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The valley was quiet and serene.

Zilan was everywhere.

In this valley, precious herbs were growing everywhere; Earthfire Gra.s.s, Spirit Fruit, and Jade Vines of a hundred years old were growing quietly in the valley.

Very few people knew about this valley.

Fu Xiao was the only person who knew of the existence of this valley. At least, he thought so, because this valley had always been his secret medicine garden.

At this moment, Fu Xiao was bringing his senior sister and all of his fellow disciples to this valley to get an ancient medicine called Herba Cunninghami from within and offer it to his beloved senior sister.

“Senior Sister, don’t worry. There must be a Herba Cunninghami in that valley, and no one will discover its existence.

For me to be able to discover this valley … it was all due to luck. “

Fu Xiao bragged. He was confident that other than him, no one else knew of the existence of that valley.

However, he took it for granted.

“Senior Brother, are you talking about this valley? There’s already someone there. “

A man behind Fu Xiao suddenly spoke out.

“Hmm? “How could there be a person …”

Fu Xiao raised his eyebrows, his words carrying a trace of anger. Didn’t he see that he was trying to please his senior sister?

Aren’t you looking for a beating?

However, when he looked at the so called ‘hidden valley’, his expression froze. He saw that there was actually a silver-haired man within the valley!

Impossible, since the time of his discovery, no one had come to this valley in over ten thousand years.

Why would an outsider suddenly appear?

Furthermore, why was this silver-haired man so handsome?


No matter how good-looking he looked, he was still a thief who had barged into his medicine garden!

“Phew, luckily the Herba Cunninghami is still here.”

Fu Xiao looked at the medicine in the valley and sighed a breath of relief when he saw the Herba Cunninghami.

“A group of little fellows with Ascension Realm?”

A few people saw Qin Yi, and Qin Yi saw a few others as well.

These people were young men and women around the age of twenty. The one in the lead was a woman with a beautiful figure who was wearing a yellow Daoist robe.

The woman had a beautiful appearance and her body was surrounded by many precious lights. It should be the light emitted by the treasure on the woman’s body.

Qin Yi looked at the crowd, and saw everyone’s cultivation level, in their eyes.

Among these young males and females, this man was the strongest. With a cultivation at the ninth level of the Ascension Realm, he was about to step into the sage power realm. As for the others, their cultivations were only at the seventh or eighth level of the Ascension Realm.

In terms of cultivation level, a casual slap from Qin Yi could kill this group of little fellows.

‘Little fellow? ‘

Qin Yi had a strange expression.

Since when did he unconsciously regard Ascension Realm pract.i.tioners as little fellows?

Based on the age of the avatar of the Prince of Absolute Beginning, these few young men and women were naturally the little guy.

However, up until now, his original body had only been around 30 years old, not even 100 years old.

In terms of age, it seemed that he was still unable to call these seemingly young men and women little fellows.

“Who are you? Why are you in my medicine garden?”

Just as Qin Yi was thinking, Fu Xiao looked at him vigilantly.

This fellow that suddenly barged into his medicine garden was obviously not a good person.


Qin Yi looked at the man, but did not say anything.

It was not that he did not understand the man’s words, but that the man’s words and the language spoken in the Eastern Territories were similar, only that there were differences in accent.

And he just didn’t want to answer the man.

How dare a little Ascension Realm kid, pui, an ant, talk nonsense in front of him?

He was even treating him as a thief that had barged into his medicine garden?

The reason he didn’t kill him with a single slap was because he had a good temper!


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