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Above dome, Black Wind shouted in anger as countless demons roared.

Terrifying demonic energy gushed out, interweaving in the air and transforming into demon G.o.ds of all shapes and sizes.

An imposing figure was standing in the sky, propping up the heavens and the earth. It was like a deity that had suppressed the heavens!

With a single step, he stomped down onto the entirety of the Myriad Heavens!


In front of him, the blood rain was still pouring down like a raging river.

Within the Demon Leviathan’s realm, there were countless creatures that had luckily survived.

Outside the Demon Leviathan’s realm, countless experts of the Eastern Territories, whether they were Quasi-Emperors or Ancient Saints, none of them spoke a word.

Dead silence!

Everyone turned to look at the figure in the sky, their eyes filled with shock and disbelief.

“Demon Emperor, lost?”

Only after a long time did an expert speak with difficulty.

“It seems that way!”

A Quasi-Emperors pursed his dry lips.

Even he could not help but tremble inwardly.

This was an Emperor!

The power belonged to him. He who looked down upon all the heavens and all the worlds could be said to be invincible. He actually died in front of them.

Even if all of them attacked together, there was no chance of harming the Demon Emperor at all.

But Demon Emperor was completely suppressed by the black bear essence!

Most of their cultivation were above Sage Realm, and because of this, they understood the terror of black bear essence more clearly.

In just two shots, Demon Emperor was defeated without any suspense.

Everyone knew what this meant!

The strength of black bear essence far surpa.s.sed the strength of Demon Emperor.

“This… This The Undescended Kingdom is only a Middle Kingdom. How could there be such a terrifying existence? “

There was an expert that could not understand at all.

Although the The Undescended Kingdom had become more and more famous in the recent days, but according to the rumors, the The Undescended Kingdom was not that powerful.

Before this, they had never heard of the existence of this black bear essence.

The unknown was the most terrifying thing!

The strength of the The Undescended Kingdom was as unfathomable as the Nine Abyss. Anyone who spied on them would only feel a deep sense of fear.

The demon race was not even placed in their eyes, what could they do?


A shrill and furious roar echoed in the air.

In the sky, Demon Emperor’s face was pale, his body was blurred, this was his Indestructible Emperor Soul, his flesh had long been shattered by the black bear essence.

If not for the immortal nature of the Emperor Soul, the Demon Emperor would have perished long ago!

But at that moment, Demon Emperor felt that life was better than death.

His losses were too great. Even if he survived, he would need at least several generations of hard work to recover to his peak.

The Emperor’s body was destroyed, the origin world was destroyed, and he was injured in the Dao!

If it wasn’t for the fact that the Demon Emperor had a deep foundation, even if it was a new Emperor, Zhi Zun, he was afraid that he would fall down to the Emperor Realm.

“d.a.m.n you, d.a.m.n you!”

Demon Emperor’s voice was filled with thick hatred.

He wished that he could tear the black bear essence to shreds, eat its blood, eat its flesh and eat it alive.

Unfortunately, all of this is just the howls of the weak.

The black bear essence didn’t even look at Demon Emperor. With a wave of its hand, it sealed the Demon Emperor within the Black Wind Pearl.

After which, he slowly left.

He only left behind a few words: “demon race wishes to target my The Undescended Kingdom, I am acting on Emperor’s orders to suppress demon race, to set an example for others!”

At this point, the demon race was destroyed!

Watching the black bear essence’s back as it left, the experts of the Demon Kun Realm and the nearby world looked at each other speechlessly. Their reverence for the The Undescended Kingdom rose to the utmost limit.

The invincible might was something everyone feared!


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