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Chapter 503 – My King’s Sword, Inviting the Heroes

“Watch out!”

Facing the extremely powerful Black armored cavalry, the rugged looking man did not dare to underestimate it.

On the city wall, the Ancient Barbarian Soldiers’s eyes focused as he nervously watched the movements of the Black armored cavalry.

However, under the cold gaze of the Black armored cavalry, the faces of many Ancient Barbarian Soldiers s turned pale.

At this point, many Ancient Barbarian Soldiers no longer held any hope for the Paleo-Manchu.

After all, the Black armored cavalry roamed about the Paleo-Manchu for a few days, and could be said to have turned the world upside down in the Paleo-Manchu!

Such a large empire had long since been shattered!

Even if he repelled the Black armored cavalry, this Paleo-Manchu would no longer be that strong one!

He was no longer the Paleo-Manchu who could travel thousands of miles and no one dared to disobey him!

So much so that, at this moment, there was no difference between the Paleo-Manchu and the slaves of a neighboring country.

Without the faith and support of the zhenyuan master, could a Paleo-Manchu like this still be considered a Paleo-Manchu?

These Ancient Barbarian Soldiers did not know, nor did they understand their own future.

If not for the fact that there were hundreds of thousands of troops in King of the Ancient Barbarians, these Ancient Barbarian Soldiers would have already collapsed.


After fighting for a long while, under the nervous gaze of the Ancient Barbarian Soldiers, the Black armored cavalry finally made a move.

The hundred thousand Black armored cavalry parted, and a figure walked out.




Clear footsteps, melded with the drumbeats, resounded through the world!

The sound of these footsteps made Ancient Barbarian Soldiers’s blood boil, and his vital energy and blood churn uncontrollably.

ancient barbarian cavalry was surprised and looked over to see what was happening below the city wall.

A Blonde was slowly walking towards them.

The bright silver armor and dark blue battle robes fluttered in the wind!

Blonde stopped three kilometers away from him. His dark green eyes coldly stared at Ancient Barbarian Soldiers.

“Undescended Dynasty, A Ertuoliya, is there anyone in Paleo-Manchu who can fight him?”

Su Er, the Blonde quietly said.

When the True Essence entered the voice, A Ertuoliya’s voice immediately resounded throughout the entire King of the Ancient Barbarians!

A Ertuoliya alone, had challenged all of Gu Man’s heroes!

“What a good girl’s skin! How dare she act so arrogantly!”

“Impudent! You are such a b.i.t.c.h. You really don’t know your place!”

“Is there no one left in Undescended Dynasty? A little girl, how dare she come out!”

The Ancient Barbarian Soldiers on the city wall were instantly enraged, and all of their faces swelled red from anger.

Even if the current situation was one where the Undescended Dynasty was strong and the Paleo-Manchu weak!

However, they also could not tolerate such an insult from Undescended Dynasty!

He actually sent a little girl to insult them!

A warrior could be killed, but not humiliated!

Furthermore, these arrogant and tyrannical Ancient Barbarian Soldiers were all used to it.

“Little girl, don’t be so arrogant. Wait for me to kill you!”

One of the Master Gu Man s could not hold back the anger in his heart and shouted angrily.

“Little girl, remember this. The one who killed you is Gu Man Ba Tu!”

That Master Gu Man stepped forward as he held his curved blade and directly rushed towards A Ertuoliya.

The light of the saber cut through the air, growing several dozen feet larger!

This Ba Tu was also not a weak true essence martial artist. His strength was at the third stage of True Essence!

All the Ancient Barbarian Soldiers s laughed sinisterly. With Ba Tu acting, it should be easy for him to deal with a little girl!

However, the result was beyond everyone’s expectations!


A Ertuoliya held onto the formless sword, and with just a slice of the void, Ba Tu’s head was immediately separated from his body!

Her body was low, and she died under A Ertuoliya’s one strike!


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