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Chapter 655: Sector Lord Studying Speed There were two paths. One was easy, while the other much harder.
Which one should he choose?
Within the tower, Luo Feng who had his eyes closed before the sacred tablet revealed a smile.
“My heart is like a mirror, and I see through all illusions. My heart is like a blade, slicing through all obstacles.” Luo Feng had no hesitation, as he very calmly made his decision. “If I don’t even have the guts to breakthrough a pinnacle level golden horned beast, there’s no need to even mention becoming an absolute being of the universe, to be the true upper echelon of humanity!”
“I believe I can do it!”
Luo feng was silent.
As one that received guidance on mental state training from Thunder G.o.d and Hong, he emphasized heavily on the heart.
If one didn’t even have the guts to challenge this sort of difficulty, he would forever be a n.o.body. And if one had the guts and confidence even against the hardest of obstacles, then he would constantly push his limits and work towards his goal. Even if he fails in the end…that achievement would be extremely high.

Hence, Luo Feng naturally chose the 2nd path, strengthening the internal world with large amounts of metal. Actually, he had long purchased the metal groups required for sector lord level…it was obvious, in the depths of his heart, he had long made the decisions he needed.
“Back then, I was only a normal warrior of earth, did anyone even imagine I would become the leader of the milky way?”
“Back then, when I entered the universe as the strongest of earth, did anyone ever imagine that I would become one of the top ten geniuses of the 1,008 universe country genius compet.i.tion?”
“Did anyone ever think that I would enter the primal region on my 1st try?”
“And right now, many actually think I have hopes of becoming an official or emperor level undying. Yet few dare to imagine…that I’d actually reach the level of a universe knight.” Luo Feng thought, his eyes gleaming brighter than before.
A true warrior had complete faith and confidence.
The 1st step was to dare to dream, and after that it was all about hard work. If one didn’t even dare have such a goal…how would he succeed?
Internal world.
The vast internal world, in the center continent’s gra.s.sy patch, there was a mountain like black s.p.a.ce beast, and beside it stood the black mosha Luo Feng.
“Gold horn beast, breakthrough to sector lord level!”
“Mosha clansman, breakthrough to sector lord level!”
With his consciousness pus.h.i.+ng, the countless universe crystals that formed the majestic mountain immediately broke apart and became world energy. It was almost like two powerful currents, where one was pouring straight into the golden horned beast body while the other into the mosha Luo Feng.
However, one of the currents was about 10m thick, and the other was 10km!
Kakaka…Noises came from all over the golden horned beast’s body. The body that was strengthened by practicing the nameless manual began to evolve, as it was swallowing large amounts of world energy, it caused its body to grow even bigger. Its scales were much more dense than before, and even formed a translucent layer above the scales.
On its forehead, a 5th horn grew out, the other 4 too began to grow longer.
Rumble…The Mosha clansman beside it had completely turned into a black energy flow. The energy grew thicker and thicker, as one could faintly see through it. Right at the center of it was a resplendent s.h.i.+ning life crystal that had s.p.a.ce law ripples within it.
The 10km thick world energy current and the 10m thick world energy currents stopped simultaneously.
The golden horned beast body length had already reached a shocking 100km. The moment it spreads its wings, it could easily cover any of the super cities of earth. In a blink of an

eye it could fly around the entire planet once. To such an absolute being, a planet was simply too small, the place it lived in was…the universe s.p.a.ce.
Hua hua… That rumbling black energy flow condensed and formed a black clothed Luo Feng.
Sector lord Golden horned beast and mosha Luo Feng stood in the gra.s.s patch.
The beast raised its head and howled, letting out a carefree howl that shook the vast world, announcing its breakthrough into the sector lord level.
Mosha Luo Feng laughed carefreely as well.
“Sector lord level is truly different.” Mosha Luo Feng was filled with glee. “This Mosha Luo Feng originally had 10 times the amplitude of its fusion with the s.p.a.ce laws. But, now that it had evolved to a sector lord, being the fastest level, with its amplitude…it’s simply, simply…”
He already knew training during sector lord level was extremely fast.
Sector lord level was the time during which one’s powers would soar. Even undyings couldn’t compare to sector lords! This was also why many choose to stay at sector lord level for very long with no rush to breakthrough.
Like that time sector lord Luo, he had stayed so long at sector lord level. However, as his lifespan was reaching its end, breaking through to undying became more and more urgent.
Within the vast sacred tablet tower, before that majestic tablet, Luo feng immediately stood up and opened his eyes.
“I’ve broken through to sector lord level, and I also have two dual world pools. When I unleash the swallowing ability, it’ll be much safer than before.” Luo Feng thought. “The golden horned beast and the mosha clansman have reached sector lord level 1. From domain lord to sector lord, the huge evolution in strength is indeed crazy.”
“I’m in no rush to practice the 10,000 soul control technique. After I study this sacred tablet for a month, it would still be ok, I cannot waste this month.”
It may seem slow, but in truth, the internal world breaking through along with the golden horned beast and mosha clansman breakthrough didn’t even take half a day.
Luo feng once again focused his eyes on the dark green crystal tablet.
The majestic tablet had a picture of a huge demon howling. The demon had 2 curved horns, feathered wings and fiery eyes. At first glance, it seemed like a normal demon howling picture, however on careful examination…one would discover that any of the feathers on its wings, the flames around its eyes, every strand of hair, every vein in its horns, engraving in its armor…
Had unbelievable amounts of mystery.
Part of Luo Feng’s consciousness was immersed in the picture, another half of it…the golden horned beast and mosha clansman’s consciousness had entered the universe source through the world energy resonation.

In the mysterious universe source.
The entire core of the primal universe, no one knows how long it has been in existence. They only know that at sector lord level, it’s the 1st time their consciousness can enter the source.
“Feels too good.” Half of Luo Feng’s consciousness was sucked into the endless land, which was essentially just a grain of sand in the vast cosmos. His consciousness felt a clarity like never before with the gold, wood, water, fire, ground, wind, thunder, light, s.p.a.ce and time, all the different types of laws, he felt all of it.
The law source too were kept within that mysterious source!
When his consciousness arrived within the source, its would be in a state that was incomparably close to the origin laws. As such…the resonance was extremely clear. Even the other wood, water, fire, ground, wind, thunder, light and time laws that he didn’t understand before, at this time, it felt as clear as his comprehension of the gold law during his domain lord period.
Of course…
If his comprehension of wood, water, fire etc were at a clarity level of 100, then his gold law clarity would be about 10,000 and his s.p.a.ce law would be 200,000!
“How can a sector lord not improve fast?”
“The law comprehension is more than 100 times easier than before.”
“Many things I was unable to comprehend at the universe and domain lord levels, after becoming sector lord level, I can still train them till I reach the level of law recognition.” Luo Feng exclaimed. “Sector lord level truly is the sole heavenly level.”
World energy was a special creation energy.
The sector lords used it to create their worlds, and the source…that endless s.p.a.ce was an endless s.p.a.ce of world energy! Any grain of sand had countless universe crystals. And because world energy was special, it allowed one’s consciousness to enter it.
The moment one reached undying!
Their energies would once again undergo change. They would have powerful undying energy, however their consciousness would no longer be able to resonate with that source again.
Stronger didn’t naturally mean better, what was best was what was suitable.
With world energy…one would have the chance to comprehend all sorts of laws! The moment one became undying…they would take trillions of years and yet still be unable to comprehend s.p.a.ce laws. One was because the s.p.a.ce laws got harder towards the end, at an extreme level. Secondly, an undying’s comprehension couldn’t compare with a sector lord.
At sector lord level…some absolute geniuses only train for tens of thousands of years and their comprehension can compare to that of an emperor level undying.
However, for a normal undying that constantly breaks through, even a hundred million years wouldn’t be enough for him to reach emperor level!
This was an advantage!
This was the advantage of sector lord level! Many with ambition refused to breakthrough to undying because of this reason. They want to comprehend more laws at sector lord level…allowing them to have a stronger foundation, and when they eventually breakthrough, they immediately became official level or even emperor level undyings.
Like that absolute genius Ke Di, who was able to defeat an official level undying at sector lord level. If he didn’t die and broke through to undying, the moment he broke through, he would immediately reach emperor level!

Within the internal world.
Mosha Luo Feng sat crossed legged. The complex s.p.a.ce engravings within its life crystal rippled constantly, causing mosha Luo Feng’s consciousness to resonate with the s.p.a.ce law ripples, as its amplitude rose by tens of times.
“Blood river energy!” The golden horned beast triggered its energy from the right claw. It swiftly evolved and simultaneously a picture of a beast G.o.d head howling appeared, causing it’s gold origin law clarity to rise by 10 times as well!
It’s clarity before was 10,000, and the s.p.a.ce law’s clarity was at 200,000.
At this time.
The gold law clarity rose to 100,000 and the s.p.a.ce law clarity had reached over 20 million! Far exceeding that of wood, water and the others.
“On one hand, comprehending the howling demon sacred tablet, at the same time using the s.p.a.ce and gold laws to compare and contrast, this speed is…” Luo Feng could feel that studying this tablet now for one day was akin to his domain lord level’s 100 years worth of work. Of course, the main thing was that breaking through to sector lord level had made his efficiency rise by 100s of times.


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