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Yongqing Hall.

Qin Yi embraced Han Kuke, and the newly born little fellow stood by his side.


Qin Yi channeled his Fa Li into Han Kuke’s body unceasingly.

Han Kuke’s originally pale face had also gradually recovered its moving charm from the mana Qin Yi had channeled in.

His eyes, which were as bright as the stars, rippled with feelings as clear as water.

Generally speaking, the stronger a person was, the greater the damage they would suffer if they gave birth to their child!

Take Heavenly G.o.d Beast Clans for example, although the Heavenly G.o.d Beast Clans was strong, after giving birth to a child, it could even harm the source of the Heavenly G.o.d Beast Clans!

Most experts took advantage of this opportunity to slay a dragon.

If a dragon gave birth to a child, it would be weakened for at least a hundred years. During this period of time, the strength of the dragon race would drop by more than one level!

Even if the strength of the crowd was lower than that of the dragon clan then they would be able to kill him!

There was no need to even mention the fact that giving birth to a child with monstrous talent like that of a young fellow would likely suck dry the mother and child who gave birth to him!

This was not a joke!

To give birth to a child, it didn’t consume one’s magic power or Laws, but rather one’s own life energy. This was the foundation of a living being.

If consumed too much, it could even lead to the death of living creatures!

This little fellow’s talent was extremely high. From the moment he was born, he was already a Saint. Correspondingly, this little fellow’s nurturing required even more life energy!

If not for the existence of foetal preserving pill, Han Kuke would have perished long ago.

It was even possible that the little fellow wouldn’t even be able to take shape.

“Your Majesty …”

Han Kuke snuggled up to Qin Yi and smiled gently.

Although his body had recovered, he had not fully recovered his spirit.

The exhaustion of the physical body could be relieved, but the mental exhaustion was not something that could be relieved in a short period of time.

For the past hundred years, Han Kuke had suffered quite a bit just to give birth to that little fellow.

Usually, Han Kuke would always be in low spirits, even if he had already given birth to the little fellow, Han Kuke’s mental energy still required a certain amount of time to recover.

However, at this moment, Han Kuke, who was in Qin Yi’s embrace, was full of happiness.

“Emperor, little fellow …”

Han Kuke looked at Qin Yi in a daze, and then reached out his hand to stroke the little fellow that was sleeping.

At this moment, she felt that everything she had suffered before was worth it!

“Love concubine!”

Qin Yi embraced Han Kuke with incomparable gentleness.

The affection that was revealed in his words made Han Kuke feel an incomparable yearning.

This emotion that was not mixed with any impurities made Han Kuke fall in love with him.

“Your Majesty, this little fellow has already been born. May I know if Your Majesty has already taken his life?”

Just then, Han Kuke suddenly spoke out while holding onto his spirit.

Saying that, Han Kuke looked at Qin Yi with antic.i.p.ation.


When those words came out, Qin Yi immediately felt somewhat troubled.

This was, after all, the eldest son of the The Undescended Kingdom, and it was not something that could be casually named.

He couldn’t possibly give the little fellow a name.

It should be called Qin Goudan, right?


If Qin Yi dared to do this, the two empress dowager might not beat him to death.

Or perhaps, even without sending the two empress dowager, Han Kuke could beat him to death!

Of course, it’s impossible for our Emperor to give this little fellow such a name.

“Why don’t we call him Qin Renjun!”

Qin Yi lightly coughed, and said so.


Qin Renjun.

This was Qin Yi’s wish to the little guy, that the little guy could grow up to be a kind-hearted Sovereign King.

Guang Shenjin and Enzhe!


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