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Chapter 497: The Next Unlucky One (1)

“No, I haven’t had enough sleep!” Old Man Zao stammered. Then he buried his head in his arms and curled up.

“The sun is s.h.i.+ning on your b.u.t.t. Hurry up and get up to work!” The Old Man roared into Old Man Zao’s ear.

“Ah! What’s the matter? What happened?” The loud sound shocked Old Man Zao so much that he jumped up immediately and asked in shock.

“Nothing. I just woke you up!” the old man said with a naughty smile, his old face full of pride.

“d.a.m.n it, you old thing, how dare you scare me!” Old Man Zao roared furiously. His head hurt from drinking too much yesterday, and now it hurt even more from anger. Moreover, he was dizzy!

“You slept like a dead pig. I couldn’t wake you up no matter what!” the old man said innocently.

“You…” Old Man Zao was so angry!

“Old Man Zao, didn’t I tell you to drink less! Why did you drink so much?” Leng Qingtian looked at all the empty wine jars and said with some dissatisfaction.

“Uh! We didn’t drink much. Why didn’t we?” Old Man Zao said shyly. Hehe, he didn’t feel like he had drunk a lot!

“Hmph! You still have the cheek to say it!” The old man pouted and said mockingly.

“Of course!” Old Man Zao roared immediately.

“Alright, stop arguing. Wake them up quickly!” Leng Qingtian ordered.

“Okay,” the old men answered and then split up to wake the men who were sleeping like dead pigs!

After a while, everyone woke up from their hangover. However, the aftereffects of being drunk also found them unceremoniously…

“Oh, it hurts!” Cheng Wu covered his head with one hand.

“Hmph! Do you feel uncomfortable now? I told you to drink less. All of you are disobedient!” Leng Qingtian snorted, his face full of displeasure.

“Uh! I’m sorry. We didn’t do it on purpose,” Cheng Wu said unpleasantly. He was too excited yesterday, so he accidentally drank too much.

“Go back to your rooms and rest! There’s nothing for now,” Leng Qingtian said.

“Yes.” Everyone helped each other up and left the yard behind the mountain.

Three days later.

In the bracelet.

Leng Qingtian and the others were chatting in the s.p.a.ce when they suddenly felt a strong spiritual power fluctuation. Immediately, all the spiritual power in the s.p.a.ce rushed toward the purple bamboo hut…

“Is Xue’er going to break through?” Leng Qingtian asked happily.

“Perhaps it’s Little Chen Chen!” Old Man Zao was also a little excited. Anyway, it was a good thing no matter who among them broke through!

At this moment, Leng Ruoxue and the freak had already opened their eyes at the same time in the cultivation room of the purple bamboo hut. The two of them looked at each other and smiled tacitly before leaving the purple bamboo hut hand in hand.

“Grandpa!” Leng Ruoxue saw her grandfather and the others gathered in front of her door after exiting the purple bamboo hut. They were looking at her door expectantly!

“Xue’er, you broke through, right?” Leng Qingtian asked uncertainly. It was impossible to advance in s.p.a.ce, and coupled with Leng Ruoxue deliberately converging her aura, he couldn’t be sure if Xue’er had successfully advanced at all.

“Yes, Grandpa. We all broke through,” Leng Ruoxue said with a nod. She finally broke through to the fourth level of her Heaven Defying Skill, and she could also advance to Great Mystic.

“Haha! Okay, that’s great.” Leng Qingtian laughed happily.

“Big Sister, congratulations.” Qing Jue appeared in front of Leng Ruoxue. Hehe, he could unlock another seal. Moreover, he was so happy that his mouth couldn’t close at the thought of the additional land!

“Qing Jue, Big Sister will unlock your other seal now.” Leng Ruoxue didn’t beat around the bush and said directly after seeing Qing Jue.

“Yes, yes.” Qing Jue patted his chubby hand happily. The little black dog, which had been following by his feet, jumped around excitedly.

Leng Ruoxue shook her head helplessly. Then she waved her hands and cast a seal spell. The fourth seal of the Dry Kun Bracelet was opened…

The s.p.a.ce was actually more than three times larger than before after the fourth seal was unlocked. Moreover, the spiritual energy in the air was becoming richer and purer. Ten more pieces of Qing Jue and the little black dog’s favorite land appeared all of a sudden…

“Hehe, my land!” The little black dog drooled happily.

“Qing Jue, quickly tell Big Sister what additional abilities you have?” Leng Ruoxue asked Qing Jue, who was anxious to leave to see his new place.

“Big Sister, Qing Jue’s abilities are all very useful. I have the ability to monitor this time,” Qing Jue said c.o.c.kily.

“The ability to monitor? How far can it monitor?” Leng Ruoxue asked curiously. Uh! Could this ability be what she was thinking?

“With Big Sister’s current strength, monitoring the entire Myriad Mountain City will not be a problem,” Qing Jue said proudly.

“Only Myriad Mountain City? You can have none!” Old Man Zao said with some dissatisfaction.

“I am Big Sister’s Artifact Spirit, so my ability is naturally related to Big Sister’s strength. The stronger Big Sister is, the stronger my ability will be. As for Zero, can he monitor me all the time like I do?” Qing Jue immediately retorted. For powerhouses, they could use their divine sense to search for some situations in their surroundings. However, using divine sense was not limitless. It was fine to sense it slightly, but no powerhouse could withstand monitoring it all the time!

“Yes, Qing Jue’s ability is good and practical,” Leng Ruoxue quickly praised to prevent the two of them from arguing!

“Hehe, it’s good that Big Sister is satisfied. Big Sister, Qing Jue’s ability will become better and better, so you have to cultivate diligently!” Qing Jue said very seriously.

“Okay, okay. I’ll work hard,” Leng Ruoxue promised. She pinched Qing Jue’s tender little face and ate some tofu!

“Big Sister, you only know how to bully Qing Jue. Boohoo…” Qing Jue pouted its pink lips, and its bright eyes welled up with tears. It pretended to be displeased and ran away after speaking.


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