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The major powers all sucked in a cold breath.

This was a major power!

No matter what, he was still an almighty existence known as an ancient sage. Yet, he died just like that?

Didn’t this mean that if they were in his place, they would end up in the same situation?

It must be understood that this major power who was known as the ‘Heaven-Shaking Hand’ was no weakling amongst the major powers!

“Only those who are peak Ancient Saints are not allowed to enter the Treading the Emperor Realm. This is the iron law of the Road of Emperor!”

Only now did A Quasi-Emperor of the Taoism stand forward to explain.

This iron law was recorded in most of the Empyrean inheritances.

The Supreme Elder was just a rogue cultivator who had luckily cultivated to the Supreme Realm. He didn’t know about this matter and had paid the price of his life for doing so.

“d.a.m.n it!”

The major powers all felt hatred in their hearts.

All the major powers knew that this was something that many great powers were intentionally hiding from them, or rather, they were disdainful to explain to them.

Unfortunately, this was a huge gap in their inheritances, not something they could overturn.

If they were like that almighty being, if they wanted to enter Treading the Emperor Realm, they would probably be killed on the spot by the terrifying array outside the Treading the Emperor Realm!

This was the sorrow of having no power or inheritance!

“A bunch of lowly ants, and they still wish to soar into the sky?”

Many quasi beast emperors held these almighty figures in contempt.

These almighty beings might have some apt.i.tude, but if they were to push themselves to their limits for the rest of their lives, they would at most be able to break through their Ancient Sage Realm.

It was very likely that he would be trapped in the current realm and die of old age, unable to enter their eyes.

Amongst the quasi Emperor, the Prime Minister Jiang was especially silent.

“As expected, as the Great Emperor expected, the Heaven’s Pride and quasi Emperor of The True Phoenix Empire have not come.”

Prime Minister Jiang swept his gaze across the many quasi beast emperors beside him, but did not see any troops from the The True Phoenix Empire.

It was just as His Majesty had guessed. That Great Emperor of the True Phoenix had a deep understanding of the way of the Emperor?

Was there an unknown secret in the Road of Emperor?

But no matter what, the secret of Emperor Cheng in the Road of Emperor was a chance that could truly help a person break through to the Emperor Realm.

His Majesty had dozens of Emperors in the past, and they all relied on the secret of becoming an Emperor to become a great Emperor!

Why would the Great Emperor of the True Phoenix restrain the Heaven’s Pride of the The True Phoenix Empire, their son, to plunder the Emperor’s fortune in the Road of Emperor?

No matter this epoch, even the previous epoch was the same.

“There shouldn’t be any problems right? Otherwise, the Emperor wouldn’t have let His Highness the crown prince and the other G.o.d Children come to the Treading the Emperor Realm to fight for the secret of becoming an Emperor.”

This Prime Minister Jiang could only comfort himself in this way.

This was no longer something he could afford to consider.

Moreover, the Road to Emperor has existed for countless of eras, at least before the Eastern Territories, there were records of the Road to Emperor.

If there was a problem with it, in countless eras and ages, how could the countless gifted emperors of the Eastern Territories not realize that there was a problem?

However, the fact that the people of the The True Phoenix Empire did not appear still made the Prime Minister Jiang feel a sense of foreboding.


Under the gazes of all the quasi Emperor and Supreme Elders, the bridge formed by the starlight suddenly disappeared.

The great formation outside the Treading the Emperor Realm also slowly closed up.

Ten years later, the Treading the Emperor Realm will reopen!

At that time, a Heaven’s Pride that was destined to break through to the Emperor level would appear from the crowd.

As for the other heaven’s pride level experts, there were several, and at most a dozen, who were lucky enough to survive!


The great formation outside the Treading the Emperor Realm completely closed up.

This meant that the fight for the Road of Emperor had officially begun!

And this time.

In the struggle for the throne, who would be the ruler?


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