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The violent explosion was like the collapse of many great worlds!

s.p.a.ce and time flipped over, the void shattered, the terrifying energy filled up the place where the Tianshui City used to be, as though the entire world could not bear this energy.

Seven colored divine flames fought against the boundless silver light and covered the light within a thousand li.

If not for the suppression from the numerous quasi Emperors, this power would have been enough to sink the Lingkong Island.


Golden Flame Divine General roared, his expression sinister.

In this clash, he was already at a disadvantage. In the end, it was just a hurried reaction, so how could Golden Flame Divine General compare to Qin Yi’s full power attack?

Behind him, there was a thirty thousand meter tall divine being made up of Seven Colored Divine Flames. The light on it had dimmed a little and it was obvious that it had consumed a lot of energy.

Each one of these Seven Colored Divine Flames s were famous for their natural flames that were able to use them well enough to kill peak Ancient Saints and heavily injure quasi Emperors.

The combined power of the seven divine flames could even threaten the life of A Quasi-Emperor.

All along, the Golden Flame Divine General had relied on this Seven Colored Divine Flames, roaming about unhindered with no end in sight. Even the average Quasi-Emperors might not be his match.

But in the battle with Qin Yi, he had still been at a disadvantage!

The power of the Seven Colored Divine Flames could obviously burn everything, but the moment it came into contact with the silver light surrounding Qin Yi’s hands, it was engulfed by the silver light and was absorbed by the illusory dimensional world;


Just then, Qin Yi’s fist force trembled.

Endless amounts of dazzling divine light burst out from Qin Yi’s body, and an unstoppable power surged out from Qin Yi’s hands. It was the power of a true dimensional world smas.h.i.+ng down.

It was like an ancient deity punching out with its fist. It was unstoppable!

“Kacha kacha!”

The hundred thousand foot tall Divine Spirit behind Golden Flame Divine General, let out a clear cracking sound, it was as if porcelain was being shattered.

This 30,000-meter-tall Divine Spirit that was comparable to a quasi Emperor actually could not withstand Qin Yi’s power, or perhaps, could not withstand the power of one of the falling dimensional world s!

When dimensional world was smashed down, only he was able to take it head-on.

The Golden Flame Divine General was very strong, but it was not enough to withstand the heavy pressure from one of the dimensional world.


Golden Flame Divine General’s body shook violently, the Seven Colored Divine Flames around his body looked like it was about to shatter.

The so-called perfect Heaven Primal Flame was unable to contain the power of the other six types of Divine Flames at the same time. It was like a broken piece of porcelain that was gradually collapsing.

However, they were still A Quasi-Emperor. If they didn’t know about this, they would die!


The Golden Flame Divine General spoke again as he withstood Qin Yi’s tyrannical power and suddenly took a step forward!

The 30,000-meter-tall Divine Man behind him melted, transforming into rays of light that fused into his body, causing his power to increase explosively once again.

Then, his figure charged forward and he fiercely battled in the wilderness!


The two fists collided.

Every bit of dim light from Golden Flame Divine General’s body meant that his power would be weakened.

In the end, Golden Flame Divine General managed to block the punch. However, his whole body was blasted away, blood spilling across the sky, and flew for hundreds of miles.

At this moment, his clothes were all tattered and he could no longer stand. He was in an extremely sorry state!

The Divine Flames on his body dimmed.

The cultivation of the Golden Flame Divine General was all tied to the Seven Colored Divine Flames, if the divine flame was extinguished, it would fall into the quasi Emperor Realm.

It could be said that in this battle, Golden Flame Divine General’s vitality was greatly damaged and his quasi Emperor Realm was almost knocked down.

In the void, the quasi Emperors were all shocked beyond belief!


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