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Chapter 376 A Magic Skill—Beast Transform

Beating his wings, Evil Moon soared between the mountains. He disappeared in a moment and appeared at another place the next. After crashing into the mountains many times, he finally adapted himself to the new wings and had no traffic accidents.

“After the tribulation, this fat cat became quite stronger. With the invulnerable body and his incomparable speed…” Ding Hao suddenly felt that the cat was going to be a scourge. In the future, the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect would have no peace.

“Third Junior Brother.”

A clear voice came, and a stream of flowing light fell from the sky. And then w.a.n.g Juefeng appeared at Ding Hao’s side.

His breath was slightly disordered, with a few shocking scars on his body, but his eyes were still determined, and he looked relaxed. Obviously, he had not been defeated.

“Where is Jade Master?” Ding Hao asked curiously.

“He’s returned to the Sentencing Hall. When this is done, he’ll be punished by the Sect’s criminal law.” w.a.n.g Mengfeng gazed in the surroundings, and asked surprisingly, “Black Flame… and the three law enforcement officers of the Tranquility Academy…”

Jade Master was finally defeated.

Ding Hao smiled slightly and said, “I’m more ruthless, so I killed them all.”

w.a.n.g Junfeng opened his mouth and did not speak for a while.

The two stood side by side under the peach tree and looked up at the sky. In the Astral Wind area was the final and the fiercest battle, but they were too weak to take part in that battle, so they had to wait patiently.

A stream of white flowing light whooshed over. Evil Moon suddenly appeared on Ding Hao’s shoulder; he slowly folded his wings, turned his head and used his tongue to comb the feathers.

After witnessing that, w.a.n.g Junfeng was stunned.

“Hey, birdman, where are your metal wings? I have wings now. I’m wondering who is faster. Let’s have a match.” Evil Moon waved and showed off his wings.

w.a.n.g Junfeng did not speak, casting a black look at the fat cat.

At that time—


There was a loud noise in the sky that shook heaven and earth.

A huge figure fell down.

That was a mutated behemoth with a height of hundreds of feet. It looked like a giant ape, which had three eyes and four arms. Its muscles were like hills, and its body was surrounded by a ghastly Baleful Qi.

It was a terrible ancient animal. Unfortunately, it had been seriously injured at the moment. Its huge body was almost split in two. There was glistening blue water around its wounds and a large amount of green blood was flowing out.

“Luo Lan, I failed… Let me go…” Surprisingly, the white ape was saying human words. He was asking for mercy.

“Die!” The responding was a cold female voice.

A stream of water poured down from the sky; it quickly caught up with the behemoth, and wounded the mountain-like body. Then, it flew to tens of meters away and turned into a beautiful young woman with a temperament. She was Peak Master Luo, the leader of the Water Sword Peak.

It turned out that the real name of Peak Master Luo was Luo Lan.

Ding Hao knew about it for the first time.

“No…” The white ape screamed crazily, The water winding around the white beast’s body acted like sharp blades, breaking its body, and then its body suddenly shrunk. In the end, it turned into an adult, who wore a purple robe, had a red face, black hair, and black beard; he was extremely burly and was covered in wounds. His limbs were almost completely cut off and his wounds were exactly the same as the ape’s injuries.

Before the man fell down to the ground, his body had finally broken into pieces and dissipated.

A shiny drop of silver-white blood flew out of that corpse and swirled, floating in the air. It seemed to have its own will and was going to fly away.

Luo Lan waved her hand and collected the drop of blood.

“Ah… that is… ‘Beast Transform’.” Suddenly, Ding Hao heard the Saber Master and the Sword Master’s shouts in his mind at the same time.

Ding Hao curiously asked, “Beast Transform? What is it? Is it the swordsmanship Luo Lan had just used?” The two old monsters had always been arrogant, but they were shocked at the moment. Obviously, Beast Transform should be a skill of extraordinary origin.

“Bulls.h.i.t! I’m talking about the transformation of the red-faced man, the dead man.” The Saber Master was very excited and forgot to keep her image of a “fairy”.

“Little Chap Ding, do you still remember the red-faced black man?” asked the Sword Master in a hurry.

Ding Hao thought carefully for a while and then nodded.

He remembered that the dead man with black hair and black beard was exactly one of the big men in the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect who were present when Ding Hao was sentenced by the Six Palaces. His name was Ou Bodang. Ding Hao called him Martial Uncle that day. Unexpectedly, he died just then.

If Ding Hao was right, that man should be one of Tang Folei’s men. Somehow, he chose Peak Master Luo as his opponent, but he was not strong enough and was killed.

“That’s it. Ou Bodang is a human warrior, but he can become a giant ape. This kind of magical power is called ‘Beast Transform.’” The Saber Master slowly began to explain.

The so-called “Beast Transform” was not simply to enlarge the body, but to refine the blood of the ancient mutated beasts, to absorb the divine energy, to obtain part of the beasts’ magical powers.

For example, Ou Bodang had a drop of blood from a “Baleful Devil White Ape”, one of the 72 baleful beasts. After refining it, he could become the Baleful Devil White Ape in a short period of time and gain one-tenth of that ancient beast’s power.

Ou Bodang was at the peak of the congenital grandmaster realm, a half-step to the great grandmaster realm. However, as he became a Baleful Devil White Ape, though his realm did not improve, his combat strength would soar to that of the six-apertured great grandmaster. Besides, he could also use part of the ape’s Magic Skills, such as great power, invulnerability muscles. He was almost invincible in physical strength, which was one of his hidden cards.

Unfortunately, his opponent was Luo Lan, who was always mysterious.

Ou Bodang was entangled in a fierce battle and used his Beast Transform, but his strength was still much weaker and failed. That drop of white ape’s blood became one of Luo Lan’s spoils of war.

The demise of Ou Bodang did not mean that the Beast Transform was useless.

On the contrary, that was a very terrible killing trick. The person who mastered the skill could sweep dozens of opponents of the same level in battle, and could even fight bypa.s.sing a realm. For many martial artists of primordial grandmasters, they dreamt of getting a drop of ancient beast’s blood and absorbing it into their Qi Seed to master the skill of Beast Transform.

However, that magical power could only be understood and mastered by the martial artists who were at the Martial King Realm.


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