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Chapter 67 The Sword Movement of Closed Door

This time, the feeling that Ding Hao had captured changed.

It was no longer a gorgeous picture and trajectory, but a strong breath rushing in the face, draping Ding Hao in it as if he was in a world with only swords in it.

The solitary peak, the bonfire, and the heavens and the earth were all gone. There was only one long sword in the world that has turned out a strange arc!

Ding Hao stood still in the same place, forgotten even breathing, and there was a fascinating look on his face.

Seeing this scene, the stranger with cyan clothing nodded. There were satisfaction and surprise in his eyes.

“The third time.”

The old man unhurriedly displayed this movement for the third time.

This time, Ding Hao felt that the outlook before him changed again.

All the previous illusions and artistic essences had completely disappeared. Only the clear changes of the branch are in his eyes. There were no artistic elements!

“Well, that’s over. How much you can master depends on your own understanding!”

The stranger with cyan clothing did not explain this movement and threw the branch back to the bonfire, picking up his gourd and drank some wine.

Ding Hao was just stood there like a clay sculpture. He did not hear the old man’s words.

“Haha, yes, yes, good boy!” the stranger nodded and said.

Then he no longer said anything and returned to the pot, took some of the leftovers in the pot and ate.

Time flew.

The silver moon fell and the sun rose.

In the distance, the sky was white, and there was some white mist around the mountain. If one saw from the top of the lonely peak, he could see the blue waves in the distance, and the indistinct pavilion looked like a fairyland.

When the sun shone on him, Ding Hao shook and wake up from the state of selflessness.

“What an excellent defensive sword movement! It is so magical that it can block all the flaws. I can’t believe there is such an impeccable defensive sword movement in this world, and it is hard to imagine that what sword movement in this world can break its defense!”

Ding Hao could not help but admire.

The level of this sword skill had to be far beyond the Human Rank and the Earth Rank.

As for whether it was at the Heavenly Rank or G.o.d Rank, it is difficult to judge with Ding Hao’s current opinion.

“Haha, I happened to create three unnamed sword movements, which don’t belong to any martial art, so you can use as what you want. There is no need to worry. The movement I’ve just taught you is called “Closed Door”, which is the only defensive swordsmanship of the three. Haha, even in the whole Swordsmanship-seeking Sect, I am afraid that few people can break this movement!”

The old man saw Ding Hao’s amazed look, which gratified his vanity, so he made an explanation.

Ding Hao looked serious and was grateful.

He knew what this sword movement meant for a swordsman. He was going to kneel down and express his grat.i.tude for the greatest courtesy.

“Oh, no, no, what are you doing?”

Seeing Ding Hao’s gesture, the stranger with cyan clothing was scared and jumped away at once.

Ding Hao was surprised and he wanted to kneel down again.

The old man hastily raised his hand, and an invisible force sprang up, holding Ding Hao.

He shook his messy head again and again and screamed. “Don’t kneel. Don’t bother me. I can’t accept a coward as my student. I’ve told you that this movement was the pay of that delicious meal. We don’t owe each other anyone!”

Hearing that, Ding Hao had to get up.

Could he not recruit disciples?

What a weirdo!

After a while, Ding Hao thought of something. He walked along and said with a big smile, “Predecessor, you just said there were three movements. Why don’t you teach me the remaining two unnamed sword movements?”

The stranger with cyan clothing rounded his eyes, glanced at Ding Hao, and finally laughed happily. “Well, kid, you’re really greedy. Haha, whether you can learn the other two movements depends on your opportunity!”

After that, his figure shook and just disappeared in front of Ding Hao.

Ding Hao was stunned and he still wanted to say something, but it was too late.

As the wind blew over, Ding Hao woke up and glanced over the surrounding cliff. He shook and suddenly thought of something, and was in a hurry.

“Hey? You’ve just gone like that. That’s too bad. It’s such a high place. Won’t you take me down? What should I do? d.a.m.n! I can only climb down step by step. Am I destined to climb the cliff this life?”

In order to return before the start of the semi-final battles, Ding Hao had to take risks again.

Fortunately, he had gained a lot.

The stranger with cyan clothing was mysterious. The movement, “Closed Door” he had just taught was powerful. If he could master it completely, Ding Hao would be invincible in the face of any master under the Martial Soldier Realm.

Moreover, Ding Hao also vaguely figured out that the stranger looked for him exclusively. It was just an excuse that “pa.s.sing a sword method as a reward for cooking”. He simply wanted to find a reason to teach Ding Hao the movement of “Closed Door”.

Who was this person?

Why was he so kind?

What was his purpose?

Ding Hao grabbed the protruding rock and climbed down, curiously guessing in his heart.

The flaming red sun slowly emerged from the east side of the mountain.

The third day of the compet.i.tion between the five academies was undoubtedly the most exciting.

Because today not only the semifinals would be played, but the finals also would be played to decide who was the first man in the five academies.

The first compet.i.tion, which had far-reaching influence on the fate of this year’s nominal disciples, would end today.

Many people came to the first arena of the arms drill district early in the morning to choose the best viewing positions, so that they could see the fierce confrontation of the talented teenagers at close quarters!

Two hours before the semifinals, the entire arms drill district was already crowded.

As time went by, there were more and more people around the first arena.

In addition to the nominal disciples, there were also previous disciples, outer disciples, inner disciples, guests, peddlers selling melon seeds and sweet water, and people from all walks of life. The arena was hustle and bustle as if they were waiting for a grand festival.

Time pa.s.sed slowly and quickly.

There were 90 minutes left before the semifinals.

Honorable Alliance of Seven in the Central Academy of white shirts, Lin Xin from the Northern Academy of yellow shirts, Ren Xiaoyao, the food aficionado, and the other young geniuses all appeared in people’s sight.

They were the focus and center of today’s attention.


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