 enemies, flas.h.i.+ng back immediately to join with the other humans to kill others. Within this life or death training, he was like a fish in water, he enjoyed it deep in his bones.

“Thrilling.” Nuo Lan Shan killed excitedly.

“Ah, this Luo Feng actually didn’t take out his undying plant.” Nuo Lan Shan glanced at the distance, discovering that Luo Feng had fought a few rounds with one of the scaled undyings. Even though the enemy was heavily injured, he hadn’t won completely yet, “If he takes out his undying plant, he would definitely win, without it…would be much harder.”

Nuo Lan Shan turned back to continue his ma.s.sacre, rus.h.i.+ng straight at a group of weak soldiers, making the sector lord level 9 Qiu s.h.i.+ warriors rush over angrily.

At this time…


A powerful flash of a blade tore through thousands of km, directly piercing through the area Nuo Lan Shan was in.

“Ah!” He was instantly pierced through by the slash, his entire body exploding to pieces, before he died, he stared wide eyed, raging within, “Luo Feng!!!” The slash had torn through many of the little Qiu s.h.i.+ warriors surrounding him, they died tragically.

And in the distant air, Luo Feng who was engaged with the undying with the nine blades noticed this scene in the corner of his eye, snorting coldly before continuing to battle.

“I don’t believe I can’t kill you without the undying plant.” Luo Feng roared.


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