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Chapter 84 Top the Five Academies Chart

Along with his expanding body, his momentum also increased.

In an instant, he had advanced from the middle to the peak of the four-apertured Martial Disciple Realm. Moreover, he was still advancing as if he could reach the five-apertured Martial Disciple Realm.

“Younger brother, don’t!” Among the crowd under the stage, Li Muyun had stayed calm. However, now he had to shout to stop his younger brother. Then, he rushed onto the stage regardless of everything.

In the meanwhile, when people were still dazed by the moves, another man appeared on the stage too.

It was the core disciple Leng Yixuan, who had been watching quietly in the viewing platform all the time.

He was clad in white and emerged out of nowhere on the stage. He patted Liang Feixue, who was in a state of fury, on the shoulder.

Leng Yixuan did not move much, however, he was doing something to Liang Feixue. Liang Feixue was originally beginning to advance to the five-apertured realm. Now, he could not move at all and was immediately taken out of the state of fury. His expanded body shrank and the crimson halo around him vanished. His bloodshot eyes returned to normal, and his aura also decreased to be in the three-apertured Martial Disciple Realm.

Once he was out of the state of fury, Liang Feixue could not support himself anymore. He went into a coma as if he had been in shock.

At that point, Li Muyun jumped onto the stage as well. He immediately held his younger brother. Moreover, soon, the other five members of the Honorable Alliance of Seven all jumped onto the stage to

“Thank you for your help, Martial Uncle.” Li Muyun and other members bowed to Leng Yixuan with great respect.

“It’s too much. Before you find a solution, keep him away from this kind of strength. Otherwise, he might not live to the age of 18.” Leng Yixuan shot a pitiful look to Liang Feixun, who was still in a coma. Then, he added, “You Central Academy of white shirts have lost the battle, please return to the preparation area.”

“Yes, Martial Uncle.”

Li Muyun and others had to accept the losing situation and went off the stage, carrying Liang Feixue.

Never did they expect that Ding Hao could push Liang Feixu to such a point.


A few figures dashed forward and appeared on the stage. They were the three third-generation successor disciples in charge of the five academies compet.i.tion between the nominal disciples

Among them, Yin Yifei and Lu Qi looked terrible because they had lost the gamble. Thinking of the things they were going to lose too, they could not help feeling a heartache.

On the other hand, Cheng Fei was grinning from ear to ear. Before the referee announced the result, he walked to Ding Hao and lifted up the latter’s left hand. Before anyone else, he shouted loudly. “The winner of the five academies compet.i.tion goes to… Ding Hao from the Eastern Academy of green shirts.”

Around the stage, the audience burst into thunderous applause and loud cheers.

Especially the Eastern Academy of green shirts disciples, they hugged each other and cheered excitedly. If not for the four Martial Uncles on the stage, they would have rushed onto the stage and threw Ding Hao in the air like they always did.

On the stage, Ding Hao could finally heave a sigh of relif.

Finally… I won!

Everything that followed was as expected. Ding Hao took the glorious crown of the five academies compet.i.tion. Also, his rank skyrocketed. Among more than 2,000 nominal disciples, he used to be ranked below 100th, and now he was ranked 21st.

Above Ding Hao, there were only the 20 mysterious peerless geniuses, bloodline fighters.

Starting from today, Ding Hao was beyond every nominal disciple in the five academies. He became the first well-known nominal disciple of them.

Before the compet.i.tion, this was something no one had expected.

The heavy favorites Li Muyun, Liang Feixue, Lyu Kuang, Li Lan, and others all had lost. This was the cruel kung fu path. No matter how famous you were, or how powerful you had been. In the end, the last one standing was the ultimate winner worthy of laurels and applause.

The loser got nothing but empathy.

Because of Ding Hao’s outstanding performance and Li Lan’s hard work, Eastern Academy of green shirts shook off the t.i.tle of the weakest academy among the five academies in the compet.i.tion. Their total score was only second to Central Academy of white shirts.

Third place went to Northern Academy of yellow shirts that owned the group consisting of Lin Xin and Ren Xiaoyao.

Southern Academy of purple shirts that used to be the audience’s favorite took fourth place.

Western Academy of red shirts that had completely lost the battle took fifth place.

Such a rank implied that from tomorrow to the end of the month, Central Academy of white shirts would receive the lion’s share of the cultivation resources from Swordsmanship-seeking Sect, while the poor Western Academy of red shirts would get a minimally adequate supply for daily cultivation.

This was the compet.i.tion strategy of Swordsmanship-seeking Sect.

Moreover, being the winner of the five academies compet.i.tion, Ding Hao would receive huge bonuses.

Other than the promised Qi-collecting Pill, 10 sect Contribution Points, and a chance to enter Swordsmanship Hall Library to read about magic skill and martial technique, he received other two unexpected bonuses.

“Haha, Ding Hao, this is a little gamble among us three. And since you’ve won, I’ve won the stake too. These are for you. A Void Boundary Stone and a sharp Dragon-tattooed Flame Saber. They’re no use to me, I might as well give them to you, as gifts. Congrats!”

Cheng Fei was happy and pa.s.sed Ding Hao the Void Boundary Stone and the crimson long saber he won from Yin Yifei and Lu Qi.

“Thank you, Martial Uncle Cheng.”

Thought not knowing Void Boundary Stone, or the use of the crimson long saber, he thought they must be valuable since third-generation successor disciples used them as stakes. Since they had fallen into his lap, he certainly would not throw them out. Thus, he thanked Cheng Fei with great respect and carefully put them away.

Moreover, Ding Hao was refining six extra-channels in his middle dantian and using saber technique Qi. The saber looked nice and was just useful to him.

Leng Yixuan had been secretly watching Ding Hao. Just now, having noticed Ding Hao’s open-mindedness on the gifts, Leng Yixuan slightly nodded in appreciation.

Cheng Fei felt delighted and considered Ding Hao to be smart for having accepted his gifts. No wonder the martial monster Qi Qingshan liked him. Thus, his opinion of Ding Hao became even higher.

In fact, he was actually trying to build a relationship with Ding Hao when he heavily gifted Ding Hao in front of everyone. It might come in handy some time.

However, Yin Yifei’s and Lu Qi’s faces looked terrible. They hated Cheng Fei, and because of him, they hated Ding Hao too.

Their eyes flashed with anger. What they were up to remained unknown to everyone.

That was how the five academies compet.i.tion ended abruptly.

At the final awards ceremony, Ding Hao nearly thought that he was back on earth in his last life. At every ceremony held after the mid-term examinations in high school, students who scored high grades came onto the stage to receive prizes. The top individual 10 and groups whose total scores were among the top 3 all got certain prizes.

At the same time, the teacher-in-charge of Eastern Academy of green shirts, the cynical man w.a.n.g Juefeng was grinning ear to ear. He grew a beard and smiled like a flower that had been trodden by people.


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