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A Heaven Man Warrior dares to be so arrogant?!

“Get your Everlasting King and get the h.e.l.l out of here!”

Elder Shen shouted coldly, as he looked towards Bai Zai.

“How dare you! How could I, w.a.n.g Jun, allow you to insult me so lightly!”

Hearing that, Bai Zai was immediately enraged.

In Bai Zai’s heart, a Monarch was a G.o.d. No matter who it was, they could not insult a Monarch!

The Heaven Man Warrior also couldn’t insult w.a.n.g Jun!

“Do you really think that the This Ancestor would give such a small figure of the Unsetting King Jun some face?”

Elder Shen sneered.

“This Ancestor is Heaven Man Warrior. In the vast Azure Province, who doesn’t know the great name of This Ancestor!

For such a small number of Unsetting King Monarch, you actually want This Ancestor to give him face! “

Elder Shen stroked his sleeves and looked at Bai Zai coldly.

“No matter who it is, we cannot insult w.a.n.g Jun!”

Bai Zai was not to be outdone, and retorted Elder Shen.

“What a joke, not only will this elder make you all scram, This Ancestor will also make him die!

Kill my disciple, and hurt the heirs of my quadriphalanx, don’t even think about escaping! “

With every word that the Elder Shen said, the anger in his heart increased.

Disciple’s revenge will be the destruction of the country and will be avenged!


A formidable aura instantly swept out.

With the aura bearing down on him, Bai Zai felt like he was about to kneel on the ground!


Bai Zai roared, unwilling to be suppressed by the Elder Shen.

He, Bai Zai, was the only person who would ever kneel in his life!

How could they make him kneel!

“This is the domineering aura of the Heaven Man Warrior!”

Looking at Bai Zai who was bitterly supporting them, the warriors could not help but shake their heads and sigh.

Bai Zai, who had previously suppressed three warriors of the same realm, was already in such a terrible condition under the aura of the Heaven Man Warrior.

“Heaven Man Warrior has made his move. Undescended Dynasty is doomed!”

All the warriors seemed to have seen the destruction of the Undescended Dynasty.

Although everything had changed, the final outcome for the Undescended Dynasty did not change!

Such a large empire would fall apart!

“You have some backbone. Alright, then This Ancestor will kill you first!”

A cold glint flashed past Elder Shen’s eyes.

Initially, he had wanted to force that Eternal King out and kill him!

Now it seemed that he had to finish off this tough bone first!

Anyways, he had come here to destroy the entire Undescended Dynasty!

Let’s start with this unstoppable fighter!

“A Heaven Man Warrior dares to be so arrogant in a I will not fall from the dynasty?”

However, at this moment, a wave of indifferent words suddenly sounded out.




Two human figures were climbing up the stairs from the walls of Tian Bei City.

“It was you who told This Sovereign to get the h.e.l.l out?”

Carrying Lan Lian, Qin Yi walked through the void one step at a time until he arrived in front of the few of them.

“w.a.n.g Jun, Bai Zai is useless!”

Seeing Qin Yi appear, Bai Zai immediately knelt on the ground in shame.

“You’ve already done very well, Bai Zai.”

Qin Yi laughed and shook his head, indicating that Bai Zai did not mind.

Facing the Heaven Man Warrior, it was already not bad that Bai Zai was able to not kneel on the ground.

Qin Yi’s indifferent eyes fell on Elder Shen.

Was this the method the quadriphalanx had sent out to deal with me?

Sixth level of the Heaven, slightly stronger than Mo Zhu.

With the help of the system’s power, Qin Yi was able to see through the realm of Elder Shen with a single glance.

With just the strength of a sixth level Heaven Realm warrior, he wanted to kill me. This quadriphalanx Elder had looked down on me.

“Are you the King of h.e.l.l?”

Bai Zai’s att.i.tude and Qin Yi’s words immediately made Elder Shen understand that the person in front of him, was none other than the King.

“That’s me.”

Qin Yi raised his eyebrows and said indifferently.


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