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Chapter 76 – Everyone In The Sacred Hall Forfeited?

Leng Ruoxue and the others stood at the fork in the Illusionary Forest. Not long later, Feng Da’s and Feng Moran’s teams emerged one after another. Everyone was injured, their clothes tattered and disheveled, but they seemed to be in high spirits.

“Miss, we’re here,” Feng Da shouted excitedly when he saw Leng Ruoxue.

“Okay.” She was still very relaxed when it came to Feng Da.

“Big Brother Feng, did everything go smoothly?” Leng Ruoxue asked with concern.

“It went smoothly.” Feng Moran looked at his disheveled team and smiled. These sheltered students had been exhausted over the past ten days.


“That’s good. Although you guys are very tired now, you will know the benefits in the future.” Leng Ruoxue looked at the pairs of slightly resentful eyes and comforted them.

“Hey, you’re still alive!” Feng Aoran pulled Qiao Hua aside.

“Stinky brat, are you looking for a beating? I’m alive and well,” Qiao Hua said discontentedly while glaring at Feng Aoran. How can you say that? I’m full of energy!

“No, that’s not what I meant. I wanted to ask how your devil training went.” Feng Aoran was very curious. Their team hadn’t had a good night’s sleep for the past ten days. Sometimes, spirit beasts would attack them in the middle of the night. If they were slow to react and were injured, they could only blame their bad luck. Elder Brother didn’t care at all. His standards were very low., and it was fine as long as they didn’t die. Waahhh… How evil!

“Uh… Um, I don’t know how to describe it…” Qiao Hua hesitated. After some thought, he added, “One word, miserable! Two words, very miserable! Three words, very, very miserable!”

“Did you encounter any beast groups?” Feng Aoran asked curiously.

“There were… a lot,” Qiao Hua said unnaturally. Thinking about the wave after waves of spirit beasts made him want to cry. Wuuu wuuu…

“How many waves a day?”

“I lost count. About once every two to three hours on average!”


Feng Aoran was at a loss for words. Elder Brother was right. The other team was indeed more miserable than us! Boohoo… They were still considered lucky now that he thought about it! Elder Brother is so kind!

“Are you two done chatting? We’re going back,” Leng Ruoxue shouted while sitting on Quill’s back. Everyone else had already sat down except the two of them.

“Okay, we’re coming.” The two of them were a little embarra.s.sed seeing so many eyes looking at them. They hurriedly sat on Quill’s back.

“Let’s go!” Leng Ruoxue ordered. Quill flew into the air in the direction of Phoenix City.

The compet.i.tion field of the Heavenly Phoenix Academy was already full of students who came to spectate. All the pre-compet.i.tion work was ready. Now, they were just waiting to watch the matches.

“Princ.i.p.al, is the compet.i.tion starting now?” Chen Jian asked on the stage. It would be better if those people don’t come back!

“It’s not time yet. What’s the hurry?” Lin Liang said expressionlessly and calmly, but he was very nervous in his heart. Why isn’t that girl back yet?

“Then we’ll wait for the last ten minutes. If they still don’t appear, we’ll treat it as if they’ve forfeited!” Chen Jian said gloatingly.


Time pa.s.sed by one minute at a time…

“Princ.i.p.al, it’s the last minute!” Chen Jian reminded him after looking at the time.

Lin Liang glared at Chen Jian, the words ‘I don’t need you to remind me’ clearly written on his face. He kept muttering in his heart, Come back quickly! Come back quickly!

Seeing that there were only a few seconds left, Chen Jian rushed to announce, “Everyone from the Sacred Hall forfeits. The compet.i.tion begins now!”

Just as he finished speaking, a giant black eagle descended from the sky, taking up most of the square. And sitting on the eagle were the people from the Sacred Hall.

“Who said we’re forfeiting? The time is just right,” Leng Ruoxue said mockingly as she looked at the timer.

“That’s right. Who said we’re forfeiting,” Feng Da chimed in.

“That’s right. We didn’t forfeit. There’s still one second to go!” a youth on the eagle said.

“Hey, do you see that? That eagle seems to be a holy beast, a flying holy beast!” someone shouted from the crowd below. Everyone’s eyes instantly turned to Quill.

Lin Liang looked at the black eagle with a burning gaze. Holy beast? That eagle isn’t a holy beast. It’s obviously a divine beast. But this eagle was deliberately restraining its might, which was why the others mistook it for a holy beast, but it couldn’t hide from him. This girl really surprised him.

“Okay, quiet down. I hereby announce that the compet.i.tion has officially begun,” Lin Liang said resolutely. This girl is really too bad. She only appeared at the last second.

The Heavenly Phoenix Academy was divided into four divisions: spiritualist, alchemist, artificer, and beast trainer. The spiritualist divisions were divided into elementary cla.s.ses, intermediate cla.s.ses, advanced cla.s.ses, and the Sacred Hall, and there was an additional Supreme Hall now. The selection compet.i.tion this time was mainly a compet.i.tion between spiritualists where students at Spiritual Monarch and above could partic.i.p.ate. The top 30 students would qualify to represent the Heavenly Phoenix Academy in the Academy Compet.i.tion held once every three years on the Ling Feng Continent. The alchemist, artificer, and beast trainer divisions would choose one representative each to partic.i.p.ate in the Academy Compet.i.tion.

There were around 150 students partic.i.p.ating in the selection compet.i.tion this time, and the duration of the compet.i.tion was three days. The rules of the compet.i.tion were two-on-two battles, with the winners entering the next round and the losers still having two-on-two battles. Then the winners would also enter the next round, and the losers would be completely eliminated. The reason for this arrangement was to give everyone another chance and to choose the best talents to represent the academy in the Academy Compet.i.tion.

There were a total of ten arenas on the compet.i.tion field. After the host announced the rules and said some words of encouragement, the students who registered for the compet.i.tion went on stage according to the number plates given to them beforehand.

After the first round of preliminaries, a total of 110 students successfully advanced to the next round.

After a two-hour break, the second round of the preliminaries officially began.

“Students, the second round of the compet.i.tion is now underway. You are getting closer and closer to the top thirty. Do your best!” The host gave the stage to the contestants after speaking.

“Wow! Senior Brother Ye is so handsome!” a love-struck girl shouted in the audience.


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