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“In the year that your mother went missing, the last king of the Undescended Dynasty and he, your father, secretly formed a baby pearl!”

Saying that, King of the Vast Expanse’s face flashed with a trace of anger. It was obvious that she was extremely furious at Princess Luoyun’s actions.

The daughter of the King of the Vast Expanse, just how n.o.ble was she?

Yet, he was deceived by a mere monarch of a small empire. One could imagine how angry the King of the Vast Expanse was at that time!

However, King of the Vast Expanse still pampered him, and her pleas made his heart soften.

In addition, he had saved his daughter’s life.

With no other choice, King of the Vast Expanse could only spare Old w.a.n.g and turn a blind eye to this matter.

Originally, this matter should have ended here.

However, on the second day after Qin Yi was born, the Princess Luoyun’s sect, the Ice and Snow Palace, received this news!

In Ice and Snow Palace, there is a sect rule that requires the disciples to clean themselves and not to have any courtesies with men!

Princess Luoyun was a Ice and Snow Palace Disciple, but she secretly tied up with a person’s womb, giving birth to a son!

This action, had already violated the rules of the Ice and Snow Palace!

That was why the big figures of the Ice and Snow Palace came to the Undescended Dynasty and forcefully took the Princess Luoyun away!

So far, because the Princess Luoyun had violated the sect rules, she was imprisoned by the Ice and Snow Palace, leaving behind only a child named Qin Yi in the Undescended Dynasty!

“This is the story about your mother, your father.”

With these words, the King of the Vast Expanse ended his narration.


And at this time, Qin Yi was sitting upright on his seat, his gaze constantly flickering with uncertainty.

Originally, Qin Yi did not believe the words of the King of the Vast Expanse.

However, as the King of the Vast Expanse talked, he began to believe in him.

With his ident.i.ty as a King of the Vast Expanse, there was no need to fabricate such a lie to deceive him.

Moreover, with the ability of the system, it also presented an iron-like fact in front of Qin Yi!

“Ding!” Consume the killing point, scan the person in front of you, and a.n.a.lyze the relations.h.i.+p between the blood vessels and the host! “

“Ding!” The system scan results show that the bloodline composition of the person in front of us is 90% similar to the bloodline of the person who has not fused with the blood of the True Dragon! “

“Ding!” The system determined that the King of the Vast Expanse in front of you is the host’s grandfather in name! “

This is real!

This King of the Vast Expanse was Qin Yi’s blood related grandfather!

In other words, everything King of the Vast Expanse said was true!

That Princess Luoyun was Qin Yi’s mother!


A sudden clap of thunder roared in Qin Yi’s mind. All of his doubts from before were now completely understood by him!

Although Mei Fei was sincere to him, why did he always have a layer of enmity with her?

This was the reason why Mei Fei was merely his foster mother and not his birth mother!

There was an explanation as to why the old Flawless King would loathe him so much. Presumably, it was because of the arrival of the great figure of the Ice and Snow Palace that had forcefully taken him away.

During this process, it might not be as casual as King of the Vast Expanse had said.

Presumably, this was also the reason why ‘the old man’ w.a.n.g Jun had been humiliated to such an extent, and was able to survive. This was also the reason why the old man w.a.n.g Jun had decided to vent his anger on him.

Thus, ever since he was born, the ‘Old Falling King’ had never treated him with respect!

It was for this reason that the wise and n.o.ble old man had fallen, turning into an impolite old man who played with his power.

This was the root of everything!

So it turned out that he also had a mother named Princess Luoyun!


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