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The halberd light flashed.

The bodies of countless soldiers of the Muddy Sky Emperor Dynasty emitted a series of explosive sounds, as countless demons exploded into a cloud of blood mist.

Countless demons and monsters fought to be the first to explode. In the end, another army of the Muddy Sky Emperor Dynasty, as well as a hundred thousand soldiers, all of them were blasted into a b.l.o.o.d.y mist.

A monstrous force spread out in all directions, causing a b.l.o.o.d.y rain to fall like a waterfall!

The aftermath of the explosion had even managed to heavily injure a group of Muddy Sky Emperor Dynasty soldiers who had luckily survived.

There were even countless halberds of light that wanted to dissipate in all directions, causing countless warriors of Muddy Sky Emperor Dynasty to be exhausted to the point of having to respond.

With a light swing of the halberd, all life was destroyed!


Lv Bu maneuvered the red rabbit horse and raised his halberd, looking down upon them.


A sharp aura burst out from Lv Bu’s body.

The surrounding s.p.a.ce was bombarded by this aura, rumbling non-stop, as if it would shatter in the next moment.

If not, there would be generals, reverends in name!

Everyone present was even more flabbergasted. Countless Muddy Sky Emperor Dynasty soldiers who had survived due to luck, all went silent.

“d.a.m.n it!”

The expressions of the higher ups of the Muddy Sky Emperor Dynasty were even more gloomy.

In theory, the army of the Thunder Spirit Guards and other Muddy Sky Emperor Dynasty s could suppress the quasi Emperor level.

However, that was not the case. In order to suppress the quasi Emperor, one had to trap the A Quasi-Emperor in a battle formation and then use it to forcefully obliterate the quasi Emperor.

In addition, the battle formation was not unbreakable!

Those who formed the battle formation were only those who had entered the Dao, or those who had transformed into heaven. They were not the strongest.

This was the flaw of a battle formation!

Whether it was Guan Yu’s one slash of his saber or Lv Bu’s halberd.

The two of them had unparalleled attacks, and with just a slight breakthrough, they broke through the battle formation from the outside, and then killed the Muddy Sky Emperor Dynasty’s army.

Furthermore, Lv Bu also had the support of the power of the Weasel Rider, his own fighting strength was not weaker than the Quasi-Emperors, and he was even a pure quasi Emperor warrior!

“Who can fight?”

Lv Bu looked at his surroundings, holding his halberd, he roared.

A halberd swept through the skies, inviting heroes to battle!

Who can block the invincible war G.o.d?

A roar that shook the heavens was like a thunderclap that exploded in everyone’s hearts.

Even those experts with higher cultivation than Lv Bu were trembling in their hearts, as if there was a huge force pressing down on them!

They knew exactly what it was!

With one halberd in hand, he was unrivalled in grandeur!


Weasel Rider’s voice was like thunder, shaking the entire world.

“Don’t be arrogant!”

The many experts of Muddy Sky Emperor Dynasty were shocked and angry at the same time, and they shouted loudly.

In their eyes, Lv Bu was just a warrior with no Ancient Sage Realm, how could he be so arrogant?


Under the lead of many strong warriors, the remaining army of nine forces formed a battle formation and surrounded Lv Bu.


Strange phenomena appeared one after another, as a vast amount of energy shook the void.

Boundless mana turned into an unparalleled killing force that pierced through the heavens!

They were like heavenly dragons that could shatter the Heavens and shake all of the desolate lands!


The great formation formed by the nine great forces seemed to have transformed into a huge world, enveloping Lv Bu and the others within.

A terrifying pressure descended, wanting to suppress Lv Bu!

This formless energy was like a giant millstone that wanted to refine Lv Bu alive!

“Come at me!”

Instead of being shocked, Lv Bu was overjoyed, and laughed out loud.

The battlefield was the heaven for men!

Blood is my favorite glory!


The ancient halberd in his hand trembled as he waved it in the air.

This halberd carried Lv Bu’s will that could sweep across the nine heavens, stirring up the sun, moon and stars, and brazenly cleaved down!

A halberd split the air, and the sun and moon plummeted to the dust!


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